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  1. NEWS: Speaking Thursday, Martavis Bryant declined comment on reports that he is facing another suspension. Advice: "I don’t know nothing about none of that," Bryant said. It's hardly a denial that something is/was brewing. Props to Bryant for managing to get in a triple negative in only an 8 word sentence. A double negative would have clearly shown that he knows something about that suspension, but clearly he knows nothing. The news also go it wrong as he clearly did comment claiming he knows nothing about the suspension!
  2. Too bad the Raiders didn't trade for Josh Gordon as well. They would have easily been the highest ranked WRs tandem on the field and would have made great room mates as well with their similar interests, probably pushing each other to even greater heights. Al Davis, are you listening up there? Make it happen.
  3. He's awesome when used correctly. Use him or lose him. sux but true.
  4. Holy crap I picked up this guy after I watched him play last week (then looked at his earlier games). Looks like a vet out there calling the game and has all the tools. He's playing better than his stats show right now. That will change. Don't care that he has a bye upcoming. That helped keep his cost down.
  5. Can't you listen through NFL.com? I have game pass & RZ, maybe I never realized it was included because of that. I cant have my phone running the internet for 3 hours in my pocket. Oh well, FU Lions. portable AM radios can be had at the 99 cent store. I feel for your situation if you can't afford one.
  6. This guy was a key piece of my team last year. I have been avoiding this thread because I like this guy so much and don't want to talk about him too much till he's on my team again in both leagues. Trying to get him again this week so I can come in here and gush again. LOL
  7. Get this guy. Nobody really talking about him. With Reed down (and even without) he could be huge in PPR. I liken him to a hybrid of Steve Smith my ball mentality with Eddie Royal type route running and better suddenness than both of those guys, not as strong. Its a pleasure to see him block on a play as well. Targets are trending up, already runs good routes, can plays slot or outside, has a little Tavon Austin in him too, without the 4.3 speed, more shifty. I noticed Cousins was going to him on a lot of key plays where they needed it bad, and he was delivering. Jamison Crowder Highlight
  8. I have Gordon/Green starting so it comes down to Sanu or Bryant for me. Sanu has a great matchup, gets more targets and has produced all season, but I am leaning towards Bryant even in PPR. He just gets so many RZ/scoring opps also has a good matchup and has the speed that any catch can go for a long TD. 1 in 4 catches is a TD since his college days. Last game he only had two catches so he's due!
  9. Critique: 1. Bryant needs to show more "my ball" mentality. He easily has the height/vertical jumping ability to catch that lob pass, although poorly thrown by Ben. I saw poor execution by both QB and WR there. I want to see Bryant come back for the ball in that situation and pick up his QB, or at least try. This is what an elite WR would try to do. 2. On his 2nd end zone target there was another poorly thrown ball that was way to high. However, this is a Bryant critique, not a QB critique so on that pattern I would have liked to see Bryant push his route deeper into the end zone making the c
  10. that was a good play by the cb. Won't be counted as a drop.
  11. late pass, he had 5 yards of separation, but yeah he should have jumped at lest. He got a RZ target, thrown way too high on another pass. ugh. At least he got 4 targets in the 1st Q.
  12. MNF just outlined how horrible the Pit RZ running game is in the pre-game. Trent Dilfer actually had something insightful to say. "They couldn't block or move the LOS in the RZ!" I just hope they learned their lesson and the 6'4 Bryant isn't just standing around on the sidelines again tonight when they are in the RZ. Give the TD magnet a chance or 3.
  13. Updating Snap Counts: WK01-6 (0%) WK07 22-of-65 snaps (33.8%) HOU WK08 33-of-84 snaps (39.2%) IND WK09 37-of-72 snaps (51.3%) BAL (started) WK10 39-of-64 snaps (60.9%) NYJ (started) Insights from last game: 1. 2nd start in a row. 2. Moore was in for 18 snaps (28%), and his usage was almost exclusively for 2 minute offense. This is the key share of snaps missed by Bryant now. 3. Even A. Brown missed 5 offensive snaps this game and I believe that is related to no WR sets, (I remember at least 3 goal line plays with no WR on the field and a few other short yardage situations) so if we discount th
  14. I got A.J.Green/Sanu/Bryant/Gordon/Fitz. So I will see how things play out the next couple weeks. Week 11 and 12 are easy since Gordon is not avail for week 11 and Bryant is not avail for week 12. Week 13 will depend on past performance/Injuries/matchups, but my point is he is ranked Top24 WR so would even start in a 2 WR league unless you had 2 WR1s.
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