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  1. Due to bye weeks I'm considering dropping AJ Green or Tyrell Williams by Week 6 if I can't trade one of them. My other receivers are Julio and Hilton and can only roster a total of 4 receivers. Both Hilton and Tyrell have bye weeks in week 6 and AJ Green doesn't seem to be returning anytime soon so I will be short a receiver if I keep both of them. With Tyrell Playing the Bears this week and being off the following week I think he'll be available for me to pick him up again after the bye week. Should I drop Tyrell or AJ? Players available on waivers are Robby Anderson, Will Fuller, Tyler B
  2. I just picked up Kyle Allen and then Stafford and Garappolo became available. Can Mayfield be dropped for either Stafford or Garappolo? It's a short bench league so I don't really have room to drop anyone else right now.
  3. I'm looking at benching Baker Mayfield and grabbing a QB off of waivers tonight. My options are Kyle Allen, Gardner Minshew, Mason Rudolph, Mariota, or Bridgewater. Newton was dropped last week so if I go with Allen I could then drop Mayfield for Newton. Any Suggestions or opinions?
  4. I still have Hardman and Robinson available in my league. Should I drop Josh Gordon or Terry Mclaurin to pick one of them up? I was thinking of dropping Gordon since his value seems to have taken a hit with the addition of Antonio Brown. I also have Gallup who is gonna be out for a few weeks. Half Point PPR.
  5. Someone in my league just dropped AJ Green so he'll be on waivers until Sunday. 12 team standard scoring league. We only start 2 receivers and we can only have 4 on our roster. My receivers are Julio Jones, TY Hilton, Jarvis Landry, and Tyrell Williams. Should I drop Landry or Williams for Green?
  6. Should I drop Latavius Murray for Melvin Gordon? League only allows teams to carry a total of 4 running backs. My other running backs are Mack, Chubb, and Michel. Standard scoring
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