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  1. I don’t like the rule either, as unduly harsh. I’m going to propose to change next year.
  2. Yea, he had to redo his pick. 12 teams, He missed the Gibbs pick earlier and picked him thinking he was still available. I'm Canton there. That person traded me his 2.7 and 2022 2nd round pick to move up to 2.4, thinking Gibbs was available. Felt bad for him, since he had to wait 12 spots to re-do his pick (so, he basically ended up trading me 2.7 and 2022 2nd for 3.4).
  3. On the topic of McCarthy, I saw this tweet from Jake Sherman: I am hearing that a Bakersfield teacher is planning to get in the 2022 race tomorrow against @GOPLeader. This is a very hard district for Dems. Trump won it by 16 points, and McCarthy won by 25 in 2020. Good luck, Tanner.
  4. The Underground Railroad gets released on Prime on Friday. Loved the novel, and Barry Jenkins at the helm for the adaptation -- should be good.
  5. Yeah, all in good spirits. 'Tis the season for having fun complaining about getting sniped.
  6. Good trade and good picks. Can tell by how many people in the league seem upset about both. Right spot for both players, and I think should have gone earlier (2.06 was originally mine, and Davis who I would have taken if I had not traded it earlier to move up in the 1st).
  7. Seeing reports that Colt Brennan died. 37 years old. Awful. Stephen Tsai @StephenTsai Former @HawaiiFootball quarterback and Heisman Trophy candidate Colt Brennan has died, per family #HawaiiFootball #StarAdvertiser 12:46 PM · May 11, 2021·Twitter for iPhone
  8. The worst offers that I’ve ever gotten in Zealots have happened to me after a QB goes down. I remember a few years ago my QB getting injured and getting offered Joe Flacco (close to being benched) or Eli Manning (close to retiring), each for a 1st. Sure.
  9. QBs in Zealots always seem to go earlier than I thought they would. Current Zealots ADP data shows Lawrence at 4.7, Lance at 10.8, Fields at 11, and Wilson at 13.9. All are going pretty early.
  10. On the clock in a devy... Gibbs, Bigsby, or Boutte?
  11. I did this one in a Zealots PPR today: Got 1.4 OTC (Pitts) and 4.1 Gave 1.6 (ended up D.Smith — I would have picked same if I stayed) and 2.6 ...I thought TE was my weak spot of the core offensive positions (A.Rodgers, Chubb, Ekeler, M.Thomas, C.Lamb), as I otherwise just have Gronk and Ebron as options and wanted to secure the upgrade.
  12. It was. I'm guessing his wager, "$928", was for a kid's birthday or something. At least when Holzhauer did it, it was with a blow out and his wager did not matter (or maybe he could have at least done $xx,928).
  13. Leader certainly decided to "go his own way" with that final wager tonight.
  14. I think dgreen’s were good selections. NW DC on the Red line seems to make the most sense and convenient for both (easy transfer at Metro Center to get to Capitol Hill).
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