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  1. McD has been known to be pretty honest about his decisions. This could actually just be a numbers game, nothing more nothing less. They signed Breida in the offseason to a 1 year deal, maybe they just wanted to see what Breida/Singletary could do instead of Moss/Singletary. Maybe give Breida a little playing time so he's a little more ready when/if his # is called. I wouldn't look to much into it.
  2. That's fair. For the record I'm not putting Davis in the same tier as those WR's. Those guys are all #1's who are being doubled half the time. Davis only had 65 targets last year. I could still see it though. LOL. Yes, I am a Davis owner. But also a Bills fan. Having the Bills win in real life is 1,000,000x more important than FF.
  3. ####... If Allen threw for another 1000 yards I'd be ecstatic. I'm not expecting Allen to make another huge jump tbh, He was 5th in TD's and 5th in yards last year. That's good enough for me. I'm basing it more on Davis being in his 2nd year and already has a great relationship with Allen, so hoping that continues to grow. And Davis getting a share of Diggs(166) and Beasely's(107) targets. I'm looking at Sanders as the #4 WR in 4 WR sets and the guy who'll step in if/when someone gets injured.
  4. Using percentage numbers makes it sound like a lot.... 401 more yards and 3 more TD's to get to 1000/10 sounds totally doable. Hell, didn't he have 2 or 3 TD's called back last year from penalties? lol. So 10 TD's is not far fetched. If you check out his game logs, he had 8 games where he had under 20 yards recieving. That's literally half the season. 2 games under 10 yards, and two 0 yard games. Throw in the fact that he was a rookie last year, we should expect a jump in Davis's production regardless of Sanders being on the team. Not to mention Sanders is only on a 1 year deal. Davis will be more like a 2, regardless of where the bills put him on the depth chart. I'm assuming you watched the game the other day, 5/5 75 yards and a TD. He looked like Josh's favorite target not named Diggs.
  5. 62 tgts - 35 rec - 599 yrds - 7 TD's as a rookie. I don't see how he doesn't get at least 75/1000/10 this season. edit- that would be good for top 19 in yards and top 10 in TD's using last seasons numbers
  6. Stud. We should expect more from him in 2021.
  7. This was in 2017, my first year in a Dynasty league. I traded away Zay Jones and Kevin White for Alfred Morris and Tyreek Hill strait up. The guy I traded with was in his 2nd year in a Dynasty league. Not too shabby. But on the flip side, two weeks later I traded away Lavonte David and Alvin Kamara for Preston Brown and Tyrell Williams. Both these trades happened before the season started. So yeah.
  8. I hope this doesn't come off rude, and I'm not trying to turn this into a laughing matter but... Za’ Quavia?!? Jeez... what a name..
  9. Agreed. Sanders is 34 and only on a 1 year deal. My gut is telling me the Bills really brought him in to help teach Davis the game more than anything else. It's no secret that the Bills like to bring in 'older' vets to help teach the youngsters.
  10. I know, but still... We all want our #1 guy.
  11. You know that's coming from his heart too. 23 years old, but has the maturity level of someone more than twice his age. SMH (in a good way)
  12. Hey you guys... S.T.F.U. My draft probably isn't gonna happen until the middle of August. I have 1.04, so he should be there... but it would help if you guys... ya know.... S.T.F.U. Let's just delete this thread until the middle of September. Okay? thanks. edit - fixed the ####
  13. Stop working so hard Najee, you're gonna make everyone else look like chumps. Go spend your money on strippers or something.... Go do something stupid. Take note NFL.
  14. This man's poised for a break out this year! And last year, AND the year before!!
  15. 5th year is one thing for Edmunds, but we'll see about a 2nd contract... Might be better off picking someone up in the 1st round in the 2023 draft.
