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  1. It is a little easier to break long runs against third string defenses rather than starting defenses.
  2. It is more likely that Bell is Ancient History.
  3. Darrel Williams was playing over Bell at the end of the year in KC.
  4. If Minnesota had taken a timeout after Seattle had first and goal, they would have had 25 more seconds for a last gasp FG.
  5. Thielen could have gotten a first down on his third down run. He was too concerned with staying inbounds. The first down was more important. Also, Minnesota should have called a timeout after Seattle got the first and goal at the six. If Seattle did not have a TO left it is better to let the clock run. However since they still had a TO, the Vikings should have saved clock.
  6. Washington Revolutionaries. Revs for short, they do their best work on Sunday. Bolder than the Patriots.
  7. When the goalposts were still at the goal line in the early 70's a defender was allowed to swat away field goal attempts at the goal line. Kansas City had a big defensive end that would get several blocks a year that way.
  8. This was allowed in college football. They would actually sew a leather handle on to the back off the pants of a smaller player and throw him over the goal line. It was outlawed in the early 1900's.
  9. Dalvin Cook has had 14 plus touches in 8 games the last 2 years. In those 8 games Diggs has 8 TD's, Thielen has 0. Granted, that is a small sample size, but it will be interesting to track if Cook stays healthy.
  10. Based on need, three way trade. Clpwney to Redskins, Williams to Chargers, Gordon to Texans.
  11. It is not subjective to factor in the quality of the defenses that Jackson started against last year. The seven teams he started against allowed an average passer rating of 96. Six of the seven teams finished in the bottom nine in rushing yards allowed.
  12. How many games do you expect Baltimore to be down 20 points this year? Last year in 17 games they only allowed more than 24 points twice in regulation.
  13. Jackson started 7 games to end the regular season in 2018. The defenses he played ranked 32, 31, 30, 28, 27, 26 and 9. In his playoff game he was sitting at 3 completions for 25 yards with 9 minutes left in the game. He had been sacked 5 times and was picked once at that point. Derwin James blew an easy pick on 4th and long. After that Jackson was able to salvage his fantasy day against the Chargers prevent defense. There is too much hype at this point.
  14. The Chiefs scored 37 plus points in 7 of the first 11 games. They only topped 31 against the Raiders in their last 7 games. My take is that D. Williams is a mediocre RB who thrived in a great offense. As defenses adjust to slow Williams down, Mahomes' and Hill's Numbers will improve from their last seven games, but not to the levels of the first 11 games because of weaker RB play. Williams will not do near as well as last year. Mahomes and Hill will put up about 85% of last years numbers.
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