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  1. On Darrisaw from Vikings.com: Overview Athletically gifted left tackle prospect with the natural talent to be as good as he wants to be. Darrisaw plays with plus body control. He has the initial quickness and smooth agility to get to any and all blocks in the run game. The tape shows a player who's able to make jaw-dropping cutoffs on the backside but who gives half-hearted effort securing down blocks and squeezing down to help protect the B-gap. He's flexible and loose in pass pro, with the foot quickness and hand strength to punch and close up shop on would-be edge rushers. His mir
  2. Like I said in the Draft thread, from some things I read, I’m a bit nervous about Darrisaw, although of course I love the extra players that resulted from the trade down. I want toughness, mean streak and finisher. Players who love the game like Harrison Smith and ADP. Walter Football: #5 OT. 4/24/21: “Darrisaw played well as a junior, creating a buzz with scouts. He has good size for the NFL and will enter the league as a 2-year starter at left tackle. Team sources have a love/hate response to Darrisaw. Some see him as worthy of going in the first round and think he is legit. Other sourc
  3. Yes! I dislike Spielman just a little less now! From what I read on the OL talent I was a little worried about Darrisaw’s lack of finishing and mean streak. Bradbury gets pushed back easily and I’d just like to see them get after it rather than worrying about getting to the second level. Spielman usually likes players who love football but does Darrisaw? I hope so. We all wanted extra early picks and Rick will likely package a few to get a 2nd. I hope it was worth it. AVT was right there. If Darrisaw is just as good or better then this was a HR.
  4. They keep showing Mac Jones in the green room. I thought they weren’t going to do that after the Brady Quinn debacle?
  5. “Short arms” (OL) ”Mean Streak” ”Nasty” ”Catch radius”
  6. I set a reminder on my phone for a few days before expiration and call in to cancel. It sucks but you need to call. Get a confirmation number.
  7. Thought I’d throw this out there. My son is level ~283 and it seems the matchmaking has been buggy for a while now. Lots of solo in duo’s or missing one in trios. He’s a team player and has a mic. He’s Calvin Clyne 1234 with no spaces. Let me know if you friend him. 😀
  8. I’m just going to cut to the chase with my opinion because I’ve spent so much time researching and buying in this category the last few years. I’ve seen it mentioned a few times above. Mazda CX-5. Wife drives a 2019 Grand Touring and my daughter has a 2014 GT as well. Look at Consumer Reports. Top 1 or 2 every year. Great transmission. Excellent engine and peppy. Just solid all around. Don’t be afraid to buy used or a dealer demo. It’s simply the best overall for midsize SUV.
  9. We built in 2009 on 40 acres in MN. Sounds a lot like what you’re doing. Driveway 3/8 mile. Geothermal HVAC. Ask me anything. Good luck.
  10. Excited to do my first Alaska Salmon Trip next summer with three others. Ketchikan. Hoping to bring home two airline boxes. Peak season. As an aside—Been waiting for months for the freezer I want to come in. We have two but a third is needed, especially if our older one conks out. Freakin’ supply chain. I’d love to hear experiences and tips on Alaska Salmon fishing. I know @kutta goes annually.
  11. Can you share the phone number that you called? 888-3 3 3 - zero8 0 4
  12. Canceled 11/12. Took 7 min. Took effect 11/13. Called back on 11/14 to talk Winback. About a one hour call. For ref on why deals may be different from others, I’ve been doing this for 11+ years. Ultimate Pkg with 2 DVRs. No Genie. No new equip. 12-mo agreement. Received: Free ST Max for the rest of the season, $-211.96. $200 gift card (Wouldn’t go for $300 GC like last year). Free HBO Max for a year $-14.99/mo Free movie channels - Starz/Cinemax/Showtime 3 months $-36.00/mo (cancellation date set on calendar). Free Epix 3 months $-5.99/mo Monthly credit
  13. The teacher is teaching from home but the students show up? Oof.
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