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  1. Me too. If six is the benchmark, then Gase should have gotten four more years to determine if he was good for the Jets.
  2. I’m looking for alternatives to the PIT defense for the first time all season. I think PIT will play better against a less mobile QB in Rivers, but I just don’t trust the PIT offense protecting the ball. Right now I am leaning towards CAR defense which put a lot of pressure on Rodgers last week and had an extra day to prepare for WFT. I don’t see a lot of people talking about CAR, but I like their chances over HOU and LAC.
  3. The Steelers are getting a lot of practice running a red zone offense, because they are playing a red zone defense (who is only protecting 10-20 yards) all game long. The run game won’t improve without spreading the defense. None of this gets fixed without Ben getting healthy and/or finding a fountain of youth. It’s time to sit him the last two weeks and roll the dice that he’s a little rusty come playoff time.
  4. Crisis averted for my fantasy football team, but I can no longer count on Ben, Ebron, and PIT D for next week’s superbowl. Need other options. Meanwhile the Steelers crisis is in full effect. They are running out of time to get healthy and figure things out.
  5. I’m getting ready to suffer the baddest of beats.... i was up 2 points with Ben, Ebon, and PIT D, facing only Juju... never thought it would swing this way.
  6. Interesting post, and I support it. On a similar topic... In the back of my mind I’ve been pondering to need for the NFL to stop allowing the trade of players. I understand that the teams are only trading contracts, but it never comes across that way in the media. I would still support the NFL to continue allowing the trade of draft picks to allow teams to move up in the draft. I know that most NFL fans don’t want to see the game changed (change is difficult), but I would support changing the game in this way.
  7. I have a bye this week and need a kicker for Week 15 (and hopefully 16). Succop is my target to pickup off waivers. If I can’t get him, I might stick with Gano as long as Daniel Jones returns healthy by then.
  8. I really hope Dupree isn’t too badly hurt, but I’m guessing he’s missing the next two games at least.
  9. I was happy with Engram’s performance, but I am concerned that McCoy may not be able to get the ball to him. Without Jones, I think Engram has peaked for this season, and it goes downhill from here.
  10. I’ve already cut Tucker and replaced him with Gano. I’ve benched Steelers D, Ebron, and Roth. I don’t have better options, but I still have a winnable matchup with the replacements. I just don’t have a good feeling that the game will be played, and I don’t have a pivot options for MNF. As a calculated risk, I might play Steelers D. The Boom potential is big, and getting a zero there wouldn’t be devastating.
  11. I am doing the same thing. Hate to drop Tucker (and his schedule) before the playoffs, but there’s too much uncertainty about this game, so I need to prepare replacements for Ben, Steelers D, and Tucker. I simply don’t have room on my roster for 2 kickers, so I am leaning Myers or McManus. Slye, Carlson, Succop are already taken. Also strongly considering Crosby. I am favored in this week’s matchup, and I am thinking about going Crosby & Bears D to sustain the advantage. Since they play each other, their scores will likely offset. Is that a shark move, or am I getting too creative?
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