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  1. So this is still an ongoing discussion, and there aren't many willing trade partners out there. I think I'm also struggling on who I should push to trade, Das or Brees. If I'm looking only at playoff schedule, Brees has 2 of 3 games at home but plays SF defense and at Tenn. However, Das has 2 of the last 3 on the road in cold weather against decent defenses (Chicago). Also at home against the Rams who are solid D. I am going after guys like DK Chark and James White, so which guy would you WANT TO KEEP between Dak and Brees?
  2. I'm 4-5 in a 12 team .5 ppr league (7th place). We play 2 flex (not super). I have both Dak and Brees, and I'm curious if you think an upgrade at TE is worth trading Dak. I am also a little thin as far as bench depth goes so that's my other option. MY TEAM: QB-Brees, Dak...RB-Chubb, Jacobs, Mattison, Edmonds, M Brown...WR-Evans, Lockett, OBJ, Crowder, Robby A...TE-Herndon and Goedert. Here's my possible offers - assuming you could have any of them, what would you do?: Dak for Evan Engram or Mark Andrews Dak for Tevin Coleman or David Johnson Keep Dak and Brees in case of injury and ride it out as is Gladly will offer some insight in return. Thanks!
  3. @Gally - thanks for the input! I appreciate the insight because the intrigue of Watson was clouding my judgement. And yes, the part that Ralph commented on was edited out (targeting Lev Bell but realizing I'd have to give up OBJ and I'd a million Jets players).
  4. Agree with beer buff, I wouldn't play Barber. If you have a second to check out mine I'd appreciate it: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/781372-josh-jacobs-keeper-trade-advice-needed-whir/
  5. Yeah I would agree and make that trade, assuming you're not in a dire situation waiting on Adams to get back. Do it. Would you mind taking a look at mine? https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/781372-josh-jacobs-keeper-trade-advice-needed-whir/
  6. Instead of posting a new message, I updated this post to reflect a new trade pursuit. Appreciate any input!
  7. @RalphMouth - Ha, I didn't even realize that. Now that you mention it, that's is quite a few Jets to hitch my wagon to. Was hoping to eventually trade one of the Jets WRs to alleviate that, but I will have to think this over a bit more it seems. Thanks!
  8. I would probably go with Marvin Jones. Hard to have any faith in the Bears passing game at this point, so I think Miller could be cut loose for Jones. If you have a second I could use some input too, thanks. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/781372-trade-obj-for-lev-bell-whir/
  9. Yeah I would probably make that move. Cook is/was injured and you don't really know what to expect from him week in and week out. Ertz is still getting down the field targets regularly and has breakout potential at any moment. Would you mind taking a look at mine? Thanks. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/781372-trade-obj-for-lev-bell-whir/
  10. 12 team league, I'm at 3-4 and in 9th place with 3 other 3-4 teams ahead of me. Here's my team: QB--Dak, Brees; WR--Evans, OBJ, Lockett, Robby Anderson, Crowder; RB--Chubb, Josh Jacobs, Chase Edmonds, Mattison, Malcolm Brown; TE--Cook, Herndon We are an auction draft league ($200) and each team can keep 1 player if they choose. The rules are simple: pay $10 more than what you drafted him for the following year, and then $20 more than original drafted price in year 2, then the player must be returned to the pool (so the year a player is first drafted + 2 more - 3 years total - is the max a player can be owned by one team). Right now I am basically looking at 2 keeper options: Jacobs was drafted for $19 (so $29 and $39 the next 2 years). Top 10 RBs go in the $45-65 range. Chase Edmonds was also drafted for $1 ($11 and $21 next 2 yr). No guarantee he's worth that even, but if Johnson can't hold up or keep up, then Edmonds would be an easy RB1 for cheaper than Jacobs. NOW - onto the trade possibility: Last place team is winless and looking to the future. He has interest in Jacobs, currently my top keeper option. With that value, I believe I could swing a trade of my Dak, Jacobs, and Crowder for Deshaun Watson and Marlon Mack. (If not Mack, probably David Johnson). It's 6pts for passing TDs, so an upgrade to Watson would definitely boost my offense, and if I could get Mack or Johnson to replace Jacobs, I should be sitting pretty good for a run this year. However, I loose out on a cheaper Josh Jacobs for the next 2 years and have to settle on Edmonds. I did draft Lockett for $22, so he'd be $32 next year, but that's pushing it... THOUGHTS? I'll gladly help you in return.
  11. @b-snatchers @Knox Appreciate the input. You're probably right, but my thought process is that if this trade doesn't go through until after this week, Dak is on a bye and Brees should be back. To avoid the 'which QB to I play' down the stretch I feel like adding a 3rd RB to start in my second flex spot would help too. If it was Dak plus an RB maybe I should try to keep Edmonds and throw in Pollard or Mattison? Or just stay put :).
  12. Probably would roll with Goff in this situation. Could use some input: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/781314-trade-for-lindsey-or-freeman-whir/
  13. I think Kyler and Goff are really close this week but I'd probably roll w Goff in the dome. And I'll echo Knox, in a half ppr, I'd bench Sony and roll with the WRs. If you have a second: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/781314-trade-for-lindsey-or-freeman-whir/
  14. I'd go with Crowder at this point in time. Edmonds could see a huge uptick if Johnson goes down, but Crowder with Darnold back is going to see a lot of targets and their schedule gets easier in the second half. Take a peek at mine if you have a minute, thanks! https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/781314-trade-for-lindsey-or-freeman-whir/
  15. Yeah this is a tough one...I'd have to lean Breida if only in the slightest. Both away games but I gotta think the Bears D has more of an impact. Take a look at mine if you have a chance, thanks: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/781314-trade-for-lindsey-or-freeman-whir/
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