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  1. I’m cheering for the excavator. You can do it, wee fella!!! I haven’t been this involved in an event since the Chilean miners were trapped.
  2. It dipped to -60 with wind chill this week. The freezer door isn’t closing for a few more days.
  3. If you have a block heater, plug it in. Cold batteries can lose over half their power in frigid conditions. It's been sub -40 where I live for the past few days and many cars have needed a boost. Car guys tell me to turn off all gizmos (heat, radio, etc) before you start a cold engine so the battery can focus on one task.
  4. Tip of the hat to Michael Jordan...with a bit of a wink.
  5. It’s to differentiate from the actual director. Reg Llama of Brixton Fan was too cumbersome.
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