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  1. Iv been offered Diggs, 1st, and round 2 pick 1 for russell Wilson, miles sanders, golladay, and hayden hurst. I would still have chubb, CEH, and Akers at running back and my pick 11. half of me says do it the other half says hold what I have.
  2. Need to fill my superflex spot for this week 4pt passing tds .5 ppr. I would normally go mostert but his ankle worries me.
  3. Need advice for filling 4 lineup spots in a superflex league with 4 point td pass and .5 ppr. I have to fill 1 RB spot, 2 flex spots, and 1 super flex with a combination of. Cam Akers, Edward-helaire, Miles sanders, Mike Davis, Mosteret, benny snell, Christian Kirk, hansen, chase daniel. Open to any advice on either specific players or lineup.
  4. davis if he plays as he has a higher floor.
  5. i went with brown and am going to end up winning although it looks lik3 DocHolliday was correct in his prediction of CEH
  6. looking for last secoud lineup help or AJ brown or Edwards-helaire at my flex slot in a .5 ppr league.
  7. Thanks for the advice on positional distribution as this isnt something i had thought about
  8. So in a 4pts per passing touchdown SF league which also scores at .04 per passing yard .1 per yard russing and receiving and .5 ppr when do you not start a QB at superflex. We are also allowed kickers at Superflex. I ask because i have wentz as my QB #2 but his scoring is so up and down this year from 6pts to 29pts. Or do you always start 2 QBs in superflex. qbs willson wentz rbs chubb, Sanders, chase edmonds, Edwards-helaire, mosteret, mike davis wrs aj brown, riddley, metclaf, galladay, kirk, reagor te waller, hurst, tonyan. 1 qb, 2 rbs, 3 wrs, 2 flex, 1 te, 1 superflex, 1 kicker or defense So when do i go against stating wentz even though fleaflicker rankings say start him every week
  9. what are your options at the SF should you not start a QB. Are we talking high ceiling low floor guys or a guy that you know is going to get 6 points and no more everyweek
  10. So iv been offered a trade in my dynasty league for russell wilson. It would be my wilson, kirk, hurst and potentially 1 or 2 low end weekly fillers for his newton, henry, and a 1st round pick that projects to be top 6. Supet flex league I have wilson and wentz rbs are chubb, Edward-helaire, sanders, mostert kirk is my 4th or 5th best wr
  11. I would say ride it out or try and make a trade for a QB. Dont trade for free agent budget unless its guaranteed to get you enough to out bid eveyone for winston. Even than i dont trust winston in the saint offense as it runs on quick routes which isnt winstons strong game. Is this a keeper or dynasty league as you could trade future peices for now. But judging by your post its standard and in standard leagues trading is like pulling teeth in my opinion unless the person your trading with wins huge.
  12. all valid points, but if one was to trade wilson who would be a younger QB to target who has good week 14-16 matchups.
  13. So im in a dynasty league and currently set to be a playoff team. However i am the owner of wilson and Metcalf and after their showing on Sunday am worried about week 16 which is our championship. Am i reading to much into this or should i try to move both with our tade deadline being before week 11 games are played. 1Qb, 2rbs, 3wrs, 1 super flex, 2 flex 1 te QB wilson, wentz RBs chubb, Sanders, Edwards-helaire, mosteret WRs, riddley, aj brown, Metcalf, galladay, reagor te Waller, hurst, tonyan Who are great playoff matchup guy's?
  14. dont do it especially not in dynasty. Swift is better than conner in dynasty who may be teamless next year. Hill is better than julio and your not gaining enough at TE to cover what yoir loseing ar rb and wr.
  15. i would go hockenson if stafford plays as with golladay out he will be top 2 in targets. Now if Stafford is out id go Gronk.
  16. Is there anyone on the waiver wire that you can add as these choices are not choice. But I would rank Them: Patrick Dobbins if ingram is out brown Gallman davis unless word comes out the McCaffrey will be limited
  17. jones or davis, both could have tough matchups for jones if Stafford doesnt play and davis against a good bears team. I like Davis long term more than jones.
  18. So I am trying to decide if i should start trent taylor tonight or wait and set my lineup sunday after injury reports are out. As it stands my for sure lineup is this QB Wilson Superflex Edwards-helaire 2 rbs Hasty, chase edmonds 3 wrs metclaf, aj brown still need a 3rd TE Wallner This leaves me 1 wr to fill and 2 flex spots with. Christian Kirk, Mooney, preston williams, trent taylor, Gus edwards, dj dallas, haden hurst, Riddly if healthy, or tonyan Any thoughts on which 3 to fill my last 3 spots.
  19. Im a big fan of Hasty this week, however that game is at risk due to covid. Pollard with kick return yards may be a plus as the steelers could run up the score resulting in many returns. Also fun fact Boswell only gets a touchback on 50% of his kickoffs which is in the bottom of the league increasing Pollards return chances. I like cobb and swift this week. Bourne is a no go for me. Brown is a wild card will he play 10 snaps will he play 30 and when he plays will Brady force him the ball. For me im Hasty 1 if they play, Swift 2, Cobb 3, pollard brown 4-5 which pollard maybe having a higher floor, Bourne 6
  20. In a dynasty league and im debating trying to trade Edwards-helaire for help to push me over the top this season or hold onto what I have. Its a super flex league and im debating trading Edwards-helaire and wentz for a qb upgrade. I currently have wilson amd wentz at QB, with Edwards-helaire, sanders, chubb, mostert, and chase edmonds at RB, Wrs are riddley, galladay, Metcalf, aj brown, reagor. Im starting to get hit with injuries and im afraid ill fail down the streach any one i should target as a secound half breakout.
  21. I think you can get more for Kamara as Jackson is good. I would personally try to trade kamara for 2 players that will help you as ingram is done for. Target qbs like carr, stafford, wentz, or big ben and try and gain some more running backs or wide receivers and/or slme draft picks
  22. what position in the standings is rhe zeke owner in? But based on your record any picks that you have to offer will be late in that round picks. For me as a zeke or Robison owner im not letting either go for less than 2 1st and possible a 2nd in there if we're talking late first round picks.
  23. dont cut Shepard when he plays he is the giants #1 reciver. Gallup is very dropable and who are your starting running backs before you drop anyone.
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