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  1. I mean I don’t post for 6 years and it’s like I never left. Hope you’re doing well, GB 😎
  2. I'm probably going X1 so I can stay with the majority of the FBG's on FPS games :finger:
  3. LOL, zero chance he gets 10 games if an agreement is reached and others are reinstated immediately.
  4. I don't think we need to drop anyone, correct? Add Josh Bell (Pirates).
  5. What is the roster max? I think we have 36 now. Is it 37 or something? 36 with a DL slot I believe. There's an injured slot that's effectively a 37th man. CBS injury info on minor leaguers is worthless so I stopped enforcement of the DL two years ago. Okay, makes sense then. I have a few names still on my shortlist.
  6. Yeah, that's a problem in years with dispersal drafts For a guy like myself that traded his RP last season with the idea of trying to replenish the corp after an off-season that opened up a spot or two, it's a complete screw job. No way around it, really. There will always be closers available 0 projected saves on my roster. (and it was by design) I have a few, BTW.
  7. What is the roster max? I think we have 36 now. Is it 37 or something?
  8. Explain this to me like I'm Finless. Waiver wire locks at the end of the season. It reopens in March with a one-round draft from worst to first to allow people to make transactions. You guys took all the good players this year, rendering it a fairly useless exercise this season. In years that we don't have a dispersal draft, the bottom five or so usually end up with a pretty useful player out of all this. Yeah, I get that. Just not sure why we would be included at this point. Seems like we shouldn't be involved in this for this year. I'm also not sure I follow the comment about the "new teams" not indicating who we're dropping.
  9. So we can pick from anyone from the two teams released back into the pool plus anyone else not already on a current roster, correct?
  10. I'"m good to start the dispersal draft in here whenever. Guess we just need to do the dice roll for first pick.
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