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  1. To start off my fantasy championship in two leagues 


    team 1

    Lamar/Deandre Hopkins*/Terry Mclaurin/Zeke/Singletary*/Kelce/Boone/Forbath/Denver D = 7.10     My team 


    Matt Ryan/Davante Adams/Michael Thomas/Chubb/Kamara/Waller/Adrian Peterson/Robbie Gould*/Atlanta D= 10


    team 2


    Desean Watson*/Davante Adams/Terry Mclaurin/Chubb/Aaron Jones/Jonnu Smith/Boone/Forbath/Pittsburgh D=10 
    My team 

    Jameis Winston*/Keenan Allen/AJ Brown/CMC/Saquon/Kittle*/Miles Sanders/Butker/Colts D=28.90 

  2. What can you live with? If you lose, what could you bare? Could you bare a mediocre Kamara that’s done nothing for you this season? Yes he’s proven and can pop off but you already  know what COULD happen


    could you bare going down with fresh legs in a great matchup on a Monday night to secure Your fate?

  3. I think today will tell all with MN, there should be a practice they are having today. If Mattison is out id roll Boone with D Freeman. Mosterts snaps have went down the last two weeks and you’d need him to score pretty much which is in the realm of possibilities. I guess my answer would be is to look at your opponents lineup and see what you need. If you need some boone or safe volume play. See what I did there? ; )

  4. If I lose this week my chances will be hard to get in the playoffs. Here’s my team. Who should I keep/trade/cut?

    QB-Lamar Jackson/Cam Newton 

    RB-Chris Carson/Devin Singletary/Chase Edmonds/Rashad Penny/Ryquell Armstead/Tony Pollard

    WR-Deandre Hopkins/Julian Edelman/Marquise Brown/Robbie Anderson/AJ Green/

    TE-Travis Kelce/Chris Herndon

    K-Joey Slye 


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