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  1. What are the payouts/buy-in and what town do you live in, considering moving... 🤣 It's hard, I have a leaguemate with 4th from the bottom on points. Has Rodgers and Stafford, but starting Mike Davis, Tony Pollard weekly... he refuses to trade. I offered something stupid like Henderson, Burrow and Emmanuel Sanders for his Diggs and Stafford. A huge overpay in my opinion, but I am streaming QB's - literally dropping a QB every week and grabbing a new one (as is another leaguemate, which makes the streaming of QB's more difficult). Refused it. Diggs has a great game this week and now it is almost certainly not going to happen. It was funny watching guys in my league take these QB's. I would look at the remaining picks and think - he has to go |x position| here and then he would take a RB. I always try to read the room, needs and see what I can get away with but people are unpredictable sometimes.
  2. He has been brutal this year and has completely diminished both Brown and Julio's value... I don't think Matt Ryan is the answer, but I was merely shedding light on how overrated Tannehill became after one good year. Love the story - just, guy has to play better.
  3. Matt Ryan might have been a bad usage of player, but I do think they could benefit from getting someone better in there. I realize people love Tannehill, what a wonderful story... but seriously. He has been awful and I don't think people should make excuses for him because Brown missed a game. He has frequently missed targets and he has everyone in the box. Would Matt Ryan be an upgrade? I am not sure why people think he wouldn't be. Matt Ryan hasn't had a running game like this in ages. He is just more accurate than Tannehill. I realize it will never happen and we are just debating to debate, but Tannehill is the missing link. Everyone saying he is the MVP of the Titans - I agree. He goes as the team goes, but he is seriously missing something this year. I know I am not the only one who sees it.
  4. Wow, @PantherThunder - those trades are awful. I would never give away Scary Terry or Ridley for those packages. I understand wanting to unload Adam Thielen but the jury is very much still out on Kyle Trask. Josh Allen is still young and very much an elite fantasy QB. That dude appears to be planning a 10 to 15 year rebuild with this approach.
  5. Gaslit? Jesus bud, it's a football forum. To answer your question - Derrick Henry won. Without his 2 WR's - are you referring to a Jets game? I'm not even going to entertain the who's better Matt Ryan or Ryan Tannehill bit. Ask yourself - what stats would you prefer? Completions 128 141 Attempts 202 204 Percentage 63.4 69.1 Yards 1,467 1,332 Yds/Att 7.3 6.5 TD 6 10 INT 4 3 Sacked 20 8 Matt Ryan has no offensive line (hence yards/attempt) and Calvin Ridley missed a game. Somehow, Ryan still manages to take less sacks. You guys do you... all good either way. I think the offense is flat. Ryan threw 1 pick and could have thrown a second if the DB turned around on that off-the-helmet Julio catch.
  6. Talent-wise you think Matt Ryan is worse than Ryan Tannehill? Tannehill looks like #### without Arthur Smith and Matt Ryan doesn't have an offensive line. Statistically, Ryan Tannehill can't hold Matt Ryan's jockstrap and I am not even a Matt Ryan fan. If you are in win now mode - you should uhhh... - win now. Ryan Tannehill ain't it.
  7. I love the Dallas Cowboys - but there is nothing less content driven and more annoying than the rambling by Michael Irvin. I mean, that was terrible. Just shouting and delivering no meaningful take-aways. http://www.reddit.com/r/reactiongifs/comments/3if63z/mrw_i_hear_watch_me_whipnae_nae/
  8. Anyone have a snap count for the WR's? I'm not sure where to find that information. I felt like Beasley was always on the field with Diggs and Sanders is strictly used in 3 WR sets, but Sanders looked like the more explosive player and the Beasley touchdown was because the corner ran with Sanders instead of playing his position.
  9. I'm not sure of logistics, but the Titans should definitely try and trade Tannehill for Matt Ryan. Make some sort of playoff push, while you still have Derrick Henry. That dude is a monster... I will never pass on him in fantasy again.
  10. Yeah, I'm not completely against going for it on 4th but that play call with that field position gave the Pats a TD. I can't complain because Dallas won, but... we have more reason to go for it, instead of a 60 yard field goal than trusting our punter and defense.
  11. I agree and that is something I have considered too, but in the end - I am not sure Jefferson puts me anymore over the edge than a Jeudy/Evans/AJ Brown setup (barring AJ Brown's regression doesn't continue). I don't see being able to trade him just for a WR, due to what you have mentioned. Players like CMC are hard to trade, because they are in a class of their own. I'd likely be making any RB group significantly better, while picking up a WR to add to a group I already feel is talented. Then, I think I end up in fantasy purgatory of winning enough games to ensure I don't get a top 3 RB in the draft but still never winning the championship...
  12. I will address the elephant in the room: if push comes to shove and Kellen Moore wants to be the HC - I would favor his presence of McCarthy's. I am not in love with McCarthy, at this point. His situational management seems to be poor. Judgement, not great. He is the reason that wasn't a 48-17 blow-out win. I realize, the offense is stellar but that 4th and 1 on our 34 was stupid. Should have been 13-7 at the half... Great win, but McCarthy doesn't seem to understand momentum or trust the defense.
  13. These are what I was afraid of - honestly, if he is a buy-low type. I am more included to keep him. With my roster, I cannot imagine giving him up for anything less than a Lamb or Chase, due to positional scarcity and his performance when he is on the field. Even in a timeshare of say 70/30 - IF he is healthy, he is still capable of being a top 3RB and nothing from any RB's this season has shown me otherwise. I was really hoping to go for a WR + Saquon. Woof. Get Well Soon... so I can sell high 🤣
  14. CMC is a world beater when he is healthy. I think that is buying low - which I definitely recommend you do.
  15. Regardless, I think he enters a time share when he returns. If you are the Carolina coaching staff - you are probably looking at his frame and thinking he isn't built to withstand the punishment an entire season will deliver. If he enters a timeshare of even 70/30 - his value does go down. I'm of the mindset to get out of aging/depleting assets before the value is gone and am looking to unload him. Any idea what selling high on CMC looks like?
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