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  1. The most important thing to do is eliminate week 14 from your playoffs as there are 4 teams on a bye that week. If you dont want to expand to 6 playoff teams in the 12 team league which would allow for weeks, 15, 16, 17 playoffs you could always go to a 2 week championship game in week 16 and 17 or a 2 week game for weeks 15 amd 16.
  2. So why are you not keeping ridley even with a 3rd round value he should be your #1 player kept. You also need to do a mock of what other teams may be keeping as in keeper I have found its more about who everyone is keeping than round value. I would personaly look to keep Ridley, possible dak or Murray, than either gaskin or davis.
  3. As much as i am a fan of williams for this year and the next few years I think you have to take this trade even if your gaining lazard who is pretty much useless in you league roster format. The gains in scoring you will see this year and next from waller in TE premium are to good to pass up. Just make sure you arw getting waller from LV amd not some random guy named Warren.
  4. If i need to add more to the deal how much is to much in proven players. I know Dak is an upgrade over wentz, but with are scoring being 4pt passing tds and 1pt every 25 passing yards im gaining maybe 50 to 100 points.Is the downgrade from one of my top running backs to edwards worth it.
  5. So im debating giving up alot to get dak who would be my 2nd QB to go along with Russell wilson. Current owner of dak has him and matt ryan with Gordon and rojo at running back Julio, OBJ, Lamb, Slayton, Landry,. Superflex 4pt passing tds .5ppr 2rbs, 3wrs, 2 flex Offer would be Dak, AJ Dillion, and 2023 2nd for Wentz, Zach Wilson, Chase edmounds, Jalen reagor 2022 2nd and 3rd my roster russell wilson, zach wilson, wentz Akers, sanders, CEH, Chubb, mostert, edmounds, gus AJ Brown, Ridley, Metcalf, mooney, hardman, reagor, Terence marshall Is this a decent all in move in dynasty or is Dak to risky this year.
  6. Honestly with your team make up and being that its a 10 team league where top talent wins out. Im looking to trade all my picks and anyone other than Murray, CMC, Gibson, and Brown for a proven upgrade at any position. I get that rookies in dynasty have a longer shelf life but you can always aquire later picks and more players. Rarely will you be 1 or 2 players away from being dominant. Without knowing all your team rosters somone has to have another top 10 RB or WR they are willing to move.
  7. Not sure if anyone else will agree with me but Pitts over both. TE typically take a couple of years to develop and you currently have Wallner who due to your leagues cap restrictions you may outgrow when he hits 30 in 2 years. So you can let pitts develop or not if he is amazing from day 1 and top TEs in ppr are league changers.
  8. With what your saying and what im seeing, I would suggest taking Javonte, sermon, Etienne and in that order is how I personally rank them. Your drafting for depth and next year when you picking late in the draft amd already have a team built like you do. I dont see pitts making it to especially now with Julio being traded, there is just to much hype behind him to fall to 9 and coupled with how will Jefferson did last year owners are grabbing him early. After you load up on running backs take what ever WR you value the highest.
  9. Based on who you have on your roster i would much rather be the team receiving brown. If your the team getting brown I would do this trade as you will be an instant top team. I hower might try and trad3 Dobbins over ekeler being a full ppr league, I know its dynasty and long term dobbins may be better but edwards is gonna take from him.
  10. This one is close for me depending on lineup requirements and who each team will be left with. I lean more to the side getting ekeler as winning as my instinct would say in a 16 team ppr league that running backs are in low supply.
  11. From my experience in keeper leagues i have had the most luck by projecting out who i think the other teams will keep and useing that to choose who I keep when its not a clear answer. As with 10 teams and 2 keepers there are only 20 players being kept and if anyone keeps QBs or TEs this changes who your looking to keep and draft with pick 1. As if your doing a full PPR league and no one is keeping kelce or waller i may keep Taylor and sanders and draft a TE 1 as there is a large scoring difference between the top TEs and mid ones. You can than fill in WR and flex spots and possible come out ahead. For me i would proble lean mclaurin, than sanders followed by edmounds, but as i have mentioned this depends on how your league typically keeps players.
  12. I would keep jackson or jones and throw moore back into the mix as there are a ton of mid level WR who are all going to produce around what Moore will. Based on your comment of no one keeps qbs i may lean jones over jackson. At pick 7 in your 1st round you should be able to still grab a decent top wr or running back. As far as trading riddley goes i would hold until after your draft as if you get a multi player deal for him in return you arnt forced to keep 6 and lose 2 early picks which could have been as good as players you receive for him now. It also allows you to see what position you need to target the most. I would also sit down and project out what I expect every team in the league to keep as you may be surprised as to who will be there value wise. This can also impact who i keep as keeping 6 with Moore and jackson may be your best overall value option.
