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  1. Did anyone else try Noom? It eventually got tiresome logging every individual item and I fell off the wagon. The pandemic hit and so I quarantined and started ordering food and just sort of let myself go. I'm chunky again, really close to 230, I feel bad, I'm not exercising enough. The cool shirts I bought are too tight now. Sucks man I thought I would reread my old post to get a grip on the good habits I'd built up before. I like the logging function but I need an application that is a little less time consuming and costly (like $100+ or so every 3 months iirc). Any recommendation
  2. Amazing. Trump retweeted Max Blumenthal’s criticism of John Bolton and this is what shows up on his timeline: https://twitter.com/sinatoossi/status/1273675183602176001
  3. Did Trump nickname him Sleepy Joe Biden, with the intent of ultimately upgrading him to Creepy Joe Biden? That'd be some 12-d chess moves.
  4. Barron has had a bit of a growth spurt: https://twitter.com/jtstj_/status/1246995488588603392
  5. 'People Want Change': Left Wing Sinn Féin Ties for Top Spot in Poll Ahead of Irish Election
  6. How would it have been populist for a pro-China govt to take the reins in Taiwan? Isn't a pro-Taiwan sovereignty candidate winning over a pro-China candidate populist in effect? I think it's a misuse of the term populist to apply it to a foreign govt trying to assert power in another country's elections.
  7. Definitely worked for me. Some people find the pricing a little high which is fair too. But the free trial sold me completely. I bought the initial 3/4 months for my gf too. If anyone wants a referral link (where you get 20% off and I get $20) just send me a PM. I didn’t want it to come across like I’m shilling, I really am blown away by the program.
  8. Been doing the Noom weightloss app, it’s been lifechanging stuff for me. Logging all my food and having a simple green/yellow/red breakdown has been a real nice accountability mechanism. There’s also a lot of good information about caloric density, mental tips/tricks and stuff. When I don’t log my meals for so long, I get a little push from people to get back on the wagon. I’ve went down a couple belt loops. I noticed some shirts I was gonna give away to Goodwill, put away long ago when I decided I was just going to be chunky forever, fit great again. Now I’m sending my XL shirts a
  9. He didn't. The Supreme Court judged that he could run again. The CEPR review showed that the voting tallies were correct. He had JUST AGREED to have a new election, and the military/police went forward with the coup anyway. Now this unelected zealot takes over, big shocker, with the support of the Trump administration. That's the worst part- people who claim to despise Trump becoming his most reliable cheerleaders for his foreign policy brand. How much delusion does it take to think an administration that imprisons immigrants and treats them like trash, would support actual good th
  10. And here we have the real reason Morales was overthrown: https://youtu.be/O9rFd1RvncI He actually stood for human rights, supported a free Palestine, criticized US imperialism, and stood up against colonial extraction of Bolivian resources. And just like that, a democratically elected leader in Latin America, Bolivia's first and only ever indigenous President, is replaced by a US-backed Christian supremacist nutjob.
  11. https://twitter.com/vpougy/status/1194006933373620224?s=20 A significant factor in the coup in Bolivia is the reassertion of Christian colonial power over indigenous peoples. The suppression of the indigenous and African components of Latin American cultures is a common thread among the emerging far right. Here's the self-appointed "new president" of Bolivia walking into the palace with an enormous Bible: "The bible returns to the palace of government". Mainstream opposition has been sidelined by fringe rightwing. Carlos Mesa, opposition leader who contested the elections w/ Mor
  12. https://twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/1193998271515103233 Look at this democracy, so beautiful and free I can barely handle it
  13. @mtracey The president of Bolivia essentially resigned at gunpoint as violent mobs burn down buildings and drag people through the streets, and the US media is still struggling with how to describe the situation
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