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  1. Hello everyone I have an opening in our Super-flex Tight end Premium league and this orphan has a pretty decent team. The Dynasty Legends has been around since 2019 and we have a great group of guys! Buy in is only $20 and the team (link below) made the playoffs last year and he only left because we decided to get rid of kickers and DST. Only con to this team is it has no rookie draft capital this year. Commissioner last year tried to disband this league so I decided to save it and I’m enforcing new rules (which are all pretty standard rules) check them out in the link below. Poi
  2. Hello, I'm looking a couple dedicated guys to fill a few spots in our low buy-in league. There are 3 of 4 spots available. A dispersal draft will be done and the free agent class is pretty good. Reason so many guys are gone is that the previous commish decided to close and delete the league and I am trying to save it. Please Email me with your experience and why you should be chosen to be in the league. *** If you do not put :The Dynasty Legends" in the subject you will not be considered. My email - rkeys@live.com League link - https://www66.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/4
  3. Hey there my name is Richard and I have been playing DFF for over a decade and I'm looking for start-up (prefer SF). If someone is thinking of starting a league I'll consider being co-commissioner or the commissioners #2 Looking for: - No IDP - MFL platform with League Safe for payment - Buy in $50 or less Preferences: - Superflex TE Premium but ill consider Standard or PPR - no defense or kickers - 30+ man rosters Email me with info please - rkeys@live.com
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