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  1. Florida and Wisconsin look iffy, but he's got a shot at it. AZ, PA, MI, VA, CO, NV are locks IMO.
  2. I bet 90% of the people marching in DC yesterday were wearing masks. Outside. I had trouble finding people who weren't when CNN panned the crowd. Find a clip and have a look.
  3. The Bundesliga hasn't exactly covered itself in glory for a new worldwide audience while it's the only game in town.
  4. The crowds around the country today were big. And it looked like most of them were wearing mask too.
  5. I loved mine too, but all the rubber parts dry rotted. Lightly used (infrequent snow, a few big camping trips and vacations with scattered hiking in-between) and I figured I'd own them for decades, but the rubber crumbled in 6-8 years.
  6. https://twitter.com/USMC/status/1269075089078784001/photo/1 The Marines update regulations regarding the Confederate flag.
  7. +1 If he stays clean and healthy he should be a top-5 TE for at least the next three or four years.
  8. I'd wait and see if most/all of the EPL games aren't shown on NBCSN on cable. Since they're staggered in a way where only one game is happening at a time you might not need a streaming service.
  9. Weird how all these allegedly problematic investigations by Trump's DOJ found so much wrongdoing and resulted in so many convictions by Trump's DOJ after proving their case in a court of law. Wonder why the guilty didn't raise these issues in court?
  10. Seems like this should be true for all the big clubs. Maybe Werner's release clause makes him affordable today, but there's probably some big bargains out there once things start to move in the transfer market.
  11. It's "the quiet part out loud" in the context of the Court.
  12. Guy starts Twitter feed that does nothing but repeat Donald Trump Tweets. Account is suspended by Twitter.
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