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  1. No. I think the Lions Swift and Jamal are a better tandem. Imagine if those two were on the Bills.
  2. I feel the same way and I didn’t draft him anywhere however in one league with deep benches (and not much in the waiver) I did pick him up in hopes to catch lighting in a bottle (current starter is Tannehill). He does have a softer schedule up coming and we really haven’t seen much of Tua this year so maybe he will surprise. I won’t be starting him unless I see something.
  3. Not Lockett. I think I’d go AJ as well, followed by Toney. Good chance Toney sees a lot of Ramsey. Which I’m looking forward too because I think he looks uncover-able, but let’s see it first. AJ will rebound.
  4. Robinson and Pringle look similar stat wise. Looks elsewhere if possible.
  5. Nothing wrong with going Brady if you are concerned. I’d probably lean Kyler personally (more likely to run one in) as I don’t think he is going to sit.
  6. Hardman. Has more familiarity with the offense and I’d think he fills the Hill role
  7. Hollywood and Cooks. I think cook gets back on track this week. Antonio Brown would be my next choice. He can always blow up but given the nature of the offense he could come up small as well.
  8. Damien and Sutton (Sanders was my next choice). I wish I could recommend AJ Brown but he came up small last week and the Bills are legit on D. I’d take a wait and see approach with him.
  9. If you have room, I would. I’m having trouble finding room for him with short benches, byes and injuries though. He is a very capable RB and there are several teams that could use him.
  10. Toney has shown it already and is already the most dynamic WR on the team. Hollywood Brown as been really good, so that could cap Bateman, plus he hasn’t shown anything so there is a bit of unknown.
  11. I think so because he is clearly their most dynamic WR. But targets will most likely come down as they had limited options on Sunday. Still think he can produce on less targets.
  12. Boyd. Slot corner is out today. Verify that, but thats what I heard on Sirrus.
  13. Gordon, Perine, Pascal (Samual if Mixon starts, remove Perine).
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