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  1. You're the one making baseless assertions. You're digging your hole deeper. I'm sure AOC is talking about the gasoline tax when she says the rich don't pay their fair share. Absurd.
  2. That doesn't make any sense. Then we'll just marry someone that's college-educated and have kids. Or not have any kids at all. It is a big leap and you're making a huge reach trying to prove.... actually I don't know what you're trying to prove. I think you're just trying to get a gotcha. You've successfully derailed another thread with inconsequential distractions. Please stop.
  3. And? what is 10% of 1 million? That's not a small number. The point is, these people should stay in Mexico until their case is resolved. I don't want them roaming around here.
  4. What? Someone crapped on someone's desk? Are we sure that just wasn't the Green New Deal they mistook it for?
  5. Threads like these would be easier to read if guys like you and your crew wouldn't derail them with inconsequential nonsense. You purposefully distract and throw up smoke screens to deflect from the issue we are talking about, which is that the rich do not pay their fair share - that's income taxes. No on is talking about property tax, or goods tax or gasoline tax - the rich pay those too so when someone says "the poor don't pay taxes", it's patently clear that it's income tax we're talking about, especially when it's YOUR member of congress - and the one who this thread is dedicated to - who is screaming "THE RICH DON'T PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE!". You really think she's talking about gasoline taxes? The taxes you pay on a bottle of Downy? Give me a break. EVERYONE pays those taxes. You and your crew bringing stuff like that up is no different than having a debate with a guy and he starts criticizing your spelling or grammar. It's irrelevant and unnecessary because it's not germane to the discussion at hand. It's the go-to tactic for those who can't argue on the merits. You and your crew have spent, what? A good 2 pages now focusing on some inconsequential bull#### about gasoline taxes and goods taxes when those were NEVER what we were talking about. Please stop derailing this thread and get back on topic.
  6. not if they're not showing up for their court dates and staying in touch with the proper authorities. Coming in here, crying "Asylum" and then disappearing is not legal no matter how you want to stretch it.
  7. Yep. Exactly my point. We still need plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists and all kinds of tech trades. This whole idea that "you must go to college or you're a LOSER" is what started universities on the grifting path. It's not about making student's "well-rounded", it's about money and getting as much of it as possible. "We're going to be short this year on the budget. That means we can't add a new wing on to the school and you won't get a raise." "Okay, let's require all of our 50K+ students to take interpretive dance, greek mythology and latin and charge $$$$$ for it."
  8. I don't think anyone can determine that. I think you're making a pretty big leap here in defense of your argument. Like, a SUPER big leap. Ask yourself this: are you making this leap to try and stick it to me and get in a "gotcha!"? Or do you really think men not going to college is actually going to increase the single mother-hood rate? I think if you REALLY think about it, you're doing #1 here, not #2. I mean, we've already got a single-motherhood rate and men are going to college the last 30+ years. I would think that maybe the opposite might be true based upon our current situation. No degree = no fun. Besides, women control access to sex, not men. Men control access to marriage. If we have a single-motherhood problem it's not because all women are being raped by men and having babies against their will, it's because those women are making bad choices. So I think your argument is misdirected at best. That's a discussion for another thread, though.
  9. Thanks for the link. Interesting. Well, turns out going to college you do end making more money in the long run. I can't shake the feeling we're missing something here, though. This seems too easy especially when students/parents are screaming for loan forgiveness and free education.
  10. And what experience was that? How much debt did this "experience" ultimately cost you out of pocket? Other than your "experience", did that debt equate to a comparable job? Going to college is not some couple thousand dollar trip to Europe - "Oh you'll love it! Enjoy the experience!" - for the summer as you seem to be making it out to be. We're talking mid-to-high tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for someone starting out here. That's not insignificant. What good is the "experience" if it doesn't ultimately equate to a comparable job and/or makes you miserable because you're in debt up to your eyeballs for a good portion of your life?
  11. Right? Yet we got people that somehow believe somebody coming from Mexico is seeking asylum. Absurd.
  12. negative. They all claim asylum so much that the word "asylum" is useless now. They know all they have to do is cry and proclaim "ASYLUM!".
  13. College is simply not worth it from an investment of $$$ perspective for MOST degrees. That is the #1 PRIMARY and most important part for almost all families. All that other stuff you mentioned is fluff. Besides, when colleges are pumping out kids who are afraid of opposing opinions and need safe spaces in order to study and who feel that their #1 job is to be a SJW, then I would say colleges aren't doing their job. It doesn't matter if you're a well-rounded person if you can't support yourself OR your family. Instead of being well-rounded, I would prefer we focus on what kids actually want to do for a living and NOT require them to take interpretive dance for a computer science major, for example. I'd rather have kids proficient at what they want to do instead of wasting money on classes they'll never use.
  14. Not really, IMO. And as far as colleges NOT being a far-left bubble we're just going to have to disagree. I think for anyone who is paying attention it's so obvious you simply can't deny it anymore. But, whatever. My bigger point is that college is not worth the ROI anymore. It's just a way to grift money. So to associate that with men not going to college as "lonely and broken" is ridiculous. I would argue that accountants, financial advisors and economists fall under STEM as well. I would also argue needing a fancy degree for "teaching" is unnecessary. Teaching, by far, exemplifies one of those professions where the ROI is extremely negative. I would think 2 years is enough. And we certainly don't need anymore lawyers. I hope we can at least agree on that.
  15. You keep trying to make this about me and you keep flailing. Stay on point, hard charger.
  16. Truly sad. What makes it worse that this is all by design. The Administration is purposefully pumping them in with no regulation.
  17. Oh, this is one of those "I'm going to find a technical "gotcha' so I can 'getcha'" posts. No different than the guy who comes charging in here complaining about spelling errors. Okay. Good work. Can you get back on topic now? The overall arching topic and ideas we're talking about? TIA.
  18. All this because they aren't attending college? Wut? Absurd. Sounds more like the higher education grifters are worried they won't be able to rake enough people over the coals in the future. People are on to their game. College is not really worth it if you're not in a STEM field. It's ridiculously expensive and not worth the ROI if you're not in one of those fields. It's also become a haven for far-left bubble thought and propaganda. College is a bad investment nowadays for 95% of the population. Let's address real problems, like the single-motherhood rate.
  19. You actually think the rich don't pay sales tax, property tax and gasoline tax? Wut? But we're not talking about those taxes that EVERYONE pays, we're talking about income tax.
  20. Sure it does. And irony of ironies it was Rover who posted that.
  21. Can you please contain your hysteria and drama to the 1/6 thread, please?
  22. I've already pre-ordered 2042. Long time BF player myself since the very beginning, actually. BF4 was the last real one that I thought was good. Like you, BF1 didn't sit right with me either and BF5 just didn't do it either. I'm hoping a return to modern combat will bring back that old magic. I'd be willing to join/play on a squad team if there is enough interest.
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