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  1. I just reread all ggs posts. Never did he mention stashing a body as a smoke screen. Gonna think it's him.
  2. I mean that's the "hang the parents" narrative, but the real story seems like they said >Look there >Police> Bruh but it's wet there and we only search on dry ground because gators are scary and it's not my job. >Look there, it's now dry. >No >Ok we will, here's the stuff.
  3. Body found 900 feet from his parked car, nearly exactly the distance GP body was found from the parked van (in video). Nice searching everyone. Top Golf told me I hit a Tee Shot that far today.
  4. That other killer in the park at that time would have made a hell of a defense.
  5. I think it's stupid that people are camping out in front of their home, putting laundry baskets full of literal #### on their porch. And generally harassing them for a month on end. There's no evidence they had any knowledge that could have helped find him sooner, nor did they have any idea what had happened until it was too late to question it. From my POV they cooperated as much as you'd expect and there's zero to say they helped him flee or prevented his capture. It's a dumb tangent in a tragic story.
  6. News seems to be saying this area of the reserve was completely underwater for the prior month. Also warrants mentioning his parents led authorities right to this spot more or less, wonder if we can stop messing with them yet? Also, dog the bounty hunter was there early on.
  7. I hang a TV on the wall also in home gym, but let me suggest just pulling laptops into the room if you want to go more than 1.
  8. I mean these GPU are expensive as hell, run hot, and die fast. It's criminal they can't be manually replaced easily.
  9. So Jimbo has a Titanic buy out from TAMU but if LSU comes calling they owe TAMU nothing for Jimbo. Don't recall ever seeing this.
  10. Why take a shot into right coverage on 2nd there downfield.
  11. While the game is in a lull, was someone going to explain why half the leagues is on bye next week?
  12. Ready to take my rightful spot and steer this thing right into the weeds.
  13. SEC shorts going to be interesting this week. Bummer they lost the hot girl. She could have been a part of the whole Urban Meyer bit.
  14. Urban Myers grabs a couple more fistfuls of ### and he's eating boudin.
  15. I mean he made Oprah seem like she had some acting skills.
  16. Still a really big leap to assume BL's parents have any involvement here. I'm inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt on the fact that BL is just an odd dude
  17. I mean this is this really an upset if you've lost to this team 3 of 4 years no matter the ranking? It might mean that you simply aren't any good.
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