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  1. I tried a no 1 seed strategy to make it to SB. But I think I stacked too much, and I may fall short, even if I picked both SB teams Singletary $16; Davis $14 Lamar $28 Dobbins $15 Brown $13 Snead $6 Andrews $19 Tucker $8 BALT $3 Brees $30 Kamara $28 Thomas $23 Callaway $5 Cook $15 Lutz $11 NO $1 I was counting on Bills meeting Ravens meeting in AFC championship, now I'll have to rely on 6 players this week and only 4 for the championship week, assuming I even make it (which looks unlikely). Based on what I'
  2. Wow. I’m glad I didn’t have this before. I probably would have obsessed over it! Thank you. I’ll punch it in now to lament my poor week
  3. Hey. First year with FBG and first time in this contest. Had a terrible week and it looks like I won’t advance (unless the Ravens get a D TD right now) , but how does everyone have the cutoff and all the other info? It sure was a fun ride, and I’ll have to join FBG again next year.
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