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  1. This is the brand of politics we get with corrupt rulers and an ignorant population. Look at them, they nominated Donald Trump and Joe Biden to be President of the USA. They think they’re performing a democratic service by voting for this. I think Trump’s cultlike following is still somehow less insulting than people that are gaslighting the entire country about who Joe Biden is, but goodness this is just an atrocity.
  2. I miss the days when political figures used to say stuff that actually made me think. From Spike's FB page: If #HealthInsurance is more expensive the more you use it and because it’s more comprehensive, how can we drive costs down while not sacrificing quality of care? The answer is not throwing more money at it and hoping for the best. It requires a drastically different approach. Insurance is expensive because today, it covers all care. If we pay for routine healthcare out of pocket, while using insurance to cover catastrophic claims, we would see a dramatic drop in costs. Even caring for those who have very little would save taxpayers over half the cost. How do those who can’t afford coverage be able to afford routine care not covered by catastrophic insurance? Direct primary care. Direct Primary Care is a game-changing structure for healthcare providers. It cuts out insurance companies, lowers costs and administrative fees, and provides patients with quality, focused, and personalized care. Over 75% of healthcare can be provided in a primary care setting. So this means 75% of average expenses will be covered under a flat monthly fee, instead of costly insurance premiums and deductibles. Fee based primary care costs between $25-$85 per month and includes unlimited visits, consultations, and wholesale prescription drug prices. A single county in North Carolina saved over $1 million in a single year in taxpayer funded healthcare claims by adopting Direct Primary Care. If this practice was adopted nationwide, billions would be saved without compromising quality, and increasing access to everyone. Direct Primary Care paired with catastrophic insurance plans can revolutionize the healthcare industry, save money, save lives, and ensure affordable healthcare access to those who previously could not afford it.
  3. you put her on waiver wire?
  4. There are multifocal contacts available. I don’t know how well they stand up to progressives but your eye doctor can find a brand that might work for you. There’s almost always a trade-off between reading/distance, but they can try. Some patients like monovision as well (distance eye, near eye).
  5. @realstevecox Thank you @EwanPalmer for the @Newsweek fluff piece. Where do I send the check? #TrumpCovid #COVIDー19 #COVIDisANTIFA
  6. Big shoutout to everyone that falsely misrepresented Evo Morales as a “wanna-be dictator” for making this possible: Kawsachun News If Bolivia's coup regime carries out electoral fraud, then the social movements will mobilize to take back power in the streets, said miners leader Orlando Gutiérrez & campesino leader @AndronicoRod, today in Oruro. Bolivia's ruling party is now filing criminal charges against union leaders @AndronicoRod & Orlando Gutiérrez for saying that they'll protest if there's electoral fraud.
  7. https://gabbard.house.gov/news/press-releases/reps-tulsi-gabbard-thomas-massie-introduce-bipartisan-resolution-defending-free Reps. Tulsi Gabbard & Thomas Massie Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Defending the Free Press & Call For Charges Against Julian Assange To Be Dropped
  8. @JohnWight1 When I wrote my first piece in defence of #JulianAssange in 2012 support for him was so small you could fit it into a telephone box. The Guardian and feminist wing of reaction in the uk had done their job well in painting him not as a man who'd dared defy the US war machine and was being persecuted as a result, but as a sex offender trying to escape justice. Owen Jones I distinctly recall was one of the most prominent in calling for Assange to face what were entirely concocted allegations of sexual offences in Sweden, while those pointing this out were being castigated as 'rape apologists'. Now here we are, some 8 years on, with Assange, a man who has already endured hell on earth, teetering on the brink of extradition to the US and certain death. Where he goes we go, meaning that his extradition will mark the end of journalism in the West as anything other than a rubber stamp of ruling class orthodoxies, placing a chill on the ability to hold Washington and its allies to account for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Julian Assange is now the victim of a crime against humanity almost beyond compare. This show trial of an extradition hearing will carry as much import in history as the trials of Socrates, Thomas More, John Brown, Dreyfus, etc. Yes, really. A special place in hell awaits all those who've been complicit in his suffering and plight. Julian Assange, as of now, is God's lonely man. God help him.
  9. The Assange extradition case is an unprecedented attack on press freedom – so why’s the media largely ignoring it?
  10. From Spike Cohen's FB: "Julian Assange is a journalist who published information that was provided to him by a whistleblower. He should have never been arrested, and Jo Jorgensen will drop all charges against him, in addition to pardoning Chelsea Manning, Reality Winner, Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers."
