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  1. I thought the whole point of this was to close the loopholes created in online ID verification. Lol.
  2. Been in a gym, like a real one this week. Feels good man.
  3. Idiots, they have held up approving photo stable UV sunscreens for 30 years to protect J/J market share in the space. Now they do this. lololol.
  4. Yeah. At times I use a thermocoupled fridge to do the job that I used to make beer in.
  5. That's insane. I don't think restaurants get that pricing. I was able to get some at cost at beginning of the pandy and it was 3.29.
  6. A prime packer is spendy in Texas. All the restaurants drive the price up. It's gotten up to 7.99 at points. 4.99 is about baseline. I'll go shopping and see where things are in a bit.
  7. I would say if I could take anyone to one spot to "get" what BBQ can be as a baseline Louie Muller's is the place I would go. It is the essence of perfect execution without getting too fussy, plus atmosphere. The biggest issue I have (and it's a small one) is that if you order a beef rib, you are on the hook for at least $35 lately. So it's a once every couple year thing. I don't really have a solution to get around that. I enjoy the brisket so I would probably get that 3 out of 4 times and set aside the rib. If going with a large crowd, just putting that on the tab can be a ha
  8. Prior to Texas Monthly they were more known for ham steaks and turkey than brisket. Her setup cooking over a ground fire is more similar to a West Texas style and went out of favor a long time ago as it's a huge pain in the ###. The only other place that will still (sometimes) cook over ground fire that isn't surrounded by dust is Pecan Lodge, but there are surely others that still make an attempt. I see the bigger problem in Texas is there is a lot of supply now. And there's limited demand for 18/pound brisket sliced. I haven't seen what Franklin is asking lately but 21-2
  9. Also worth mentioning, zalt 3 putts for par on 13. I really wonder how things shape up if he landed in the final group.
  10. Worth watching it in the website https://www.masters.com/en_US/watch/2021-04-11/2021_r4_48081_16_1.html I think it was a little fat, tbh.
  11. Can we talk about Zalt's ridiculous 1st shot on 12 yet? He was 30 yards off line and nearly drinked it..
  12. Was going to workout. This isn't helping.
  13. The back 9 is playing quite hard it would seem.
  14. Another major in Speith's prime where he struggles to stay just on the radar enough to draw TV time.
  15. Weather looks semi likely to shut things down for a good bit, if not rest of day.
  16. I've said this before, a lot of what was BBQ really took a nosedive when people decided they didn't want to tend a live fire. But that coincided at the same time with Sysco foods taking over and providing some really low quality product. The turning point was really Americans moving away from beef and into chicken for day to day, but still wanting to go to high end steak for dining out. This opened up a problem for the high end packers, they had a #### ton of briskets to sell. BBQ places bought them up, Franklin being one of them, and the rest is history. That is to say, it is r
  17. There's very little difference between q and the bible. Both are full of fables that try to bind things together with a common compass. Q got people hooked because who doesn't hate pedos. Bible got people hooked because nobody wants to go to hell. People are stupid and able to be convinced of some outright nonsense.
  18. People coming out of woodwork offering me tickets as I'm vaccinated. More scared I'll want to throw myself into oncoming traffic.
  19. I mean they work, until you actually swim in the pool.
  20. someone walked on a big tab, that really took the fun out.
  21. These anecdotes are going to get louder. The Anti-Vax campaign depends on this now. It's going to be like the early stories of "Healthy attractive 25 year old yoga instructor dies of Covid"
  22. Is Levar Burton not doing a guest spot? I thought he was announced earlier, but I don't see it anywhere now.
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