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  1. She has been in the White House all week. Most all of the footage shows her without a mask.
  2. Singletary has been better every step of the way. And that includes a terrific 2019 campaign to prop it upon. *I dont own DS anywhere. Zero shares.
  3. Expected for people who flaunt against the precautions.
  4. Tennessee should have forfeited. Then if it gets bad enough the entire season is eventually cancelled.
  5. ❤️ deep roster leagues! Every league that didnt expand their active roster sizes can blame themselves as much as the NFL or any web hosting company.
  6. This just sucks. But I'm not blaming it on a lack of preseason.
  7. Alec Ogletree activated from Jets practice squad.
  8. No. They/Rs stopped it. Then they/Rs will have done it. They/Ds forced medical care. Lots if things get forced. But this was refusing to allow, changing the rule set, then forcing in the very thing you refused. This will no longer be governance. No more negotiations... no more care. They will be enemies.
  9. Republicans push a nominee, after what happened 4 years ago... no more negotiating. Ever. Pure us vs them forever.
  10. Not good in any scenario. It went from "a matter of time" to "hoping something changes". Ouch.
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