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  1. If I was enrolling in this plan with the options you listed, I’d go: 70% VINIX 20% VIEIX 10% RERGX (AMERICAN EUROPACIFIC GROWTH) I added a little international in but if you want to stay all Domestic then 80/20 as D house suggested. If you want to keep COLUMBIA TRUST CONTRARIAN CORE FUND then you can substitute it for the VINIX entirely or a portion. But I usually go low cost so I’d stick with the vanguard funds personally.
  2. D House gave good advice. I was going to mention the VANGUARD EXTEND MARKET INDX FD (VIEIX) also as an area of opportunity. 20% to 40% into that fund will add mid and small cap exposure you are lacking.
  3. This describes his last couple of seasons with other injuries. You’d be smart to make back up plans.
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