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  1. This backfield is a dumpster fire. They're just going to let Lamar drop back and rifle some balls to his middling WR's - ignore the running game completely. I wish I had sold low on Ty'Son Williams when I picked him up, but... now I'm stuck with him. Murray sucks. If you are holding onto Murray to replace Ty'Son Williams (in the event of injury)... I hope you are in a 30 team league. Give Murray the 5 carries Williams to go with his 7 carries - 12 x 4ypc - 48 yards? While the other teams are setting their lineups, you can spend your time clearing off your mantle because the fantasy trophy is surely yours.
  2. Just seems like Kamara could have been bought for less. He hasn't had much of a year thus far. He has another tough matchup this week - not very high on Sterling Shepard or Robert Tonyan - The addition of Julio for a bad team or rebuilding team seems pointless.
  3. JFC - I am out here trying to lowball the Saquon owner and seeing this doesn't help my confidence level. I honestly can't believe after 2 somewhat serious injuries and a slow return Saquon continues to hold quite a bit of value...
  4. I love Gibson - don't get me wrong. I just think Jones is young enough you might have something for the next couple years. Watching the WFT play - it looks like Heinicke is playing with house money and is never going to dump the ball into the flat for Gibson. Could that change? Gosh, I hope so - because I think Gibson can get 15-20 yards off a checkdown versus Heinicke trying to thread the ball downfield in tight holes. I don't think it is a bad trade either way but I do think you have a proven commodity with Jones andt he owner of Gibson should be paying up (I would ask for both picks and see what comes of that.)
  5. I don't love it. I am a Gibson owner and I wish the Aaron Jones owner would offer me a deal like this. After watching a few WFT games - McKissic is cementing himself in this offense. Heinicke seems to prefer downfield throws. Do you have someone you are particularly fond of in the first round fo the draft? Your roster doesn't seem to have any glaring needs and you look poised to compete for the Championship. The night Aaron Jones just had - has never been done by Gibson. I realize, you don't get fantasy points for past performance, but Jones seems to have control of that backfield and Gibson (sadly) is in a timeshare.
  6. I agree with that statement. In redraft, I am forced to stream QB - fell asleep at the wheel and have been streaming QB's. I'm thinking about trotting Daniel Jones out there this week. Derek Carr, Daniel Jones, Kirk Cousins? Any of those guys should work this week...
  7. Fell asleep at the wheel on a Redraft and ended up with zero viabile options at QB. Have been streaming, somewhat successfully. There are guys with Rodgers/Stafford and Brady/Mahomes in league. They are 6th and 8th place in the league, because of how early they took said QB's. Do you think there is a viable deal to get one of their QB's or just keep streaming? I am 2nd, which makes it even less likely someone deals. They are in dire need of RB and I have: Swift, Henderson, Gaskin, Edmonds, Drake, Ty'son Williams Brady/Mahomes owner has Josh Jacobs - think Drake is enough for his 2nd QB? Worth a shot? Too offensive? Thanks!
  8. Your team looks pretty stacked - I am not sure what is being said about your RB2 - Carson and Edmonds pair nicely as situational starts. Depending on your Dynasty format - you could pair Evans and one of them for a better RB, but I think you look like a definite contender ROS.
  9. I'd say Daniel Jones - Big Ben doesn't look like he has much left to give.
  10. Agreed. I was just discussing with a buddy how usage in the NFL could start to limit the "bell cow" RB. I think a lot of teams are going to start to limit carries for their studs and finding those "do it all RB's" is going to be difficult, because everyone has at least a 2 back system and some 3. It just seemed like Taylor was setup for a great year. I view Wentz's arm as an upgrade over an aging Rivers - good receivers, great line and... woof, nothing stat-wise of what I was expecting.
  11. Imagine the Colts offense with Jonathan Taylor.
  12. Undoubtedly, Clyde Edwards-Helaire outperforms Akers this year.
  13. With all due respect, I am not sure anyone is in the business of taking character references from Rodgers. McCarthy's clock management was dumb, but Aaron Rodgers' opinion doesn't hold much weight.
