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  1. I don't really get why it helps so much but the HSA option seems to be a huge tax deduction, I usually put that in last in turbotax and it puts me from owing to refund territory. What am I doing wrong to not estimate this properly? I mean it's not like Trump level deduction, but it seems to shave off an easy 1500 or so putting those forms in.
  2. There's a guy I know that got it pretty bad. Not quite hospital but close. 4 mos. Later has a heart attack. In 40s dead. I found it a little odd other than sad. I haven't heard many other similar anecdotes really. If the rate was really that high I feel like we all would have.
  3. It's a wingnut school for crazy people. Not even worth googling.
  4. Idk. They maybe need to tone down the dose a bit. Either way my kid woke up fairly sick but has since rallied and is gone playing w friends. I mean she is fine. We sent her to summer camp last summer and sweated bullets the whole time, because the one she was bound for had a big outbreak and just closed up mid term. it's not ideal but The lack of adults getting it got us here. 40% isn't gonna cut it to make school more or less normal next fall.
  5. Pfizer yesterday Kid 1 (15) - NBD GTG LOL Kid 2 (12) - Basically has the flu now.
  6. Getting plans together. Staying 5 nights at Alila near St. H. Going on one day (maybe 2) with Gordon Boswell to see some private wineries TBD. Probably will hike the St. Helena trail one day. Considering doing a kayak trip and probably will do Balloon trip for sure. I think after the boutique visit we will quick hit 1 wine place here and there, where we can fit it in. Doubt we hit the big cattle call places at all or anywhere with a wine club. Just not our scene. Will aim for a French Landry res. Still a month out there, but it seems provided you are onli
  7. Maybe a coincidence but my allergies have never been better. Wonder if masks helped that somewhat.
  8. Both kids done. Don't have to sweat them getting run out of summer camp now with god knows what financial repercussions.
  9. https://www.wbtv.com/2021/05/14/woman-hoarding-gas-catches-fire-following-car-accident-sc-deputies-say/
  10. It makes some sense. Two weeks ago India was exploding. It wasn't clear if it was a variant we would have problems with. Now that it isn't and there aren't any variants on the horizon we can just say yolo. The problem I see here is there is no stick for the anti-vax. If you say now everyone go around without a mask the anti-vax don't get the (limited) protection they bring and you will drive more people into larger events. This might serve as motivation for those that are hesitant, but were leaning on public to protect them in some way. Either way I think you expect a spike out
  11. I mean the end of stimmy monies was predictable. There is so much money now in consumer hands, spending is crazy, everywhere you look houses are going for over list, you can't get a boat for a year out. People are paying near list for used campers. I see this as a buying opportunity.
  12. I mean the angle here is as a general rule by weight or calorie leaning towards foods with more nutrients should be the goal, the elimination of sugar in that comes as a byproduct.
  13. What's your MFP group again? I got my account back and I'm trying to do a mini cut and re-establish my baseline MR. Beach in one month, figure I can cut down from 170 to the low 160s. Trying to do 2kcal with 170g protein, rest is yolo.
  14. This is a thought experiment on nutrient density, when framing the "don't eat sugar" argument it's always better to say "eat this stuff instead" nutrient dense food by weight and calories are the "instead". It seems like a no brainer, but for whatever reason it gets really dug in for some people. https://renaissanceperiodization.com/expert-advice/nutrient-density-index
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