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  1. Mind you, you're the only one that replied to me in this thread, so this really isn't directed towards you. No you're not wrong about that at all. It's just that when people (not just you, I hear it all the time) say that RB's don't last long in the NFL, or my all time favorite "he was hardly used in college, so he has plenty of tread on his tires." << These things are complete garbage in regards to how good a player is and whether or not he leaves school a year early or not, which is what I hear when people say these things. As far as injuries go, you're right about that. But when
  2. Even more of a reason to get their college education BEFORE entering the NFL. It's so much easier to finish a degree when all the information is still fresh in your head, than waiting 3+ years then going back to college. If you're that good, then one more year of college won't hurt you. Plus, most of them won't make it to there 2nd contract. Look at all the players that have been in the league for over 10+ years not just RB's, if you're good enough to play in the league for 10+ years, then 1 more year of college won't hurt. Plus it's the same thing with every position in the NFL, not
  3. No you're not wrong, I'm talking all positions, not just RB's. But if the RB's or any position for that matter are that good (Cook, Henry, Kamara, etc.), then 1 more year in college won't make a difference. A career ending injury can happen at anytime. You know what I mean? It's always good to have a backup plan(degree) just in case. Should Chubba and Etienne have gone back to college? Maybe Chubba is just a one year wonder. Or maybe he'll become a steal for whoever takes him. Who knows? Maybe Etienne would've been a top 20 pick last year, maybe he won't get drafted until the mid 2nd. Good fo
  4. Ya know, on one end you guys say he should have come out as a Junior, but then you guys say that RB's don't last very long in NFL. Did you guys know that Love graduated with a degree in Human Biology from Stanford? That he wants to become a doctor one day? I don't know if you guys realize this, but Stanford is a pretty prestigious school. Maybe he went back to school to get his degree just in case his NFL career doesn't work out and he can make a seamless transition into his career of becoming doctor. Seems like he knows this, which is why him and other NFL players choose to return to school.
  5. He hasn't shown anything since college. 0 NFL playing time, no rookie mini-camp/training camp last year. Your best bet would be to see if the Bills release Barkley, which is most likely going to happen, seeing as they drafted Fromm. It's up to you though, he might not see the field all year, or maybe he'll play a couple games if Allen gets injured. But will he play good?? i couldn't tell you.
  6. Yeah, he's definitely someone to keep in mind in the later round of rookie drafts. High YPA, but little usage, could possibly be a late round steal in both FF drafts and maybe even the NFL draft. Definitely a sleeper.
  7. 4.71 40 time. Too slow, he'll never amount to anything.
  8. Yeah i see it. his face is very oval shaped, and I'm not a big fan of dudes with long hair.... he's a goofy lookin' kid.
  9. Many bills fans should have seen this coming the way Davis was playing at the mid-point of the season.
  10. Ok, I don't know if the Guise thread was deleted or what happened. But, it looks like the charges were dropped against Guice. https://wtop.com/washington-football/2021/01/felony-charge-dropped-against-ex-nfl-player-derrius-guice/
  11. I can't argue with anything you said at all. I do most of my "evaluating" for my fantasy team by reading articles and watching games/highlights on youtube. I'm merely pointing out that this article is a piece of crap. lol.. Normally when I see an article like this, where the author is trying to nit-pick and slam the player based on well.... nothing. It usually means that the player doesn't have many faults, and I'd be more than happy to grab him in my rookie draft. As far as Tua goes, I don't care how good his stats were in 2019. I wouldn't(didn't) touch him with a 10 foot pole. Hip surge
  12. I don't watch college football, but this article is lame. I'll admit, the authors 1st point is understandable, but has more to do with scheme than Jones ability as a QB. Based on his 1st point Kyler Murray is a crap QB too. His 2nd point, is redundant. I broke down the YAC with each completion, and compared it with Joe Burrows 2019 stats. The difference between Macs 53.5 and Burrows 45.6 is 1.31 yards per completion. Which in reality, isn't noticeable in a real game, or is it? If you factor in the Authors 1st point, that Mac throws 34.1% of his throws at or behind the line of scrimmage, t
  13. I mentioned it earlier on this page that Brown might be gone, adding to Davis's value both irl and fantasy. My guess is a WR in the later rounds 4+. Don't rule out a RB in rounds 1-3.
  14. I don't believe that you're not buying it for a second. Must've been a bad Organization. Jets, Bengals, Pats, Dallas(?), and others. That's not something the Bills as an Organization have to worry about. Us as fans have heard nothing but good praise coming out of OBD as far as the coaching staff/player life is concerned, and how things are run ever since Pegula's took over. You think Daboll will be gone if he gets an offer? I think Pegula's match the offer or even a little home town discount and he stays.
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