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  1. Between him and tgunz I'm not sure who is worse at derailing a thread with utter nonsense.
  2. That is not even close to fact. Dem candidates AND President's have been nothing but fawned over like a leader of a cult. There is no way they would be roasted. The media wouldn't even bring it up or put it on the back page of the paper - at most. But, fair enough, you believe it. So, to @rockaction's point, the divide is so great that there really is no way we can agree. You don't even believe Democrats are favored in the media.
  3. Not only would they last as long, the media would be singing their praises. And be making excuses for them. what's absurd to me in this thread is that you guys honestly believe that any other liberal president besides Trump would have been fired long ago. That is absurd. Democratic presidents have literally been handled with kid gloves and softballs for the last 50-plus years. They are fawned over and made instant celebrities by the media. Every Republican president is grilled over the coals every single time. How are we really having this conversation? I mean, do you guys re
  4. You're dang right it is. What have we come to where almost the entire flow of information is controlled by one political party? That's very sad.
  5. The "rigged game" is the news, entertainment and media and the companies that make it up. It's 99% driven by liberal agendas.
  6. He's full of it and it's nowhere near a fair representation at all. As usual, twist someone's words and then accuse them of those instead.
  7. You know none of that is true. Stop feeding the troll.
  8. You should sit this one out again. You're taking something that was never said or implied and arguing against that. Stop twisting people's words to fit your narrative. Maybe you should find another form to go troll in. Let's keep these forums clean of your nonsense.
  9. Always an excuse as to why it's cute when your side does it. I'd like to reply with something a little more harsher, but I don't want to run afoul of the rules. Let's just say you're just all over the place with your reasoning. None of it appears to be based in fact, but in feelings and narratives.
  10. What do them mean by "around"? Like, being in the same state? The single mother rate in the black community, IMO, is THE primary reason why we have so many wayward black teens who grow up to be wayward black men. Men need a male role model and if dad ain't around then it's the gangs. Women just literally cannot fill that void despite how hard they may try. Young men are coming out absolutely wrecked after being raised by single mothers. We need to stop glorifying single mothers and putting them on a pedestal. We also need to make the men accountable, but that appears to be blac
  11. Listen. You can play obtuse all day long if you want, but you know exactly what we mean. If you can't even agree that the rules aren't being applied evenly then you won't believe anything that doesn't fit your DNC narrative. I can only lead you to the water, I can't make you drink it. You'd rather have the Kool-Aid. And why not? As long as its favoring you then who gives two beans, amiright?
  12. They are not applying the rules evenly. See Pedro Pascal for further details.
  13. Interesting. So the guy whose side has rigged the game is telling everyone else that they are not a victim. You're just not living in reality, Tim. Or you refuse to pull aside the curtain. In either case, it's absurd.
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