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  1. Tom Petty Credence Clearwater Revival Steve Miller Band
  2. The dynasty IDP ranking haven’t been updated in quite some time. Good time to update those rankings, as rosters are about to be locked, and I’d like to know the dynasty outlook of IDP players going forward. Thanks
  3. Top 5 artists: 1-Frank Zappa 2-Bob Dylan 3-John Coltrane 4-George Harrison 5-Queens Of The Stone Age top 5 songs 1-Let it Down 2-Beware Of Darkness 3-Inca Roads 4-Tangled Up In Blue 5-Simple Twist Of Fate I listened to All Things Must Pass and Blood On the Tracks quite a bit this year it appears😂
  4. Got a year end recap from Spotify today, and I’m happy to report that Let It Down and Beware Of Darkness (both vocal/acoustic versions) we my #1 and #2 most played songs of 2020. This thread was directly responsible for that. Listened to nearly 10,000 minutes total, with Frank Zappa taking up about 25% of that. Pretty cool how they provide that data.
  5. He was WIDE open and Bridgewater threw it behind him. Don’t think it’s a knee. I hope it’s not an Achilles related injury, but rather an ankle sprain. Didn’t see it turn over though. Fingers crossed on this one.
  6. Hey Buddy! Loooong time no see. Just saw your note. Hope all is going well for you.

    1. socrateswife3


      Hi Becky. I hope you are well :) hope to hear back from you :)

  7. hey babe..long time no see..hope all is well..muahh

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