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  1. This is a great return for Swift if rebuilding. Nothing wrong with that at all. Probably a good trade even if not rebuilding.
  2. Tell me this deal was at least made before Drake signed, Riddick resigned, and they traded/cut all their O-line? It was bad then and now it is just an absolutely robbery. Very bad deal for Team A.
  3. I think this is pretty fair deal and I love Allen but Lamb is a huge upgrade to Higgins. He is much more talented.
  4. Good insight. I agree there and I'm not really high on Chubb. Maybe I should have said 5 and Aiyuk to get out of that top tier as you make good points. 4/Aiyuk wouldn't be close for me to move Kamara either. We are close to the same thoughts here.
  5. I think we are kind of making the same points. I'm not saying Pitts/Chase and Aiyuk isn't enough. Just saying that is what it would take for me to move Chubb. I tend to value RBs higher than some. Just from my experience in fantasy football for many years. That is how I like to build my teams. There is a chance that Williams is there at 4 too and no guarantee that the 3rd RB in a weak RB class is great either. Chase and Pitts could miss too (not predicting that). Just too much unknown so I would need to get paid to get out from Chubb. I think I would have to get in to that top tier.
  6. That is why I said "upside". He led the league in rushing a couple of years ago. He finished top 10 last year while missing 4 games. I just don't make it a habit of trading top 5 talent at the RB position for multiple WR2s. Just bad business IMO and I'm not even crazy high on Chubb.
  7. I can see that but if I were a Chubb owner, that is the type of offer it would require. I'm a Niner fan and like Aiyuk but he could end up being just another WR2 (or worse) which can always be found. Almost all of his damage last year came when Kittle and Samuel were hurt plus he has had injuries. He doesn't move the needle enough when talking about top 5 RB upside that is always hard to come by. A late pick like 10 has way too much bust potential or potential to be just another Aiyuk to give up a player like Chubb to me.
  8. This seems pretty light for Chubb. I'm not even a huge Chubb fan with Hunt there but Penny isn't worth a ton to me (neither is Harry) and I like Aiyuk but I would say the pick would need to be top 4 or should have another late 1st or 2nd included.
  9. I'm right here with you. I'll read up on the 1st round guys but that is more out of boredom because there is no football right now. The NFL draft changes way too much to be set on rankings now. I think age and patience has something to do with that. Lol.
  10. Before the NFL draft where we know landing spots means that all of this is speculation anyways. Not sure any of it is completely "legitimate". It is all a guess right now so take of it what you will.
  11. This is a lot to give up but I still take the CMC side. Akers should be good but there is something to a player that can be RB1 every year for the next few. A good return but nothing guaranteed to be even close to the monster CMC is.
  12. I'd say you did good here. Before Drake signed in LV, this might have gone the other way and I'm sure some people go with the other side but I'm not a Chark fan and Big Bob Tonyan doesn't move the needle enough for me to not take Sanders and OBJs come back. I just hop he can find his way on to another team.
  13. I love me some Justin Jefferson but I think Chubb/Allen wins here. Not sure how you get that trade without a 1st being included, even if it is a future one. Not terribly uneven but Jeff Wilson can't be trusted at all and I'm a Niner fan.
  14. This is a good move for you. Hunt has value but you needed to do something at QB as Watson could miss the season for multiple reasons.
  15. I don't really play FFPC or SF personally so my 2 cents might not mean much. That seems like too much but you have to pay to get your player and I'm not high on Mayfield so this isn't really top end prospects for what could be a stud QB. It is a slight overpay but I don't think it was ridiculous in that type of league from what I've read.
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