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  1. A few of the thinly supported studies called into question whether the timing of what we call/indicate as pre/post/non symptomatic is flawed. That there is self-reporting issues with this, as admitting you were symptomatic is tantamount to a crime/moral issues. These are more psychological studies but go the central point in that presym/sym is self reported and prone to bias. My guess is people spreading this were symptomatic in some way and didn't want to admit it so they could sleep at night after killing grandma. Again, I'm not claiming I have evidence for this. It's a hypot
  2. Looking back here are the things I can't prove, but I think make sense. I'm interested to see if science ultimately backs these up. 1) Masks don't really work in the way we think they might work. If you are in an environment where you are spending more than 10min with someone nearby that you can't distance from, they work. Sort of. So for schools, hospitals, some office environments, and indoor spaces it makes sense. For grocery stores, not so much. For this reason these mask mandates probably coming off won't matter. 2) This thing is mostly spread by people that are symp
  3. Except nothing is opening up and we are just ditching mask requirements, somewhere, not sure where.
  4. I'm normally less busy in the early PM on weekdays or 8pm onwards.
  5. St augustine looks quite dead also here. Idk if home insurance covers something like this
  6. Nothing required a system to jack electric rates up in response to demand to 500x baseline rates other than greed. A full grid blackout that requires such a greed based system is sure to fail.
  7. That's not really what happened though. The rates were set to supply/demand market (By former Enron types). The fact that the rates exploded in this manner wasn't some conspiracy it was the plan all along.
  8. So what happens if you travel overseas post 2 shots and still test +? I've heard a few anecdotal stories that say it's possible to test + like this, but not how this is handled.
  9. It's going to happen, you buy the news, sell the (well nothing, hodl). Growth stocks have had a monster run, rotating out of that into small/mid cap value is something I've been eying as a post vax, end of stimulus move. I'm not a stock picker, I mostly do indexes.
  10. Why? The most likely end game here is the generators don't get the windfall. Last Tuesday night they were making 4c/kwh. The fact that it was 8F two Tuesdays ago doesn't mean they automatically get 800c/kwh just because some oligarchs say so. That money is not coming from the resellers, it's not coming from the consumers, so where is it coming from? You push a reseller to pay up, they close up shop, open another one. You push a consumer to do so, they declare bankruptcy and file for protection, or simply just ignore it. There are already 6 month holds on shutdowns in place. N
  11. That's too bad. Yesterday they got throughput up where I was to 9000 first shots in a day which is the record. they are adding 8 more lanes to start supporting 2nd shots (edit: better, they were doing 2nd shots before). Ultimately trying to get it to 25k a day in total. A Day. If this wasn't happening in my town (and it was sufficiently large) I'd be freaking the hell out.
  12. They can just file bankruptcy and move on. The actual suppliers were fine.
  13. With the last stimulus check out now is the time to rotate into value jmo.
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