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  1. I have a dynasty starting up. ISUYowell435@aol.com
  2. Quick Summary of the important details: Total amount due is $175 ($110 entry for 2021 + $55 entry for 2022(Half Payment) + $4 for trophy/ring, $3 site fee x 1 seasons); Must be paid for 1.5 seasons at all times (current plus next) Trophy and site fee comes out once per year. LeagueSafe is used to hold funds 32 teams, split into 2 conferences and 8 divisions, just like the NFL A live draft order selection with be broadcast via fantasyfootballnerd.com Start up draft with 55 picks 1 devy draft per year, Picks are tradable 2 player copy of each player S
  3. Looking for another salary cap/dynasty/idp league to join. Also looking for some pick'ems/pools to join. Email-ISUYowell435@aol.com. Message Me
  4. Looking for another salary cap league to join. ISUYowell435@aol.com
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