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  1. One could view the "problem" with the court as the makeup of the court being significantly different ideologically than the makeup of the country. That if the citizens of this country are roughly 50/50 conservative/liberal, the best thing for all of us would be a court that is also roughly 50/50. (And some might say our citizens are now more than 50% liberal, so to have court 67% conservative representing citizens that are less than 50% conservative is both inappropriate and illogical, and highlights a problem with our system.) I guess there are a number of related issues: Is it be
  2. What do people mean by increase representation? 1) Hire the black candidate over the white candidate when the white candidate is more qualified for the job? 2) If the white candidate and black candidate are perfectly equally qualified for the job, hire the black candidate? 3) If there are not enough black candidates who are qualified, determine whether there are any structural issues that cause this and try to address those issues so that there are more qualified black candidates? Some here have made posts saying they are against #1...OK, agreed...but is anyone arguing in f
  3. Thanks. I don't know much about co op programs...taking a quick look, I see that CMU and GA Tech both seem to have highly rated co op programs, so something to investigate more
  4. There seem to be some people knowledgeable of engineering here, so maybe I can gather some info to help my daughter make her decision. Looks like she will be deciding between Rice, Carnegie Mellon, GA Tech and Illinois. Just looking at things like US news rankings, Rice is listed higher up on the "national university" rankings, while below the other three on the engineering-specific rankings. Then when looking at specific majors she is considering, CMU is ranked highest for computer engineering, while GA Tech is ranked highest for aerospace engineering. But putting aside rankings, a
  5. For me it is not about policy at all. Biden may very well be cognitively impaired. He may forget things or lose track of things. But I think he knows that he does not know everything, and I think he has tried to appoint reasonable, knowledgeable, responsible people to positions as needed, and will defer to experts to handle things where he lacks knowledge or ability. Trump, on the other hand, appears to think that he knows everything, and seemed to appoint people based on whether or not they would say "yes" to him rather than their qualifications. And rather than defer to experts, he
  6. To me, it is not "I as a non-gun owner am not impacted" but rather "I as a non-gun owner find it very hard to understand the impact on gun owners". I think there are big cultural differences that make it difficult to communicate and understand each other and figure out everything I think even better than "remove the people who want to kill other people" would be "prevent people from ever wanting to kill other people in the first place" - is there anything we can do to get there?
  7. You are saying: "ban assault weapons" = take away rights, and "lock up people" = take away rights So both "take away rights" and therefore we should be more alarmed by taking rights away from many than from few I think some instead view this as: "ban assault weapons" = take away rights that some view as very small/unimportant/strange/at-odds-with-the-rest-of-the-world rights, and "lock up people" = take away an extremely large/important right And therefore they can believe taking away a right they view as large from a few people is much worse than taking
  8. Question on this process. Some schools conduct interviews with applicants, either with current students or alumni doing the interviews (over zoom these days). Obviously it would make sense for the applicant to send a timely "thank you" after these interviews. The question is - if the applicant didn't know to do this, and just now realized they never sent a "thank you" email to the alumni who interviewed them 13 days ago - is it better/worse to send a "thank you" now or just forget it? Could sending a thank you this late be worse than doing nothing, as it might call more attention to the t
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