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  1. We should probably bring this up in the Democrat Civil War thread I started a couple weeks ago. Seems like a good place for it because the far-left wing of the Democrat Party grows larger every election. First there was Bernie, then came Warren and then "The Squad" - and that's all within the last decade (except Bernie). They (the far left) will be vying for power or taking over within the next decade. The Democrat Party will need to change from a "(D)" to an "(S)" after their names.
  2. Next time, don't ask a question if you don't want an answer. I'll remember not to take the stinky bait next time.
  3. You think he's crazy, you should see the Democrats spouting crap about Russian collusion, pee tapes and Russian hookers.
  4. Removing the filibuster will go exactly how the Democrats plan it to go. Just ask Harry Reid. I can't wait.
  5. Once again, your question about wanting to know the people's thoughts was just a ploy. It was disingenuous of you to ask it if you really weren't interested in hearing them. I have no idea who whiskey Man is or what you're even talking about.
  6. yeah, we get it. Anyone who doesn't bend the knee to the liberal orthodoxy is a nut job. 👍 Also, it appears your question about wanting to know the thoughts of people from Wisconsin was just a ploy to rail against him I suppose. You weren't really interested in hearing thoughts of people that actually live here.
  7. He's a great American. Don't believe the you're hearing from the media.
  8. This isn't the first time she's said stuff like this. Yet, still employed. I wonder why?
  9. Wait...didn't you vote for Joe Biden this past election? Why does this bother you now? I mean, yeah, it's bad but you should be consistent in your outrage.
  10. This is a massive misrepresentation at best, and a lie at worst. You know why it was voted down yet you still want to push this narrative? Who is falling for what again? I suggest you subscribe to more than one source for you information.
  11. Got to amp up the hate from the #2 hate network (behind CNN's #1). More red meat for the liberal masses, IMO. You probably won't find many that disagree with her.
  12. I second the motion that we're in a thread about a Trump dictatorship and yet it's a Democrat administration that is closer than ever, using some ginned up "threat" to keep the military around. These are the same guys that point fingers about QAnon yet believed in pee tapes, Russian hookers and collusion theories as well as any anit-trump tweet was considered DE-FACTO fact. This is absurd.
  13. This is not a whoever post lasts wins type of deal here. Simple cooperation goes a long, long way on how the interaction with police goes.
  14. Yeah, pretty amazing what listening and cooperation will do for you. I just follow Chris Rock's rules on dealing with the police: https://youtu.be/uj0mtxXEGE8 Especially the last rule. 🙂
  15. Sorry, but just no. This is revisionist history.
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