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  1. More or less last week in a nutshell #2 Cincinnati won by a TD as a 29 point favorite. #3 Oklahoma was trailing in the 4th quarter as a 38 point favorite. #7 Penn State lost in 9OT as a 25 point favorite. Army/Wake Forest combine for 126 points #25 Purdue loses by 17 after knocking off Iowa #8 Oklahoma State loses on the road
  2. I need to dig it out but pooping at work is much more common where free coffee is offered.
  3. There's a lot of NIMBY crossed with red tape surrounding this stuff to protect shipping oligarch types. There's not a simple solution. I mean we could stop buying fidget spinners from Chyna, but that ain't gonna happen.
  4. Lol. That had to be the longest running #### show ever. Either that or there is just a serial crime drama bot that puts scripts out.
  5. She is in that range of hot between the red dress and blue shirt girl. The intrigue zone. You want to see more but aren't going to wear out your browser in doing so.
  6. The article doesn't touch on this deeply but one of the biggest issues is we are sending containers back to china empty instead of full of soybeans and rice. Why is this a problem? Because our rice and soybeans get processed in China to then turn around and come back here on another container. It's an issue as much as any drought is an issue, but if we actually have to cook our raw product like normal people instead of eating something out of a wrapper, we will live.
  7. We have a sense why two people were hurt, yet? That's the part I don't get unless he got off a couple wild shots without realizing something had gone wrong.
  8. Had an accidental discharge once on a old 257 bob, literally moments before I wasn't completely clear where the barrel was pointing, looked and moved instead of into, around the danger zone. Damn thing went off, with nobody touching it. Can't say for sure if it would have killed me, but my late grandpa teaching me to keep a ####### close eye on any loaded gun or face the back of his hand sure made my day suck a lot less.
  9. Brandon Lee had a similar thing. Basically something lodged in the gun from prior use and wasn't cleaned out and the blank they fired cleaned it out. You are supposed to check the barrels for obstruction. Speculation at this point. I also don't get how he shot two people in the above scenario
  10. I mean they load them with blanks. Maybe someone put the wrong ammo in
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