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  1. Yeah, I have no issue with people owning guns. I take issue with them thinking a gun is being misused when it is used to kill something and then compare the use of said weapon to a car.
  2. Umm.. you haven't decided to shoot at anyone? That is a nice deflection but it still doesn't address the fact that the gun was invented to kill things more efficiently - a car was not.
  3. Literally one of the stupidest things I have seen posted on this site. Guns were invented to kill things - cars were not. HTH.
  4. I honestly don't get the outrage aside from being pissed that construction was waking people up at a time it shouldn't. Not sure the age of the average poster in here but based on a music draft about a year ago I would say most are 40+. How many of us can't recite jingles of stuff marketed to us as kids? Toys R Us? Chuck E Cheese? Showbiz Pizza? McDonald's Happy meals? Can you name the mascots of 10+ breakfast cereals? If anything, there is way less in terms of pushing consumerism on kids now then when we were kids. Hell, last Christmas my 7 (now 8 ) year old asked for almost nothing. He didn't want the latest GI Joe, Star Wars, He Men, Transformers, etc. etc. I do agree kids spend too much time indoors...but that isn't on them. That is on us. FFS, the phrase "play date" triggers me. And, even if I tell my kid to go outside and do something - it is often difficult to find another kid to do something with. Also, how can you be mad at Disney? ESPN died a long time ago. Lucas killed Star Wars when Han shot first which was what - 1997? And, have you seen Bluey? 100+ episodes of awesomeness. If you haven't binged Bluey you need to.
  5. Current home - bought in 2008 for 450K. Closed on sale beginning of April for 835K + 2 months free rent to wait for new build to finish. Signed contract for new build late last summer while COVID was depressing the market. Since that time, builder has bumped up the base price of the home by 100K and dropped 70K of incentives. With COVID heating up the market we've probably gained 300K of equity since last summer.
  6. Buying new construction here and selling our home built in 2002. New home was appraised and didn't have the correct buyer (me) or correct description of the house. It appraised to the correct amount though so I just let everything but the name slide. Pretty sure these guys just cut and paste all day and fill in a number.
  7. Weird. I’m in CO and other than refreshing my browser a bunch I had no issues. Got my 2nd dose on the 20th.
  8. He shouldn't have trotted Sarah Palin out there. I didn't consider McCain because we were one medical issue away from having Palin take the reins.
  9. If you don't believe in climate change - then why do you think anything Bill Gates can do would affect anything? What could go wrong? Well, using your logic - absolutely nothing. If billions of people aren't capable of changing the climate why would you think one man could?
  10. LOL - like you and all your absolutely horrible COVID19 predictions? I think you are the one who listens too much to propaganda news networks.
  11. Do you not believe in man-made climate change and global warming?
  12. It is a pipe dream. Racism has been around for literal millennia in all countries and cultures. It is pervasive, and it is insidious, and it is so, so easy to rationalize away. One of my grandfathers was born in Iowa in 1922. My grandfather would say he was only racist against the Japanese (due to fighting in the Pacific Ocean theater in WWII). I realized much later in life, that his idea (and probably many others) of racism is hating a race for being that race. If you didn't hate the race - you weren't racist. I think a lot of people now subconsciously think the same thing. It is why systemic racism is everywhere - but people don't see discrimination or don't want to talk about it or (as noted on this board) people are tired about talking about it. I must admit, it is exhausting at times, and too easy to just stop caring. Some memorable utterances of my grandfather "I've managed darkies for years in construction. They do the job just fine." "I'm OK with colored people sitting where they want on a bus but I wouldn't want one dating your mom." "You know what we called the freeway in Oakland? The Mau Mau freeway." "It's raining pitchforks and n***** babies." "It's OK to be born black in the United States, but, when you get older, you'll be glad you were born white." BUT, til his dying breath, he would say he was not racist and you couldn't convince him otherwise. Many people honestly believe the Civil War was about States' Rights. Many people think Constitutional Amendments and Civil Rights Acts mean the battle is won - or mostly won. We literally have a Jim Crow-esque set of voting laws being passed in Georgia and people on this board are defending it. ~160 years after the Civil War and voter suppression is still an acceptable thing to many. I will admit things are, on a whole, getting better; but this struggle has been going on a long time, and IMO still haven't cleared a low bar.
  13. LOL... I am laughing because you think they are the same thing. Your relativism is off the charts. Did Rush make a living by spewing racist, misogynistic, hate-filled rhetoric and conspiracy theories to millions of people? Did Duke make a living by spewing racist, misogynistic, hate-filled rhetoric and conspiracy theories to millions of people? Did Ben Weasel make a living by spewing racist, misogynistic, hate-filled rhetoric and conspiracy theories to millions of people? There's your answer. HTH. And, to be frank, I don't respect Weasel - in life or in future death - for his opinions either but his legacy isn't those opinions. Someone like Bobby Fischer is the same thing. I don't respect Fischer as a person - though I respect his chess play. With Rush - they are one and the same. The man made his living on the very things I don't respect about Weasel or Fischer. His life 24/7 embodied what I think is despicable about Weasel and Fischer. So why does he get some sort of pass when he dies? I also wouldn't call Ben Weasel a hero - in any sense of the word.
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