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  1. Who is not going to have a seat when the music stops?
  2. Yes, for the stack. Like Stafford he is a good player that might benifet from a change in OC's.
  3. Seems like hording WR's is your theme so far! It is the opposite of Blooms strategy............
  4. Snipped by BNB! Wanted to stack Stafford with Woods. Have to settle for Ryan with Ridley.
  5. When will you people learn. Non football forums should just be removed.
  6. @BassNBrew otc @Ruffrodys05 Still hasn't made his pick and Crippler has pre-drafted the turn.
  7. Would it be easier to go old school and draft here?
  8. Didn't you have Fornette carried over last week? That means you get one more.......Lazard, Chiefs D or Brady.
  9. @Crippler It is up to you! Will you be letting Ref take Rodgers in the last round?
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