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  1. Right there with ya. Going to be in town over Christmas and got tix to the Heat game. First game for my son who was getting up at 3am in Austria to watch their first championship run.
  2. FDP agrees to enter talks with the Greens and SDP. "Conservatives" on the outside looking in at this point.
  3. FDP internal vote to decide whether or not to enter negotiations with the SDP and Greens to form a ruling coalition happening today. CSU/CDU still assessing the defeat, waiting to see if there is a chair available when the music stops.
  4. Not if I attended a church that practiced it. As a non-churchgoer, let them alienate their own if that's the direction they choose.
  5. Agreed, we definitely need to get our defense spending up to snuff
  6. Chiefs’ WR Tyreek Hill, listed as questionable for Sunday due to a quad injury, is expected to play vs. the WFT
  7. People need to go overseas for a few weeks. They'll come back and wonder where all the fat people came from.
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