  14. In Redraft, I don't see how you have a viable option unless you went 3RB 1-3 rounds or play in a 6 team league. I really don't understand McKissic's heavy involvement in the passing game. They were running Gibson into the flat, where he had a 8 yard cushion and he still wasn't getting looks, but then they would fling the ball to McKissic on contested wheel routes. I don't think you can trade him and get much value for him. You're going to get a guy who's ceiling is 19 touches a game. I've just never seen a RB be so effective and then be completely underutilized in the 2nd half. Oh wait, *rewatches Baltimore Ravens/Las Vegas Raiders game* - yes, I have.
  15. Swift and Hockenson in redraft. Told by everyone from my league to this message board the Lions wouldn't produce any fantasy relevant players. Now we are talking about handcuffing that backfield. LOL. Good job to you for having the courage of what I didn't. If anything happens to Swift - Jamaal Williams will be a top 5 RB.
  16. 2+ weeks ago, had you told this board you were handcuffing the Lions backfield - they would have called you all sorts of stupid. Nobody was on the Lions backfield.
  17. This. We can say situational football, etc. 3 minutes and 13 seconds left in a game where they have the lead. Gibson just gashed NYG for 11 yards - where he showed good vision and patience. Ran him again for 3 yards and then Heinicke drops back to pass on 2nd down and throws the pick. Any other team plays the clock situation and runs short routes to your RB. Gibson was open so frequently in the flat, but Heinicke would always go for the larger plays - which was pretty effective. I just think we are almost at a 50/50 split, which doesn't bode well for guys selecting Gibson in the 2nd round and a guy (me) hoping he would produce big numbers in Dynasty Leagues. Nobody is hating on Gibson. I think people view him as highly competent. Most Gibson owners are just shocked by the McKissic usage; when AG has shown ability in blitz pickup and always seems to go for positive yards. I think the longer season has made timeshares more inevitable and I must be in the minority, but I didn't anticipate this much of a split.
  18. I'm a little surprised Gibson isn't utilized more in the 2 minute offense? Nobody else? Okay, moving on. - Bitter Gibson Owner
  19. Doom meet Gloom... The last play wasn't that bad. If you're expecting your back to pick up a DE, basically unimpeded to the QB... you have bigger issues than said RB. Not sure you are cutting RBs if Williams is in your doghouse.
  20. How's your dad in pass protection? Sounds like the Ravens could use him. Williams had 3 players for over 10 yards - Murray had zero. I just don't see Murray being the better runner. He did a lot of things better than an UDFA, but I chalk a lot of that up to Williams taking an NFL field for the first time.
  21. Didn't catch the game last night, huh? Murray looked awful. Sloth-like speed... given a ton of opportunity. Williams could have scored the TD Murray had. I cannot confidently say the same about Murray scoring that long run Williams had. It seems Baltimore is having an identity crisis. If they work on the option plays and get a little bit of pass protection figured out - Williams is far and away the best player in that backfield. They should have stuck to the script in the first half, because they gave the game away in the second. Fantasy-wise, I don't care. He is like my RB 6/7 but I seriously see a lot of talent, vision and speed... not sure what the Ravens saw out of Murray.
  22. I wouldn't describe Carr as conservative. I mean, some of the throws he made to Waller seemed pretty forced. He has zero trust in any receiver around him. Hopefully, Edwards can earn some of that trust. Something is going to have to happen with Ruggs - he isn't physical and doesn't look nearly as fast as he did in college. I think he had a play last night where Carr threw it behind him too, which tells me - even if Ruggs is open in space, Carr can't hit him in stride. In my opinion, Carr just isn't very good. He has good plays, but the majority of plays look pretty bad. He's skittish, scared and lacks confidence. He also doesn't seem to step into his throws unless he has the cleanest pocket. I think we have seen the best out of Derek Carr.
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