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  1. 3 1sts seems close to about right but at least one of them has to be early (preferably 2 of them). We had Cook go for 4 1sts before the season. 3 seems about right. I'd have done this if I was trying to compete.
  2. With Dobbins injury and Philly refusing to use Sanders, I feel this was a steal.
  3. Williams makes this 4 1sts and a 2nd for those Zeke, MT, and Williams. I like those players higher than most but this is a great return for a rebuilding team.
  4. It is funny people are on the J-Will side here. If you go back just a couple of weeks before the season started, this board seemed way too high on Aiyuk. I'm a Niners fan and I didn't understand the optimism here. I'd take Williams easily and enjoy seeing people come back to Earth a bit.
  5. I like this trade and could see both sides. I'd go King Henry and Hock personally and I like Barkley.
  6. I would say this might be a touch light if Zeke is at the top of his game but we haven't seen that in a long time. As of right now, I think that was a good move and waiting could cause his value to sink dramatically.
  7. I'm pretty sure I'd take CEH in the first one just on upside alone. I think Barkley bounces back but I love McLaurin and Sanders is a good throw in. I'd probably lean that side but understand taking the chance on Barkley.
  8. I'd take a 1st and a 3rd for Winston in SF if I was ok at QB or rebuilding for sure.
  9. I don't disagree with what you were doing at all. Just felt you could have got more but every league is different.
  10. I don't play any TE Premium but Hill, Evans, and 2 1sts seems like a ton to pay for Brown and Kittle even though I like both of them. Think I lean that way but TE Premium definitely makes it closer even with Kittle not looking elite yet.
  11. I totally agree that this is a lot for Barkley. However, as a Saquon owner, selling for less than this is a sell low and I'd rather wait it out to see if the dude can get right than take a small package for a possible stud. Its a gamble but I'd rather the high reward even if it comes with higher risk.
  12. I totally get what you were trying to do there but that feels light to me when including A-Rod/Chubb. Like another 1st light. I don't give much value to Tua at all (but you needed another QB with Wentz as your other guy), Ertz has almost no value, and Reagor just above Marvin Jones due to age. CEH is the only real asset outside that 1st for me. Some of the others like the 3rd or Reagor could be decent but not with what you gave up.
  13. Ouch. That sucks. I think he should come back and be fine. Hind sight is 20/20 for sure. Just have to hope Tua can take advantage of his skills like Watson did and that value should still be there.
  14. That might not be awesome value but where you are at, I'd probably make that deal. Helps you tank and gets you another 1st in what should be a good year for picks. I'm not huge on Mond but I'm lower than most on Edmonds. Michel and Williams don't have a ton of value so I don't have any problem with this move. I agree on Carr. In SF, you need to keep some QB so you aren't forced to take a young one you don't like. Fuller definitely but might be a few weeks for him to rebuild value. Good work though.
  15. I like all 3 of those RBs. I think Harris is definitely the best out of all of them but it is close enough that getting both makes it worth it but I understand the other side too.
  16. I like both of these moves for you personally. McLaurin is a monster and worth more than what you gave even though I am high on Fant. I like Najee a lot but those 2 backs are worth more than he is probably.
  17. I love this move for you. Jeudy is going to be a monster. Runs some of the best routes in the league.
  18. This seems like a really good deal. QB and AB could be a stud this year.
  19. I like the moves if you can stomach being bad the next 2 years. I like the value. I also have 1 22 1st and 3 23 1sts with 2 2nds that year. Looking forward to that draft. That is also the draft we are doing in Vegas (every 5 years).
  20. Probably not but maybe more picks or a young player with a 2023 pick. You never know. Rookie fever is a real thing when we get in to the offseason.
  21. I like this move for you. As long as it is high. Our league the worst 2 teams get a bye in the first round of the losers bracket so they are guaranteed 3 or 4 but 1 and 2 go to the winners of the losers bracket so hopefully you can make sure you end up with a top pick and then it is golden.
  22. This seems pretty fair. Wilson loves Davis and after the week he had and a little desperation after losing Jeudy makes this seem about right.
  23. The first one is crazy light for Saquon. I think people are panicking too early on him for sure. Can't believe that happened with no 1sts included. If you were trying to rebuild, the 2nd one isn't terrible as I'm was a big Chase believer before this weekend but still feels a touch light to me as J-Will could be fool's gold right now.
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