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  1. I’m just going to cut to the chase with my opinion because I’ve spent so much time researching and buying in this category the last few years. I’ve seen it mentioned a few times above. Mazda CX-5. Wife drives a 2019 Grand Touring and my daughter has a 2014 GT as well. Look at Consumer Reports. Top 1 or 2 every year. Great transmission. Excellent engine and peppy. Just solid all around. Don’t be afraid to buy used or a dealer demo. It’s simply the best overall for midsize SUV.
  2. We built in 2009 on 40 acres in MN. Sounds a lot like what you’re doing. Driveway 3/8 mile. Geothermal HVAC. Ask me anything. Good luck.
  3. Excited to do my first Alaska Salmon Trip next summer with three others. Ketchikan. Hoping to bring home two airline boxes. Peak season. As an aside—Been waiting for months for the freezer I want to come in. We have two but a third is needed, especially if our older one conks out. Freakin’ supply chain. I’d love to hear experiences and tips on Alaska Salmon fishing. I know @kutta goes annually.
  4. Can you share the phone number that you called? 888-3 3 3 - zero8 0 4
  5. Canceled 11/12. Took 7 min. Took effect 11/13. Called back on 11/14 to talk Winback. About a one hour call. For ref on why deals may be different from others, I’ve been doing this for 11+ years. Ultimate Pkg with 2 DVRs. No Genie. No new equip. 12-mo agreement. Received: Free ST Max for the rest of the season, $-211.96. $200 gift card (Wouldn’t go for $300 GC like last year). Free HBO Max for a year $-14.99/mo Free movie channels - Starz/Cinemax/Showtime 3 months $-36.00/mo (cancellation date set on calendar). Free Epix 3 months $-5.99/mo Monthly credit
  6. Who’s that in your avatar? 😁

  7. Once in a while I’ll pop into this thread and I’m so glad I did today. This post was so touching. Those memories are precious. All my best bostonfred.
  8. Make six figures and asked for a 53% raise today. He wanted to talk about it further tomorrow over the phone but I said it’s important enough to wait until Monday when we can talk in person again.
  9. Hi Mad Cow,

    I sent a sunglasses related email to ffmadcow@yahoo.com. I just wanted to let you know in case it's an email you don't look at much. Thanks. 


    1. Mad Cow

      Mad Cow

      Got it and responded already.  Hope it helps.

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