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  1. My first and second rounders(13th and 14th) are available.
  2. Tua throws 5 picks on first day of minicamp? tweet Can't be right????
  3. And the cutting engineer! Generally, the most challenging (fidelity wise) tracks where put first, and the least challenging last. The first groove in a record (outside track) is 36 inches, the last groove (inside track) is 14. Doubling the write speed for the first tracks. Many an albums sequencing was changed due to the fidelity limitation of the latter tracks.
  4. Enjoy your thoughts! Curious on the above @nittanylion
  5. Kyler Murray 4.01 QB3 QB5 Last year. Could improve, could decline. Betting on an improvement. Matt Jones 12.01 QB31 Should be starting by mid-season. I hope. Cam Akers 1.16 RB10 Higher than most on him. Was between him, Ekeler and Jones. Scared off by Ekeler injury history. I’ll take the stouter back. Aaron Jones 2.01 RB11 Upon further examination, I’ll grab Jones as well. Not going to let last years RB3 get by me. Rodgers will be there! Trey Serman 8.01 RB35 I’ll reach for a player, that a run first team traded up for. This man
  6. Back to work now, so not alot of time. Cruised/fished from Tampa bay to the Key's for the week. Took all kinds of fish. Five guys....each took home a hundred pounds of fish. Gruppers, Snappers, Mahi- Mahi, Pemit, Amberjacks, Black Fin Tuna. Didn't keep a lot of junk fish we wouldn't eat, including a 5 ft hammerhead. Ran into a big school of large King Mackerel in which we all picked up "bucket list trophy fish"(sent you picture of mine). Good times, good friends, great memories made.
  7. Back on dry land now. Awful quiet around here?
  8. picking soon eta: Picks made............ back onshore in 12hrs.
  9. I would like to but.........................Out to sea May 9th - 16th. Limited internet access when off shore (greater than 6 miles from shore). Will pre-draft, but might hold it up 8-10hrs on occasion.
  10. I see some poorly drafted teams are resorting to desperation tactics.
  11. I love it! He can be a wonderful mentor to Davis on how 3rd round pick can become a baller. He is still getting separation, but his YAC has plummeted. Will be very reliable for Allen. PS Happy Birthday Mr. Sanders!
  12. 1.12 Nick Chubb. Thought I would be selecting a WR/TE here. Love it! Planning for a WR next. 2.05 Calvin Ridley. Two here I like. Coin flip with Metcalf. Did I win? Another WR next unless Dobbis is there. 3.12 Robert Woods. Consistent with Goff. With Stafford? Upside? TE next? Hockenson, Goedert or Fant? 4..05 TJ Hockenson. Got my first choice.With Goff? QB next? 5.12 Raheem Mostert. Run on QB’s left me with nothing I like. Time to take some chances. Old guy who I think still has some tread left. Hoping Rodger or Stafford make it back to me.
  13. Who is not going to have a seat when the music stops?
  14. Yes, for the stack. Like Stafford he is a good player that might benifet from a change in OC's.
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