  16. No chatter, but the way the coaches reacted after he scored those two touchdowns makes me think they'll give him a shot this season. I understand why they didn't give him any touches in the playoffs. Between only picking up Breida and not drafting a RB, I think the Bills Brass will give him more looks in training camp, and then we'll go from there. He could be worthy of a late round flyer in deep dynasty leagues. Massive winner? No. But not a loser. The Bills could go 50/50 again, which I doubt. I think they'll switch it up, and by the end of the year it'll be closer to 70/30 Moss over Singletary/Breida. Hell, maybe even throw AW into the mix as well... I believe that Singletary/Breida/AW will be fighting for the "2" spot in the bills backfield.
  17. Mind you, you're the only one that replied to me in this thread, so this really isn't directed towards you. No you're not wrong about that at all. It's just that when people (not just you, I hear it all the time) say that RB's don't last long in the NFL, or my all time favorite "he was hardly used in college, so he has plenty of tread on his tires." << These things are complete garbage in regards to how good a player is and whether or not he leaves school a year early or not, which is what I hear when people say these things. As far as injuries go, you're right about that. But when people say the average length of a rb's career is 4 years, I can't help but get irritated at how stupid that is. Yeah, sure, 4 years. When around 20-25 RB's get drafted every year, but less than 10 of them get 2nd contracts, it's not because they hit there prime and went downhill, It's because they suck. Plain and simple. Like I said, even more of a reason for them to finish college before entering the draft. For the "he was hardly used in college, so he has plenty of tread on his tires." people, maybe he was hardy used in college because they ran a different scheme, or maybe he just sucks. My money's on he sucks. It's always good for a player to show consistency before entering the draft, another good reason to stay in college for another year. But yeah, you guys are right, Bryce was stupid for finishing his degree before going to the NFL, he probably would have been drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round instead of the 4th. What an idiot. And Chubba and Etienne are also stupid for going back to school. Chubba might just be a 1 year wonder, at least now I know I won't touch him in my fantasy draft until the 3rd/4th round. Etienne? I think it depends on where he lands tbh.
  18. Even more of a reason to get their college education BEFORE entering the NFL. It's so much easier to finish a degree when all the information is still fresh in your head, than waiting 3+ years then going back to college. If you're that good, then one more year of college won't hurt you. Plus, most of them won't make it to there 2nd contract. Look at all the players that have been in the league for over 10+ years not just RB's, if you're good enough to play in the league for 10+ years, then 1 more year of college won't hurt. Plus it's the same thing with every position in the NFL, not just RB's. There's over 250 players that enter the NFL every year not including undrafted players. Not everyone is gonna make it.
  19. No you're not wrong, I'm talking all positions, not just RB's. But if the RB's or any position for that matter are that good (Cook, Henry, Kamara, etc.), then 1 more year in college won't make a difference. A career ending injury can happen at anytime. You know what I mean? It's always good to have a backup plan(degree) just in case. Should Chubba and Etienne have gone back to college? Maybe Chubba is just a one year wonder. Or maybe he'll become a steal for whoever takes him. Who knows? Maybe Etienne would've been a top 20 pick last year, maybe he won't get drafted until the mid 2nd. Good for the team who grabs him in the 2nd. Who knows?!
  20. Ya know, on one end you guys say he should have come out as a Junior, but then you guys say that RB's don't last very long in NFL. Did you guys know that Love graduated with a degree in Human Biology from Stanford? That he wants to become a doctor one day? I don't know if you guys realize this, but Stanford is a pretty prestigious school. Maybe he went back to school to get his degree just in case his NFL career doesn't work out and he can make a seamless transition into his career of becoming doctor. Seems like he knows this, which is why him and other NFL players choose to return to school. And for the record, I'm 100% in disagreement when players leave college early to go to the NFL. I don't think the NFL should have ever allowed it.
  21. He hasn't shown anything since college. 0 NFL playing time, no rookie mini-camp/training camp last year. Your best bet would be to see if the Bills release Barkley, which is most likely going to happen, seeing as they drafted Fromm. It's up to you though, he might not see the field all year, or maybe he'll play a couple games if Allen gets injured. But will he play good?? i couldn't tell you.
  22. Yeah, he's definitely someone to keep in mind in the later round of rookie drafts. High YPA, but little usage, could possibly be a late round steal in both FF drafts and maybe even the NFL draft. Definitely a sleeper.
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