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  1. The Four Winds was kind of mediocre. I preferred The Nightengale as far as Hannah novels go. I’ve had Lolita sitting on my bookshelf for years now and started that one last night. The content disturbs me, but I keep hearing it referred to as one of the greatest novels of the century. I got some serious side eye from my wife when I started reading it though.
  2. For me, I think the music sets Rushmore ahead of the rest. Wes Anderson always makes an effective use of music, but he peaked in Rushmore. When I think of Rushmore, the first things that come to my head are the scenes with A Quick One While He’s Away, Ooh La La, Concrete and Clay, etc.
  3. “The claret, always a nice touch, is best applied with a dasher top, squirted lightly over the back of a spoon held at the meniscus of the drink.” I need to up my game, because I can’t even picture what this sentence is driving at.
  4. Still feeling Italy.... Watching Bicycle Thieves on HBO Max. A bit ashamed to admit that I’ve never watched it before. Telling the 8 year old “Let’s forget everything and get drunk” is a strong mood.
  5. Nights of Cabiria is my favorite one so far. Not greatest -- but favorite. Few characters have made me want to jump through the screen and hug them like Cabiria.
  6. I waited a bit too long as it seemed like my targets were out of stock. Still bought: Gold Rush - Own a few Chaplin Criterion editions (The Kid, The Circus, City Lights, and Modern Times). Gold Rush one of the missing ones. A Face in the Crowd - One of my favorites. Breathless - I’ve never seen it, but intrigued after all of the hullabaloo in the movie draft thread. ETA: I know I’ve mentioned the Fellini set repeatedly here and in the movie thread. Good deal on it now. $125 for 14 movies.
  7. NBC LA copter shot of vehicle... https://twitter.com/Bogs4NY/status/1364299397765472256?s=20
  8. Police statement here. https://twitter.com/LASDHQ/status/1364295974961573889?s=20
  9. 50% off flash sale at Criterion.com. https://www.criterion.com/sale
  10. Watched Fellini's Juliet of the Spirits and Toby Dammit last night. It matched about what I thought going into it. Juliet of the Spirits was solid enough -- Fellini's first color picture and some interesting visuals and dream sequences that reminded me of what would see later on in Twin Peaks type of stuff (although the story about a wife dealing with her husband's infidelity). It could be viewed as a companion to 8 1/2, but it is a bit more over the top. Toby Dammit packed a lot into its 40 minutes run time. It was one segment in a Poe anthology film, "Spirits of the Dead." Terence St
  11. I finished Midnight’s Children, but a bit of a slog. It had enough to hold attention and was original, but it felt a bit over the place and like Rushdie was just trying to fit as much modern Indian history into one book even if it did not advance the story. After that, I read Waugh’s “Scoop” after 80s planted that seed. I did enjoy that, although it felt like Waugh’s views of colonialism felt a bit dated (and maybe a bit racist). It is still a great book, but that holds a bit back from a full endorsement. I’m currently on Kristin Hannah’s The Four Winds. It just came out earlier this
  12. I haven’t seen Bringing out the Dead, but I do think “Blue Collar” is an underrated one by Schrader. One of better movies about factory life. Richard Pryor is great, and Hard Workin’ Man by Captain Beefheart to kick it off.
  13. Don't mistake my lack of posting as due to a lack of drinking.
  14. I didn’t see that. I’ll give that one a read. I think the La Strada disc had a short Scorsese interview about Fellini. Amarcord is probably the Fellini feature left after 8-1/2 that I’m most looking forward to watching (a few movies to go as I work through chronologically). I think I’m far enough along that I’d say that I wholeheartedly endorse the Criterion set for anyone looking to dive more into Fellini. It is a gem.
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