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  1. Hawaii California Colorado Oregon Washington Utah Montana Idaho Wyoming Wisconsin
  2. And second best song from the flick wasn't on it.
  3. It would help if you understood the actual travel rule.
  4. Yeah, really easy to criticize, but Baylor spaces the floor so well, that secondary help ie either late or they so early that the kick is easy and the help gets put in the spin cycle.
  5. There were less than 2 seconds when Brink committed to the triple team. If Aari could have made the pass, they may win, but Jones is also sagging for secondary help. Getting that pass there would have been risky as the 5'7 McDonald would have had to pass it over the 6'4 (plays like she's 6'6-7 because of her length) Brink. I was pulling for Stanford and I wanted her to give it up. The look they got was probably better than the alternative. Last two minutes were ugly. Stanford got away from their offense in the second half and went to way too much iso stuff. Williams almost cost them t
  6. Was it me, or did both hits from that movie not make the 82 list?
  7. NCState-HOU wasnt't even the best game of that Final FOur. Both those games were great upsets but way too much stall ball.
  8. He's horrible period. Once you get past the novelty of him being blunt he really doesn't offer much. He and Shaq are just stuck in the 90's as far as analysis goes. Entertaining but just not up to speed on today's game. Expecting him to offer any sort of insight on players and teams he hasn't watched all year is kind of optimistic.
  9. That and the women's bracket has been better the men's. At least half a dozen games better than anything on the men's side.
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