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  1. Couldn't be more pleased with this draft so far. Pace has hit home runs on both these picks without giving up a ton of future capital. If we can hit on a wr/kr and a backup corner with 151 and the 6th round picks, this will be the best Bear's draft in a long, long time.
  2. Any other year, any other team and I'd agree. This draft is arguably deep in all the positions the Bears need (OL, WR, CB). To trade down into the upper second and pull an additional 2nd, 3rd and 4th would really help fill the holes in this roster. Those middle rounds are also Pace's forte.
  3. The ideal situation (barring one of the top 5 falling to 20), is for the Bears to trade down from 20 into the upper second. Grab an OT with the higher second round pick and Mond with 52. Use the extra picks ( likely a 3rd and 4th) from the trade down to stack up on WR, CB, and OL talent. If Mond is a bust, Dalton will still be serviceable and there will be opportunity next season to draft another QB.
  4. (my) Homerism aside, I like Monty's skillset and production in the last half of the season when Nagy was relieved of playcalling duties. But honestly, there's so many moving parts in Chicago right now that I'd rate him more of a cautious hold than anything else. Dalton is an upgrade over Trubisky in every sense of the word. Presumably they will target OL and WR in the draft. So the stage could be set for a solid low end RB1 / high end RB2 season for him. The wheels could also come off with this team and he could be relegated back to single digit carries.
  5. If Fields falls out of the top 4, then it is reasonable to trade up to 8 with Carolina to take him. The cost to trade up there according to the charts is #20, #52 and a 2021 3rd. That's a no brainer, IMO.
  6. MItch's 5th year option was for $24.8 million. He was never gonna sign once the Bears decided not to pick up that option.
  7. Jacobs' value has been solely based on volume. Now that Drake is in town, his volume as well as his value drop like a rock. Low end rb1 to rb2/rb3. I'm not touching him right now.
  8. They seem like two diametrically opposed skill sets. Are they making two separate playbooks then?
  9. This is NFL GM gamesmanship. No way in the world Fields falls past 10. He has all the physical tools to be exceptional and ONE GUY (Orlavsky) is saying that Field's work ethic is suspect. If Fields does fall that far, I would hope Pace does every thing in his power to move up and grab him...but don't count on either happening.
  10. The only scenario that makes any sense here is drafting Trask at the right price. I don't think Lance or Jones make it out of the top 10, nor do I think it makes sense to trade for Darnold when you have Dalton/Foles. Taking a flyer on a guy like Trask if he falls to you or you don't have to give up much to get him is really the only way the QB roster changes significantly.
  11. Meh. Williams is a depth signing. Even with Cohen at full strength, we needed a backup RB. Good signing and doesn't diminish Monty's value at all. It does, however, elevate the offense in the unlikely event that Cohen and Monty are out at the same time. You know, maybe a torn ACL and Covid? Not that THAT would ever happen...
  12. It's at least close enough to get the conversation started.
  13. I would need a 2021 low first rounder / high second rounder to part with Chubb. RB scarcity is real and the talent levels at WR just seem to be getting better and better. Shoot, I remember back in the day when the 3rd year breakout for WRs was a real thing. Now, they had best be producing at a high level by year 2 or they get called a bust!
  14. Value check on Josh Jacobs after Drake was signed? I know Jacobs tends to be divisive as an FFL starter and with a better than average Drake coming in, his volume will certainly take a hit, but at what point is he a buy low?
  15. Trubisky's wins and bloated stat line came against bottom of the barrel defenses. He was genuinely awful reading defenses, couldn't keep mental clarity during any given play and relied on physical gifts far more than learning how the game is played in the NFL. I suppose things may slow down or click for him after a few years on the bench, but I doubt he'll ever be much more than a career backup.
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