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  1. Tennessee should have forfeited. Then if it gets bad enough the entire season is eventually cancelled.
  2. Read a couple nice articles about Bud Dupree and that it took those first three years for him to learn pass rush moves. Not only highlighting his dedication to learning from a personal guru and the coaches, but also TJ. Who learned from/with JJ and how it coincides with great athetliscm which coaches/gurus cant always account for. This heightened learning also flowed to and from Vince Williams, Devin Bush and the LB crew.
  3. Needed a thread. Should be plenty of poo hitting the fan this coming week.
  4. That is pretty ####### insulting. That voting block is a majority of registeted Americans.
  5. They are NOT silent. They certainly vote much better. As a %. They certainly do give more money to politics and politicians.
  6. Entire Super Bowl of Steelers vs Rams, Jan 20 1980. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjEbkgX00U0 Steelers organization had 13 Hall of Famers at game including 10 players.
  7. Darn it. Jaemis Winston said the Steelers made him an offer but he selected the Saints. Why "darn it"? Because a 1 year signing that flashes anything as a QB for a game or two gets a much bigger contract in 2021... which could easily earn you a compensatory pick the following year. Paying 5 million for good shot at a 4th round pick is a no brainer. That rookie gives you back 4 years at 800k each.
  8. Patriots just released S Obi Melifonwu. Hes been cut twice in 3 years after being drafted in the 2nd by the Raiders in '17. He just turned 26 and has to be worth an udfa camp spot. Maybe a players coach could help a little as opposed to just Del Rio and Belichick.
  9. Steers Depot: Steelers’ 2020 Undrafted Free Agents Christian Montano/C Tulane James Lockhart/OLB Baylor Leo Lewis/ILB Mississippi St Spencer Nigh/FB Auburn James Pierre/CB Florida Atlantic Calvin Taylor/DE Kentucky Trajan Brandy/CB Miami (FL)
  10. Not enthused. Standard back up o-line fodder on our roster.
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