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  1. I like Lamb a lot and think Cooper might be gone after this year once his guaranteed money is gone but I think this might be a touch much. He is a monster though. I wish I had more shares in him.
  2. I think the Moore love has gone way too far. I agree on Lamb though. Still think Waller & A-Rob will be great pieces for a few years. I don't think it is veto worthy but I do think it is an overpay easily.
  3. I agree with you here. Losing A-Rob, Cooper, and Waller is a ton for Lamb. With also giving a 2nd and 4th to get a 6th and 7th back. I'm not big on Moore, Smith, or Deebo but this feels like an overpay for Lamb though big time. I have seen worse but it definitely isn't a balanced trade.
  4. That is odd. I mostly only play with friends so don't have that type of thing happen. That is interesting. I agree on the Watson trade. Just terrible.
  5. I'm not a fan of any of these at all. I know people like Scary Terry and I do think St. Brown has some upside but that is a bunch of pennies for Harris in the 1st. The 2nd was terrible. I would never give a 1st for those picks personally if there was any chance that 1st would be high. Gainwell and Herbert don't have a ton of value right now in the places they ended up. I also don't think that is anywhere near enough for Watson. He is elite and won't miss more than this year (if he misses the entire thing). Gronk and a 4th just doesn't move the needle at all for me. These are th
  6. I like the talent at 1.3 but Dak and Julio going to a good team can win a chip this year and that is what we play for. Feels like team A could have got more for those 2 players but that is a high end asset. I like it for Team B, especially when they raise the trophy this year.
  7. I agree in a lot of situations personally but some players last longer than others and the deal has to be right. Selling a 29 year old Tyler Lockett is different than selling a soon to be 29 year old D-Hop. I just feel that some aging players are worth more than a mid-1st and Hopkins is one of those guys. Just my take but yes knowing "when" to sell vets in dynasty can help you win titles but selling them just to get a 1st round pick when the value isn't right isn't the way to win to me.
  8. I like Sermon and I think he goes in the top 10 in a lot of drafts so I don't see much issue with this if you believe in him in SF as that is a great place for a RB if he takes over. This seems pretty fair to me as I don't see Lockett with a ton of value personally. He is way too hit or miss for me to like having him in my lineup.
  9. If you are playing for the future, I guess. I don't see people winning a ton of titles making these types of moves regularly. This just screams rookie fever to me.
  10. Totally agreed and even Pitts isn't a for sure thing. I think D-Hop is worth more than a mid 1st for sure.
  11. This is fair enough. Might be pricey for Davis as I am not really high on him and think he only really might have this year but I'm not as high on the end of the 1st/top of 2nd in this draft as some others so nothing wrong if you you needed RB help and are trying to win now. I like that it was done after the NFL draft. Too many people pull the trigger on a trade like this before the draft and then the team goes and drafts a RB to compete for touches.
  12. I totally get your side. If I was trying to compete this year and thought I had a good chance then I totally get your side. I like Allen over Kenny G definitely. If I was trying to build, I might side with Kenny G/Moore with Moore's upside. Pretty fair trade and I agree that FA WRs aren't the best of options. Barkley is the only Giant fantasy option I want any part of personally.
  13. It is good to cash out if you do it right. I love Pitts and not sure you could get another 1st in some leagues but maybe a future one. Definitely should have been more included than just 1.6 for him. He is too good for that.
  14. Wow. That is almost robbery. That maybe should get you in to the top 5 or 6 but definitely not the top 3. Terrible but good for you.
  15. I like the value for Burrow but not sure I trade both of my QBs. I think this could be Cooper's last year in Dallas when his guaranteed money runs out so might not have made the 2nd one if I believed in who I would get at 6 at all.
  16. Totally agreed. Plus, he didn't get a ton of work in college and when they leaned on him just a bit last year he broke down. I just don't see him ever getting the workload like you said.
  17. I don't see that personally. I could see him having the type of sophomore season that we just saw Miles Sanders have last year when everyone was jocking him after his rookie season.
  18. This one really could go either way. I have no problem with either side. Godwin is still young and who knows what you get with that future 2nd. Waddle with Tua in Miami and Bateman on a non-passing Ravens offense could both never reach WR1 status. I think I'd go with Godwin/2nd if I was trying to win now but if rebuilding at all I'd go with Waddle/Bateman.
  19. I like this trade a lot. I'm not as high on Gibson as some in here but you can wait on Etienne a little with your RBs and Deebo hasn't proved he can stay healthy. Others may disagree but Dak puts you in a different place with your starters that makes this worth it.
  20. For sure you can't pass at that price. I'd have jumped on that regardless of where my team was. His resale value would be higher than that I'd assume. Could flip him if needed and at worst he gives you an outside chance of contending this year.
  21. Not sure how you can project top 3 already and this could turn out decently but I probably would have waited to see who was on the clock at 1.04 before I made a deal like this.
  22. I totally understand the thinking and I liked Jacobs before the Raiders moves this year. I'm a Niner fan so I like Deebo too. I just like the upside of a top 2 pick right now. I'm a swing big type guy but totally get the other side of this.
  23. This is not even close to enough for King Henry. I get moving him if you are trying to rebuild but I'd say this is light by a 1st round pick easily. Probably an extra 1st and keeping at least one of those 3rds. Terrible return. It might even be worse that I just noticed this was non-PPR too which raises his value even.
  24. I honestly don't know if this is enough for me to trade 1.02 in standard scoring but I could see the thought process. We just don't know what we get from Jacobs with Drake and that O-line or with Deebo's health with Aiyuk there. I also don't see as much value at the end of the 1st this year as a lot of people. I'd swing for the fences at 1.02 but understand the thought process here. I would have just needed a better player back without the questions.
  25. I think this is an extremely fair trade. I'm not as high on Marshall as everyone else but Fant still has Lock throwing the ball to him and more comp for balls with Sutton back. I love Ridley and Jefferson so this could go either way. I think I slightly side with Ridley/Fant because of my feelings on Marshall but have no problem with either side at all.
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