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  1. Even with the MLB analogy, at the end of the day, for most directors, it would be like a Maddux, Mussina, or Halladay without a logo on the cap on the plaque. Fun topic to debate anyway.
  2. Close between Jaw and Schindler's List, but I went with Schindler's List. While Jaws has its blockbuster significance, I'm not as much of a fan of the movie (there, I said it). Schindler's List is where he peaked as a director and did his greatest work.
  3. Washington Post had a good preview of the candidates for next year's Presidential election in the Philippines, including Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. Race to replace Duterte as president of Philippines shapes into wild contest of personalities
  4. I've read that it will be separately packaged doses for kids, but they will be ready for when the green light is given. I'm expecting approval around first week of November. ETA: Story here where I read that - https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/10/08/children-vaccines-distribution/ “Some large pediatric practices, for instance, had planned to pull child-sized doses from existing Pfizer-BioNTech vials for vaccination clinics and were surprised to learn this week that Pfizer is discouraging that. Pfizer spokesman Kit Longley said the company will be shipping separate pediatric vials, with unique labels and different color caps to distinguish those from the vials used for those 12 and older.“
  5. “It's not looking good for the astronauts accompanying Shatner.” https://twitter.com/sickeningjar/status/1447894767061409796?s=21
  6. What’s mask compliance on the Acela like these days? Pretty strict or pretty loose? I was invited to a meeting in NYC (live in DC), and trying to figure out my comfort level on heading up for it, or just joining remote (which I’ve been doing for the past 18 months). A bit concerned about Delta because I have a 5 year old not yet eligible to be vaccinated, and have been pretty cautious. (I’m not sure if I’m more concerned about his health, or that he would be forced to quarantine at home for two weeks if I came back with something.)
  7. Rule does give umpire flexibility if they determine it was intentionally deflected out of play. https://baseballrulesacademy.com/official-rule/mlb-umpire-manual/balls-deflected-out-of-play/ (Last bullet) ”If, in the judgment of the umpire, a fielder intentionally kicks or deflects a batted or thrown ball out of play, the award is two bases from the time the ball was kicked or deflected.”
  8. La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf - https://youtu.be/kFzViYkZAz4 La Vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong - https://youtu.be/8IJzYAda1wA
  9. I saw the new Apple Watch available for pre-order tomorrow. I don't have any Apple Watch (or any watch, period), but I'm going to dive in. My wife told me that she will buy me the new Apple Watch for my birthday; but joint banking account, so still some cost analysis. Should I just pre-order tomorrow? Any price shopping that I can expect in the short term?
  10. Seems weird to me that the formula does not have Burnes in the top ten. If that’s their formula, okay, but I’m not sure how much faith to put in it, if it does not capture his season appropriately.
  11. I’ll take more of Johnny Gilbert reading music lyrics. Let’s do rap next.
  12. On these two... I finished "Hero of Two Worlds." That was great. Anyone interested in learning more about "America's favorite fighting Frenchman" should give it a read. Anyone that has listened to his podcasts should know that Duncan is a great storyteller, and it translates just as well to his books. Partway through "The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois." It is a behemoth and taking awhile to go through. Really great read so far though. I love a good epic novel. I've also got "American Prometheus", a biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer, going on my Kindle. It is another long read, but very thoroughly researched and (so far) worthy of the Pulitzer Prize that it won when it was released.
  13. Good stuff. I liked Klara and the Sun too. Rooney's book is on my to-read list (I thought "Normal People" was great) -- glad to hear it is good. Debating between that and the new ones by Lauren Groff and Colson Whitehead when I get through my current reads.
  14. From the TV realm.... Johnny Carson comes to mind for me at late night TV. He's been off the air for almost 30 years, but still consistently gets voted as people's favorite late night TV host of all-time. Maybe some Letterman supporters (and any other answer besides those two is a wrong answer), but, if you asked any network exec, I think they all would take Johnny Carson. And give Oprah daytime TV talk show host.
  15. When I regret entering the politics forum, part 1 When I regret entering the politics forum, part 2
  16. Brady certainly has the career edge that may never be caught, but has he ever been that much significantly better than the #2 QB at any particular time? That is, any team would undoubtedly take him over any other QB? I think that is the question being asked, and I don't think that is as clear. I think throughout the 2000-2010 period, most would have put him neck and neck with Peyton (Peyton has 5 NFL MVP awards to Brady's 3). And then probably along with Brees and Rodgers over the last decade.
  17. Kazuhisa Uekusa (that guy who can pull out the tablecloth without spilling the teacups). Link
  18. Looks like edge to SPD: https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/germans-vote-close-election-decide-merkel-successor-2021-09-25/ BERLIN, Sept 26 (Reuters) - Germany's Social Democrats narrowly won Sunday's national election, projected results showed, and claimed a "clear mandate" to lead a government for the first time since 2005 and to end 16 years of conservative-led rule under Angela Merkel. The centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) were on track for 26.0% of the vote, ahead of 24.5% for Merkel's CDU/CSU conservative bloc, projections for broadcaster ZDF showed, but both groups believed they could lead the next government. With neither major bloc commanding a majority, and both reluctant to repeat their awkward "grand coalition" of the past four years, the most likely outcome is a three-way alliance led by either the Social Democrats or Merkel's conservatives. Agreeing a new coalition could take months, and will likely involve the smaller Greens and liberal Free Democrats (FDP). "We are ahead in all the surveys now," the Social Democrats' chancellor candidate, Olaf Scholz, said in a round table discussion with other candidates after the vote. "It is an encouraging message and a clear mandate to make sure that we get a good, pragmatic government for Germany," he added after earlier addressing jubilant SPD supporters. The SPD's rise heralds a swing left for Germany and marks a remarkable comeback for the party, which has recovered some 10 points in support in just three months to improve on its 20.5% result in the 2017 national election. Scholz, 63, would become the fourth post-war SPD chancellor after Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt and Gerhard Schroeder. Finance minister in Merkel's cabinet, he is a former mayor of Hamburg….
  19. I could start with the opposition leader being in jail, and his supporters barred from running.
  20. Russia voted too. Results looked pretty rigged though. Putin’s United Russia party holds big majority in Russia’s three-day parliamentary elections
  21. Another interesting one coming up is in Germany on Sunday -- the race to succeed Angela Merkel. Polls are looking pretty tight there. Boring? That may not be a bad thing in the race to succeed Germany’s Angela Merkel.
  22. Results meet what had been projected in recent weeks.... Canadians have re-elected a Liberal minority government
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