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  1. Absolute cluster....plain and simple. Looking like Lamar is the only Raven rusher worth owning at this point.
  2. Not buying any of the nonsense that he isn't a good RB. Watched him play throughout his collegiate career, including many games with the Sooners before he became a sensation late last year, and the kid can run the rock....bottom line. Flexing Sermon in this week. Not with unbridled confidence, mind you, but wouldn't be surprised if he turns in a good performance. Hopefully, getting dressed down (literally) by Shanny last week, combined with the door-opening injury to Mostert, was just what the doctor ordered to have him firing on all cylinders.
  3. Agree with the majority of your assessment. Should be Murray's job as 1a for the foreseeable future, bringing in Williams for a little extra juice a few times a game. However, I disagree that Murray is "done". No, he didn't show out well last night in limited action, although the 8 yard TD run was impressive. He's always had a good nose for the end zone. Let's remember that, due to his limited usage over the years, Murray should still have some tread left. In 7 full years in the NFL, he has 1385 total touches, which averages out to less than 200/year. He averaged 4.5 yards/rush his last 2 years with the Saints, with a 4.2 ypc average over his career. He also can catch the ball cleanly outta the backfield, with 185 catches with 7.0 yards per over his career. Yes, he's 31 years old, but the man looked very capable the last two years. Are we to believe that he hit the wall so quickly? By comparison, Bell is only 29 years old, but has 8 full years in the NFL. He has 1950 total touches, or about 244/year, and a 4.1 yards/carry over his career.....and hasn't cleared 4.0 ypc since 2016. I agree that he is likely washed. I think Murray can still produce in that offense. Heck, he had only been with the team a couple of days when mustered into service Monday night. Didn't expect much from him. Again, Williams has some definite flash, but he looked horribly inefficient in ball security and pass pro, and quite possibly cost them the game. That looms large. Murray's gonna get his chance, although I am more concerned about the loss of LG Tyre Phillips than I am about Murray's abilities.
  4. Of the guys in that general draft vicinity (Henderson/Robinson/Davis), Henderson was the man in week 1 against a legit Bears D. Looked quick and powerful, and finished runs. Very pleased.
  5. Jaire Alexander ain't no joke, and is a tough draw for Calloway in his first start as a WR1. I'm flexing him in, though, in a couple of leagues. Winston is gonna get his yardage....with Smith and Thomas on the shelf, somebody is gonna eat. 5/72/1
  6. Fair point. However, I have been trained in facial expressions/body language/voice inflections for many years. When AB pulled off his helmet last night and flashed that trademarked smile, it encapsulated a books-worth of commentary, and was quite easy to read: He is back. He has learned from the past. He is happy. So, with his natural talent and excellent conditioning, the sky is indeed the limit. (subject to change without prior notice)
  7. Bottom line: Have shares of Pollard in all 5 of my redraft leagues. Thought he looked good last night against a very stout run D. That offense is explosive, and he seems to fit the scheme perfectly. If Zeke were to miss time.....look out. MVHC in my opinion. (Most Valuable Handcuff)
  8. Possible, although they are very different RB's, of course. Mainly, Williams is a big ole' boy - 220 lbs. I believe Lindsay might be around 190 lbs.
  9. I'll do you one better.....he's a top 15 WR at years end, if healthy. My flag is planted with Najee Harris. Top 5 RB this year as a rookie. Own him in 5 of 6 leagues.
  10. I've got a couple of shares of Pitts, even though I fully understand the basic rule about rookie TE's. I was burned by GB rookie Jermichael Finley back in 2015, although he was a 3rd round pick for the Pack. As we know, however, there are exceptions to every rule. You know....kinda like 43 year old QB's don't win Super Bowls. Pitt's situation is near perfect, but only time will tell. He could bust, be mediocre, or set the league on fire. Gotta admit, though, I haven't been this excited about a rookie TE since Shockey's first year as a NYG.
  11. In full disclosure, I expect both of them to play.....certainly Godwin. However, AB's status is worth monitoring. May just be a maintenance day, hopefully.....but, again, he is 33 years old. You know that he is wanting to show out in primetime on Thursday evening though.
