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  1. There seems some magic sauce for keeping this out of schools. My kids school has had virtually no spread. I attribute that to outdoor lunch and spacing reqs. But who knows
  2. poor punctuation on my part, the club sports families are travelling heavily
  3. High schools seem to be able to spread this thing, below that it's extremely rare to see kids spread it. I've got family all over the place teaching. The main vector into the school is club sports and travel.
  4. I remember days like this would get vix hype. Now it's just meme stonks I've never heard of and tears.
  5. I think the narrative is and should be that 2 shots is most likely required to keep the immunity long term. It will be at least longer, if not more or less indefinite. The variants as they were try to evade your T-Cells, having as many of these as possible is essential. I'm neither a doctor, nor did I stay in a holiday inn last night. I'm just saying get that second shot as if it's as important as the first.
  6. The biggest worry is yields force a flight to quality. Higher yields have a lot of other downstream effects like hammering dividend stocks.
  7. It's a mess. Just expect some super karens and fight videos in the next few days. The convoluted system of state, county, city, and local constables all asserting authority has made it where nobody knows who is in charge of this thing. The Governor pulling off whatever rules he has in many ways opened up the more stringent layers beneath, but those weren't enforced much in the beginning and it is hard to see how those get enforced now.
  8. A few of the thinly supported studies called into question whether the timing of what we call/indicate as pre/post/non symptomatic is flawed. That there is self-reporting issues with this, as admitting you were symptomatic is tantamount to a crime/moral issues. These are more psychological studies but go the central point in that presym/sym is self reported and prone to bias. My guess is people spreading this were symptomatic in some way and didn't want to admit it so they could sleep at night after killing grandma. Again, I'm not claiming I have evidence for this. It's a hypot
  9. Looking back here are the things I can't prove, but I think make sense. I'm interested to see if science ultimately backs these up. 1) Masks don't really work in the way we think they might work. If you are in an environment where you are spending more than 10min with someone nearby that you can't distance from, they work. Sort of. So for schools, hospitals, some office environments, and indoor spaces it makes sense. For grocery stores, not so much. For this reason these mask mandates probably coming off won't matter. 2) This thing is mostly spread by people that are symp
  10. Except nothing is opening up and we are just ditching mask requirements, somewhere, not sure where.
  11. I'm normally less busy in the early PM on weekdays or 8pm onwards.
  12. St augustine looks quite dead also here. Idk if home insurance covers something like this
  13. Nothing required a system to jack electric rates up in response to demand to 500x baseline rates other than greed. A full grid blackout that requires such a greed based system is sure to fail.
  14. That's not really what happened though. The rates were set to supply/demand market (By former Enron types). The fact that the rates exploded in this manner wasn't some conspiracy it was the plan all along.
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