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  1. He is not subject to the waiver wire (more than 4yrs exp). Nordin could be bound for the practice squad if they resign him.
  2. Hope he makes team team! Good dude! What do you think WFT fans?
  3. Depth charts matter. 1st release depth chart
  4. What I really don't like with the new ranking format is that when you are scrolling down past the first couple of dozen rankings you lose the header of experts. I wish this header bar could be floating. For example lets say you are looking at Kyle Pitts at 65 overall. He has a high overall ranking of 28 and a low of 140. Now if you want to see whom made those two ranking you now have to scroll all the way up top to be able to note that it was Bloom and Hicks.
  5. I also miss this feature. What did you hate? What wasn't clear?
  6. If he takes Micheal Thomas here like he did in League 2, it will be worth the wait!
  7. Bills OC Brian Dabolls...... Joe Buscaglia @ the Athletic Bolded key words seem to indicate he is WR4.
  8. How about everyone in the leagues he is effecting just send him an email reminder. 61 emaisl between the three leagues should do it! pfcommish@gmail.com
  9. Sent @Pigskin Fanatic an email that he is otc in League 2, 3 and ABLC.
  10. Sent @Pigskin Fanatic an email that he is otc in League 2, 3 and ABLC.
  11. Sent @Pigskin Fanatic an email that he is otc in League 2, 3 and ABLC.
  12. Thought we had a four hour clock? @Anarchy99 @Biabreakable up since 8am EDST.
  13. I'm with you BL! Singletary's the play here, and I believe the coaching staff considers him (right now) as the RB1.
  14. Not sure if this article regarding third defense is behind the rotoviz paywall or not, let me know. link
  15. Can't login to get subscriber content. Had a subscription last year that still should be valid. Was working, can't login with that. Can't login thru Rotopass, which I went with this year. Was working, can't login with that. ETA: Able to login now after resetting password.
  16. Ugg.....my bad. Working today and it put me off. Wait until tomorrow....... I have a 1.04 in SFB.... still waiting to pick.
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