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  1. I'd give the edge to Higgins. He looks to be the #1 in Cincy, and has a better matchup this week (Clev) than Cooks (GB).
  2. I don't see anyone there that's an upgrade over Harris. They're all members of a RBBC or are backups (or play for the Jets). I'd just stay with Harris at this point.
  3. That's a tough one, as it looks pretty darn even. It probably boils down to what you think Thomas will do going forward, will he be able to get and stay healthy. If you think Thomas will be hobbled for a while, it's probably better to get Keenan and Kupp, getting 2 WR2s for a WR1 (I don't think you loose much with Preston).
  4. In spite of what looks like a tough matchup, I still like Brown at WR. Gibson is my choice at RB, as I'm not sold on Cincy's offense against the Browns' defense, and Murray is behind a healthy and rolling Kamara. Hockinson is my choice at TE. For the flex, keep an eye on Crowder's injury and go with him if he plays (while questionable, thankfully he's not a game-time decision), and either Cole or Beasley (coin flip). If you want to roll the dice, you can go with Murray and hope the Saints get up big and rest/protect Kamara. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/789672-wdi
  5. With Bell's arrival in KC, CEH's roll looks to diminish (and he's been struggling). It looks to me like Taylor is an upgrade over CEH going forward. Sanders is just warming the end of your bench. So, I'd lean towards taking the trade. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/789672-wdis-qb-k-murray-or-m-ryan/
  6. I'd go Conner and Edwards-Helaire (although the latter's game could be rough sledding - pun intended). Both are in the RB1 tier this week. Who knows what McVay will do with his RB committee, and Lidsay is looking like a RB3 this week. I assume Bernard is on the roster as a bye week fill-in. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/789672-wdis-qb-k-murray-or-m-ryan/
  7. Your main receivers must be good as these guys are in the WR2/3 area this week (although I'm not liking either one's matchup). I'd lean to OBJr, as I'm still unsure of Dallas's passing game with the switch to Dalton.
  8. I like Moore's matchup this week, so I'd go with him and Montgomery/Gibson is a coin flip for the other spot (if my arm were twisted, Montgomery).
  9. TD only league (6 points) with a bonus (3 points) for 300 yards passing.
  10. I'd go with Montgomery and Jackson. As allways, check the inactives before the games to be sure they're still playing.
  11. TD only league, with 3 point bonus for 100 yards. The other two (of 3) receivers are Hopkins and Lockett. I'm a little concerned about Kupp's match-up against Baltimore, and Crowder's match-up against Oakland looks much better.
  12. Sanders was unimpressive with Howard out, and Hunt is the clear 2nd fiddle (used as a fullback at times). That leaves Mixon, who's going to get a lot of touches (even if the matchup isn't the best).
  13. At RB, I'd go with Guice. The other 2 are, at best, 2nd fiddle in a RBBC. If Kamara gets hurt, Murray becomes the clear choice. At WR, I'm leaning towards Fuller, who had a big night tonight. I'd watch and see who does the best over the next couple of weeks.
  14. I assume you didn't play Hilton tonight (first week back from injury isn't usually very good). I'd go with Adams and Godwin in addition to Jones (all look to be top 10 WR this week).
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