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  1. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person
  2. Ya got me. That must be it. Couldn’t possibly be anything else
  3. It was a joke at Jackson who has said about 3 times now that he’d bench a guy if he were Judge.
  4. Peterson should bench that OL for that cheap shot face mask. No excuse that was horrible
  5. I can’t get over how irresponsible the Eagles organization is for having this many fans
  6. Uh oh... those are fighting words with an Eagles fan. Especially when they are losing
  7. Thank goodness the Eagles have Richard Rodgers. He’s clutch in close game moments like this
  8. Engram finally gets a 9 route and pulls a Hakeem Butler
  9. That’s not what Pedersons odds chart shows
  10. Right it’s been a bad call in the moment and it wasn’t well disguised
  11. Actually designed QB draws are the most successful for 2pt conversions
  12. I want to see a challenge of when the challenge flag came out
  13. I remember when I traded Wentz in a SF league and the commish accused me of collusion for sending a “stud QB” over to the other team in exchange for Lockett and Daniel Jones.
  14. Can the iggles hold public tryouts like they did in 1976
  15. To become really disappointing means at one point it wasn’t disappointing. I was disappointed the moment I realized it was these two teams on tv tonight
  16. Certainly didn’t look hungry to prove himself. That was his moment
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