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  1. He was under 25% to tie or take the lead in such scenarios IIRC. I'll take the ball in CP3's hands to make the best decision all day every day. And I am not a big CP3 fan.
  2. Can we get back to the discussion of how crappy LeBron and Kobe were? Philly boi has made this thread unreadable.
  3. Yeah, but that's only because LeBron is a better at three pointers and getting to the rim
  4. Was trying to hit some benchmarks before I turn 50 in a few weeks. One of them was getting two plates up again. Was up to 205, took a week off over xmas, went to do a warm up set with 135 and felt like my shoulder was going to explode. Got back into 5x5 yesterday, will be benching tomorrow. Hopefully
  5. Dude is basically Karl Malone (build wise) who can shoot, dribble, pass, is quick, and has hops. All those guys in the 80's would have been on the wrong end of those train wrecks.
  6. Dec 28 235.0 Jan 05 235.7 Jan 12 232.9 Jan 19 227.1 Jan 26 225.0 Feb 02 222.9 Feb 09 224.4 Feb 16 221.1 Feb 23 219.7
  7. got in at just over 2 bucks back when they were still private. Selling half my shares when it hits 75
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