  13. You have offered 2 1st and a 2nd and the owner hasnt budged at this point I would stop as your getting into the zone of giving up to much. Especially when you consider Godwin, Moore, or Samuel are your flex play. I completely understand having a guy you want as I have over paid for that players and im yet to be sure if those trades have worked out for me for the better. As far as giving up to much if this owner trades Gibson what does he have left for running backs as he may not trade him at all if he is going to be left short at the position. If you really want a 3rd running back your best option is going to be to find a team with no WR depth to include some of yours in the trade.
  14. i see that now my mistake, i edited my post to reflect that and say id try to keep 1.5 and trade 1.8 even if that means not getting brown or the 2nd.
  15. Allright, so it sounds like your plan is to trade 1st this year, for fant, 2 2nds, and a future 1st that you are hopeing is top half. So if you back up and look your trading 1.5 this year for what you hope is no worse than 1.5 in 2023 and getting fant and 2 2nds, which isnt a bad deal especially if those 2nds are early this year. I would counter with 1.8 and if you need to not aquire brown or the 2nd it would be worth it. As you still have top 5 this year and a potential top 5 in 2023 with anything else you get just being a bonus.
  16. Im going to go with an opposite answer to birdie even though i agree with alot of his points. I hower am not a fan of trading draft picks unless im getting a player that i can start. Also i tend to only trade 1st round picks for RB or WR as their production is easier to predict in many casses than a TE. If you really want to trade the picks i would look to package them with Mixon , Montgomery, or A-rob for a top end RB or WR bases on your starting requirements, as right now 1 of those 3 is your 2nd flex player. Without knowing your league you may have a team with CMC who would love a multi-player deal with some picks for him. Or even the calvin riddley owner, metcalf those type of guys. Your in the drivers seat right now and can use it as leverage. Unles your AB is AJ brown and not Antonio brown if its AJ Brown accept accept accept.
  17. I like the allen and swift side of this deal more. If the team with cook is looking to rebuild i would try and get cook for swift in a 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 deal as you must have some bench depth or draft picks that help them out. Without trading a top QB which is 100% more difficult to replace than a running back.
  18. With being able to trade for picks for me this comes down to who you can trade for the most picks during this season to be good in 2022. I would proble keep akers and Metcalf and look to try and trade them for a massive amount of picks for 2022. Why looking to draft high upside guys in your draft that i could use as a keeper in 2022. I would also look to not draft like a normal person in the draft and instead load up on what ever position other owners arnt drafting to look to trade to teams in need. Now without knowing your league this may or may not work as with the pick trading allowed you may already have 2 or 3 teams that will have full rosters by round 4. In which case I would hold metcalf and Akers for 2022 and try and trade everything else I owned for middleish round picks. With your league setup it sounds as if tanking is a great option if your not going to win.
  19. So I am slightly confused are you able to trade draft picks in this league is that why you have no picks untill round 6. As my advice will very based on how this league works.
  20. No, simply because TE is not a valuable position unless you have a clear top 5 producer at TE, as the points scored each week by TE 6 to TE 15 are so close. Your also gaining a RB who will be stuck in a random time share and a WR who was productive last year but he is a player you can proble trade for without giving up a top running back.
  21. Keep diggs why future assests on picks are nice there value isnt as high as you may think depending on the rest of your roster make up. You can also hold diggs all year and trade him just prior to the 2022 draft to secure a top pick.
  22. My advice hold tight and wait for the season to start. Somone is going to get hurt and some owners team is going to be bad. Use your picks to draft high upside guys and ride out the first few weeks of the season and see where you stand. Guys like Harris and surmom in the draft could be your #2 back. You also may be able to flip rodgers or wentz in season to a QB needy team. If you want to keep trading target RBs who may be over looked like chase edmonds, Jamal williams types.
  23. I know very little about IDP so i cant provide to much advice there but i can offer some overall advice. This trade comes down to them saying that 1.04 is worth the difference between chubb and cooper and also LB vs LB which I think is under valued. If this was chubb for cooper and 1.04 that is better or LB for LB plus 1.04 you either need more picks or players to do this.
  24. I am with gally do the burrow trade. You still have mahomes and watson. Why watson may not play this year he proble will next and possible in a much better situation than in huston. In a 10 team league this allows you to take harris or chase at 2, or try and trade 2 and 7 for 3 and 4 could be a long shot but he may really want someone at 2. you also get another top 17 with thw 2nd round pick. So you come out with 4 top 17 players. You can always try and trade for a qb2 in superflex as someone will have a 3rd guy they are willing to give up. Why you may be bottem half again this year next year you could be dominant.
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