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  1. Perfect day would include time with son and then lots of reading. Maybe playing some baseball or something with him in the morning, and then finding some time later on to sit outside with a beer or another beverage, with a book and the only sounds being the sounds of nature.
  2. I pre-registered with VA a month or so ago when they allowed pre-registration for all over 18. Virginia supposed to open up appointments to all starting April 18th. Maybe I'll look at Maryland with the SB link now that they are open up similarly. I've seen scattered appointments at CVS in my area when checking my phone at 6am or so, but I haven't been eligible to claim it. I guess we'll see what happens once they open up to more.
  3. I had low expectations for Rodgers, and he has fallen even short of those. No personality. “Who wanted to kick that field goal?” on the FJ though.
  4. Bump for the first part of Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s new doc on Hemingway premiering tonight.
  5. Hitting some more bucket list type books. Currently reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. I’m not sure why or how I’ve gone this long without reading it, but, my God, this is great. Compact, epic story with everything full of meaning and life.
  6. Cognac Old Fashioned tonight with Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac. Pretty good cognac for mixing.
  7. Klara and the Sun was solid. It has a science fiction element — the story of a girl and her robot AI friend. The writing was up to Ishiguro’s usual excellence. The emotion that I would expect from him too. I don’t think it was as great as Remains of the Day, but an average Ishiguro novel is better than most. I followed that up with Candice Millard’s River of Doubt, about the expedition co-lead by Teddy Roosevelt to survey the path of the River of Doubt (now named Rio Roosevelt) in the Amazon. I’ve read a lot about TR (and the expedition was covered in those), so I was not sure how much I
  8. Rye Manhattan with Whistle Pig tonight. Classic. I ordered some Fabbri Amarena cherries (I think mentioned in another thread about must buy’s) that have taken this drink to another level.
  9. For her early work, I thought she was great in “Play Misty for Me.” Able to turn from charm to *menace* pretty quickly.
  10. For some reason, I can picture Lucille Bluth holding a martini and saying "I’m not familiar with her work but she looked amazing for 80."
  11. Yeah, I was expecting a comment like that, but I decided to make the joke anyway.
  12. The only way Dr. Oz would be good is if they do one of those category themes when they announce categories, so that he has to read out: "Eye" - dealing with the anatomy of the eye. Yam - All about potatoes "A" - every answer starts with the letter "A" Quack - All about ducks.
  13. I think I said in my judging that I would put it in either my Top 10 or Top 5 favorite of all-time. Holds up so well, and is perfect all-around. While it is sad what happened to Vienna during the war, it did make for a remarkable film location. Love that ending shot with Anna slowly walking by him without even a glance (although Graham Greene hated it) -- ending later copied in stuff like Miller's Crossing (another one of my favorites).
  14. I'm fine with a Compromise of 1850 type of approach (when Missouri's admission was tied to separating Maine from Massachusetts). DC admitted as a state, and NOVA gets separated from ROVA.
  15. Mulligan was great and really carried the movie for me. I thought casting was all-around good too —the male casting choices were pretty good too, as were generally the “nice guys” that you associate from other movies/TV and added a bit of a jarring effect with their actions. I was just reading some reviews and articles and it does some like the ending is a bit divisive. I do have a better appreciation for it though after reading some interviews with Fennell, and trying to avoid or subvert the traditional cliches and clean endings in revenge movies like that. So, it seems like that w
  16. I watched Promising Young Woman last night. One of the Oscar Best Picture nominees. Rape-revenge film, dealing with rape culture and toxic masculinity. Interesting stylistically, but I think it missed its message. I think they were trying to give it some kind of female empowerment angle, but it did not feel that way to me. At the end, it just seemed kind of dark and nihilistic, that there’s no hope for survivors while they are alive.
  17. I think if it goes more than four hours, that’s when the commercial said to call a doctor.
  18. I finally watched a Fellini that I did not like... Fellini's Satyricon. It is interesting visually, but mostly just a mess plot-wise and character-wise. Fellini described it as a science fiction film set in ancient Rome -- I don't think science fiction necessarily needs to be set in the future, but I have to imagine that is not a pitch line that goes far for any but a handful of directors. I'm hoping not the start of a trend with his later stuff (as I'm now in full "Fellini-esque" territory), but at least I still have Amarcord coming up. On a brighter note, in the middle of In the Mood
  19. I’m on the M&A tax side. It did seem like a lot of people were slower last summer. Things picked up by the fall and it has been roaring for the past few months. We close our performance year in April, and this has been my busiest year ever (but, of course, firm-wide is not the same and all I got was a smaller bonus pool for my efforts).
  20. I have an adjustable Varidesk at home. I alternate between the two throughout the day -- I usually stand first thing in the morning, after lunch, and then later evening. Partially health, but I also find that I focus better standing up (I find most of cruising of the FBG boards happens while sitting down, for example -- and, yes, currently sitting).
  21. Monty Python - Philosophers' Soccer Match "Hegel is arguing that the reality is merely an a priori adjunct of non-naturalistic ethics, Kant via the categorical imperative is holding that ontologically it exists only in the imagination, and Marx is claiming it was offside."
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