  12. Except for that darn knee thang.... Brown didn't practice Tuesday due to a knee injury. Spin: Brown's knee issue resulted in him appearing on the Bucs' initial injury report released Monday, even though he was a full participant in practice that day. At this point, the team hasn't revealed whether Brown's absence from Tuesday's session was due to the knee injury, or if he was withheld from the workout as part of a pre-planned maintenance plan. Either way, Brown's activity (or lack thereof) Wednesday will ultimately determine if he carries a designation into Thursday's season opener with the Cowboys. Chris Godwin was listed as a limited participant in Tuesday's practice, so the Tampa Bay pass-catching group is heading into the Week 1 matchup with multiple key pieces at less-than-optimal health.
  13. I simply cannot fathom how he is falling that far. Potential, if not likely, top 10 back. Is everyone asleep? seriously.....congratulations.
  14. You should be immediately arrested. You literally stole him. We have a tendency to get caught up only in the metrics, while forgetting about the heart and the drive. He spent time in a homeless shelter as a kid, and pulled himself up by the jockstrap to get where he is today. Put me on record as saying (barring injury): Najee is gonna be a fantasy star. He won't settle for anything less than greatness.
  15. Dicey that he'll be there in the 4th, but would be a whale of a deal. RB's are a premium commodity. Proven RB's that are slated to likely dominate carries in a prolific offense rarely clear the 3rd. 5th....no way.
  16. Been drafting him cheap in all leagues as a bye-week filler or occasional flex guy, knowing that he has the potential to be a RB1/2 should Dobbins go down. I have two drafts remaining, so might miss out on him in those, as I expect his ADP to skyrocket should we find out that Dobbins is out for the season. He is certainly not a "plodder" or "strictly an A-gap guy" as some have suggested. He is a competent and hard-nosed old-school RB that has never had his chance to own a backfield. No, he isn't gonna catch a lot of balls, but neither does Henry or Chubb.....and on an offense like the Ravens, he could definitely light up the fantasy scoreboard. Remember, Pro Football Focus graded Edwards as the fourth best runner in 2020.
  17. Definitely loading up on Gus the Bus shares. Damien Williams is a must-cuff for Montgomery owners, and a fine stand-alone dart throw. Tony Pollard is a name I haven't seen here yet. Must-cuff to Zeke obviously, but I'm loading up on him in all drafts, regardless. Zeke has been super-durable.....but it only takes one hit. Call me crazy, but I believe that Pollard is the more talented of the two at this stage in Zeke's career. League winner if/when he gets the chance. Also will toss out McKinnon in KC. Perfect late/last-round flier. Top-flight offense. CEH already been banged up a bit in pre-season. Darwin and Darrell are Jags IMHO. McKinnon has the talent to soar in that offense, if things were to break right.
  18. Not sure what to make of this recent tweet about Gibson warming up?? https://twitter.com/Mitch_Tischler/status/1343273613919715328?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet Edit: Gibson officially Active, according to Matthew Berry. Lamar Miller Inactive, so that potentially bodes well for their confidence in Gibson. We shall see.... https://twitter.com/MatthewBerryTMR/status/1343280439075737603?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  19. That statement is debatable, at best. As good (productive, from a fantasy standpoint) as the 2016 Zeke? Heck, no. As good as the 2020 version of Zeke after 2,264 career touches (college and NFL)? Heck, yeah. In fact, I would say undoubtedly better.
  20. That's a brutal position to be in. Of course, both could end up putting up RB2 numbers, or better. Were it me, however, I would have to roll out Mostert. We know his abilities. He has the fastest two recorded runs this season in the NFL - 22.73 mph on a TD catch one week, then broke his own record the following week with 23.09 mph on a 80 yard TD run. He and Shanny both now know that there is no physical issue to be concerned about. I gotta believe that must have been a mental hurdle for Mostert since he came back and hasn't looked himself. Dallas is a potential smash spot. Good luck with whomever you decide to start.
  21. Start Tre'Quan Smith? In the fantasy playoffs? I'd rather drink turpentine and urinate on a brush fire. (and I've previously done both)
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