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  1. I need to start 2 of the following: Miles sanders, Brandon Bolden, Evan Engram , Seals-Jones, Van Jefferson in my flex spots this week any advice?
  2. So im in the middle of a dynasty rebuild and have been getting offers for DJ moore. Current Wrs: Dj moore, Antonio Brown, Terrance Marshall, Elijah Moore, Nico Collins. Qbs are Justin Fields, Mac Jones, trey Lance, Jimmy Gurappolo, Iv been offered Agholor, Gallup, Hunter Henry, 2022 1st, 2023 2nd. For Jimmy G DJ Moore 2022 3rd. Is this selling to low and early on DJ Moore as he is a young WR.
  3. I would hold strong where your at as this is not a good deal for you in a dynasty. Why kamara has name value he is reaching the back end of his dynasty value why swift and higgins are just getting started. Higgins is also the 2nd best wide receiver you have and Watkins would just add value to your bench.
  4. i still have Gibson, derrell Henderson, miles sanders and my only QB was Jimmy G after Fitzpatrick went down.
  5. Well i took the punch to the gut and sold zeke in a SF dynasty. knowing that everyone has mixed feelings on him how did i do. Zeke, parris Campbel Received Mac Jones, Roundtree, 2023 1st, 2022 3rd, 2023 3rd.
  6. im with the bemch davis call Atlanta isnt running anywhere against tampa.
  7. In a superflex league and low on QB now with Fitzpatrick being injured, so i face a major dilemma at who to start in the SF position this week. Its a 12 team dynasty where we start 3rb 5wr/te 2 flex 1qb 1sf so its not like i have tons of options on my bench for the SF. Im debating starting Fields at the SF in hopes dalton geta bemched or Feilds gets plays like last week. My other options are: Guyton, Damian Williams, Sermon or Tyson Williams 1 will be at flex, Nico collins, Elijah Moore, Trautman.
  8. if your going to be trading chris carson. Package carson and Davis together for a greater return at RB. Than move fournette for a WR or Package him with another existing WR for a WR/flex upgrade. It ultimately depends on who you have in your other lineup position but based on the initial davis and fournette trade, im thinking that davis is on your bench and not even in a wr or flex spot.
  9. In a dynasty league when you can clearly see its not going to be your year. Is it better to be the first team to start trading off players or wait and possibly capitalize at the deadline.
  10. lucky man i chose Fitzpatrick to shore up a SF spot in a dynasty league. Now I have no Fitzpatrick or the traded player and proble starting a fire sale.
  11. I would lean towards doing this trade but ot also depends on how many wrs you can start and who is currently in any flex spots if you have them.
  12. Was just about to hit accept when word came in that Gus Edwards may be out.
  13. Iv been offered Jamis winston for Friermuth and Tyson Williams in a SF dynasty. 4pt passing tds .5 ppr with TE bonus .25. We dont use a TE position and they are grouped in with WR/TE. Im currently deep at RB decent at WR/TE but low on QBs. I have only jimmy G with lance and feilds waiting in the wings but for how long is unknown. Is this a good offer for a possible rental QB that i could possibly flip mid season.
  14. So im in a pickle in a dynasty league where the start-up draft didnt work in my favor. I ended up with Feilds and lance as my qbs with Jimmy G as my only other QB. The rest of my lineup im happy with just other Qbs went way earlier than I wanted and its a 3rb 5wr/te with 2 flex and a superflex league. I have been offered Mac Jones and Carson wentz for Trey lance. Am i giving up to much to compete early this year or hold out and hope lance and Feilds are starting by week 4 or at least feilds.
  15. You are correct TEs are grouped in with WR so taking a Kelce or Weller doesnt give you the same positinal advantage it once did. Some of us would have liked to do an auction draft but it just didn't pan out with the group we have as far as schedule conflicts so snake draft it is. Ill be double checking my draft board but fear i may reach for a couple of guys at 12 and 13 who i like more long term than win now.
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