  11. Reporters have more editorial freedom there than they did at MSNBC, at least according to Ed Schultz. MSNBC is essentially a 24/7 propaganda organ for the security state. CNN basically took over a quarter of the FBI’s payroll. But I guess Larry King is a Russian agent now. 🙄 I’m not commenting on the substance of this piece, but you can’t dismiss everything published there as “Russian propaganda” any more than every NPR article is “USA propaganda”. Nobody even cared about RT until the US started demonizing it. Its audience is small and insignificant. This was always a BS fear campaign to tar one of the few outlets still willing to give a platform to anti-imperialist viewpoints.
  12. Media Lens @medialens The last time @BBCNews mentioned #Assange on Twitter was 7 September. The extradition hearing ended yesterday. Apparently the BBC had a reporter there every day. So where is your coverage, @BBCNews? Even @JohnSimpsonNews has expressed dismay at the lack of media coverage.
  13. The New York Times @nytimes The first lady, Melania Trump, delivered a profanity-laced rant in 2018 about Christmas decorations at the White House. She also mocked the plight of migrant children separated from their parents during a conversation secretly taped by a former aide. // First of all, it is incredibly warped for a "friend" to record private conversations with very little news value and share them with the media. Really sociopathic stuff. This is a friend venting to another friend about their daily life. To me it humanizes Melania more than anything else. Secondly, the NY Times is misrepresenting what Melania was saying here. She is not making fun of the children- she goes into detail about how she was actually trying to reunite a kid with their mother. She is expressing frustration at the duality of the media, in its pinning of family separation on Trump alone and complete aversion to reporting on the fact that this happened under the Obama administration as well. Third, while the irony of the 'War on Christmas' stuff isn't lost on me, it really is total BS that so much performative decorum is expected of First Ladies. People act like they're the Nation's Mom or something. There's just a weird expectation of people in general that their rulers be like little Ken/Barbie dolls living on a hill. Sorry if you had to find out this way but they don't give a #### about you. We don't have political leaders in this country, we have rulers. They are your rulers, not your personal buddy. But if the President's wife just wants privacy or to live a normal life- an unelected, nonexistent position with no official duties at all- they should have the agency to make that decision for themselves. Anyways this is a grossly political misrepresentation of a story by the NYT, they should at least update the headline. Melania was not mocking migrant children in this recording.
  14. If by bipartisanship, you mean intentionally rigging it so that all third parties are excluded forever more, then yes.
  15. Richard Medhurst @richimedhurst My statement outside the Old Bailey on the #Assange extradition hearing.
  16. And yes, I am. Chris Hedges called it 4 years ago: https://www.truthdig.com/articles/bernie-sanders-phantom-movement/
  17. Well I think you chose right, and Clinton/Trump voters chose wrong. Clinton seemed like a surefire bet to deliver another ground war in Asia. If she'd won I think we'd be seeing similar levels of corruption and possibly an even more warlike military, the media would just be more credulous about it.
  18. I think going on the attack against Biden made sense. But it was just completely moronic to make Christopher Wallace out to be the enemy- I don't agree with Wallace's framing of certain issues but he's a tough and fair moderator. Trump went there at the drop of a hat when Wallace had barely blinked at him. To be honest it seemed kind of delusional, like Hillary is with Russia. I guess Trump could be forgiven for thinking people are out to get him but come on. Biden has an angry streak that rears its head every once in a while, and Trump was trying to draw it out. To Biden's credit, he did a good job of staying in his lane and not taking the bait. For people reading between the lines though he did have some nonsensical positions, contradicted himself, and clearly distanced himself from Berniecrats. I don't know what the public takeaway is from that debate, but I think Biden was the winner to people that want "normal" and "civility" again. Trump was the winner to people who want entertainment value out of the US presidency (since they'll never get meaningful policy changes anyway).
  19. Jorgensen, the PSL, the Greens, Jesse Ventura write-in, staying home... All of those are contributing less to the continued collapse of humanity than supporting Biden/Trump.
  20. To rooms full of rich donors, Biden is on record saying he would punish business owners for "hiring illegals." The Obama admin deported two million+ undocumented people, and built the cages that Trump now uses to dehumanize immigrants. When confronted about this record by Carlos Rojas and other immigration activists- who campaigned for Barack Obama in 2008- Biden told them to go vote for Trump.
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