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  1. Well I'm down 5 RB's and non playoff teams snagged Brown, Bolden, Fozzy, and even CMike with higher priorities for their toilet bowl (while my opponent got Denard to start over White) so as the league's points champ I'm starting Hightower and Hill down the stretch. Such a fun season.
  2. As a Britt owner I think I'd prefer CAR but he could be the best WR for NEP too which isn't a horrible destination either.
  3. And ... that is why DWill is an amazing value for where he is drafted; especially if they go back to something more traditional on offense more tailored for his skill-set. At this point JStew is Ronnie Brown without the couple years of value.
  4. 18 down to 31 and Dallas only gets a 3rd with Floyd sitting there? Wow ... and one more DB is gone too.
  5. Wow if the cut is >130 I might be in trouble at 114 with James Jones (-6.00 ABrown) and Eddie Royal (-6.80 Turbin) to increase. Got a shot to break 130 but this was ugly for my Ryan/Luck/Locker QB trio especially.
  6. I BARELY made the cut after breaking 220 last week. I think that has to be a good thing as it weeds out some similar rosters and I think I like my chances albeit a few different decisions for depth would have really put me over the top. I had MBennett and Amendola in at one point (among others to hit early) but wanted Turbin and thought Tolbert would provide burst value (which he actually did this week) ... as did James Jones in week 1. Long season though and some of my studs already had a bad game. Matt Ryan $19 Andrew Luck $11 Jake Locker $9 --------------------------- Darren McFadden $26 Stevan Ridley $16 David Wilson $9 Kendall Hunter $6 Shane Vereen $6 Robert Turbin $6 Mike Tolbert $4 Taiwan Jones $2 --------------------------- Julio Jones $23 Brandon Marshall $22 Antonio Brown $17 Justin Blackmon $7 Kendall Wright $6 James Jones $3 Josh Gordon $3 Eddie Royal $2 --------------------------- Jimmy Graham $29 Rob Housler $4 Dwayne Allen $2 --------------------------- Robbie Gould $3 Matt Prater $3 Greg Zuerlein $3 --------------------------- Buffalo Bills $5 Seattle Seahawks $4
  7. I wonder how many owners raced out to swap out Vince Brown and Collie today as their cheap WR3/4's?
  8. The only problem is that week 1 projections are NOT updating into the DD. Recent changes like Mike Bell are not taken into account. It's amazing that week 1 and the fantasy playoffs are the worst times of the year for DD/LD users .... week 1 we don't get updates and in the fantasy playoffs they stop doing look-ahead projections.
  9. lol does anyone even know the original poster? It's all going to just end up a scam to get hits on their website
  10. Wait, I was supposed to be spamming for Kristy not Laurel? Just kidding!
  11. Mewelde Moore has a chance to flash over the next few weeks. He is more talented than many team's starters but his baggage has cost him a lot. Chris Perry will get his shot soon too as I don't see a huge roadblock at this point. Watson is just another guy kind partnered with a plodder on his way down just like Maurice Morris. Musa may get a shot one of these days but it will take an injury. I could see Perry and Irons next season as right now Rudi is not far behind Alexander IMO. Greg Jones is another that has a shot. He's starting to get more involved and I suspect eventually will displace Fred Taylor as MJD will likely never get to fully carry the load.
  12. Do you think now may be a good buy low time on Deangelo Williams? The rumor of Foster's toe is not mainstream yet and if he gets to start uncontested he could finally take off and not look back. He could also thud but I'm thinking now's the time to pounce.
  13. Two weeks ago you may get a taker on offering Kitna for Cutler to a team trying to win now but with the Lions not pass-happy of late and Cutler throwing more they are getting a bit closer. Things move fast and change in a hurry in FFL. While I am not sure Cutler is a QB1 I am no longer sure that Kitna is either. I'd rather find a QBBC to platoon with Cutler if I had this situation than even consider giving up future value. I am as much a win now guy as anyone you will meet. I think Cutler is ranked about right but Kitna needs to move down perhaps just in front of Griese if not further. I would definately want Anderson over either but not over Cutler.
  14. You guys covered the history on Houshmazilli vs Ocho Stinko pretty well but going forward what are their contract statuses? CJ on a new team would still be a WR1 I am not sure the same can be said for Housh.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if they let JJ go and depending on the tender MB3 would remain similar to why Turner remained with the Chargers. Since they have 2 #1 picks thanks to Cleveland I could easily see them using one on a RB. That said, if an RBBC of MB3 and a random decent RB works I could see them bringing back JJ or similar and using their picks elsewhere.
  16. Eh? As soon as Keith was announced as the handcuff to Addai it was fairly obvious he would have value if only as injury protection and quite possibly in an RBBC. The RBBC angle hasn't played out so far (may going forward if the team wants to limit Addai's touches to keep him healthy) however the injury angle has paid great dividends to those that stashed him. I don't think anyone in any of my 9 money leagues had him benched so he wasn't much of a secret. He's owned in every league and started in once Addai was confirmed to be out.Now, if you are saying that you predicted Keith would have value before he was the RB2 that's something else ... can I bump my post around the NFL draft suggesting that Henry is one strike away and carries more risk than people realize? You post enough stuff and eventually you'll hit ... especially in a year when so many top fantasy players are struggling or hurting.
  17. Tough to get a good read on this ... is playing Chatman just a ploy to motivate Lorenzo Booker? Was this just to see what Chatman can do and keep Booker fresh and limit the amount of scouting available for special plays for him during the season. Booker has the talent to be special in a RBBC but Ronnie Brown is also a stud so this situation is going to be different than in Jacksonville.
  18. Kind of deep but until they sign someone shouldn't DeDe Dorsey be listed until an upgrade is found? Addai just strikes me as a bit of an injury risk and someone more likely to share time regardless.
  19. I think Ronnie Brown was going to split some carries to keep him fresh and productive so this shouldn't hurt his status much and in fact makes it less likely that Ricky returns. I would still put him around a low to mid RB1. This may actually help Stallworth as he is more of a WR2 anyway and now as teams roll coverage to Moss and defending Maroney he will still be an excellent deep threat and carry probably WR2 value. I am also not ready to write off Chester Taylor especially after watching Deuce and Bush coexist. Most teams are going to two RB's and it's not as if ADP has been the model of health. Taylor's value this year will be that of a top reserve I'd think and unknown going forward.
  20. I would have to lean towards another 1-2 tiers in this top batch myself if not after Gates alone then somewhere between Shockey and Watson perhaps.
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