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  1. Johnny K9 became Bruiser Bedlam and then became a monster.
  2. Will Ospreay showed up at Resurgence claiming he is medically cleared, that he will not be going back to Japan and that he is the real IWGP champion.
  3. Nick Gage is as bad as he is dumb. Jericho turning into JeriFunk by the week is not a good look for AEW.
  4. Hogan/Orndorff in Toronto (Aug ‘86) helped push WWF toward WMIII being as big as it became.
  5. Adding all those words that had nothing to do with the question leads me to believe you already know you were wrong again.
  6. Andrade el Idolo challenged Kenny Omega for Triplemania. Feels like one of those matches you never knew you wanted to see but you actually really want to see.
  7. It didn’t help that this was held in April.
  8. I cannot tell if she’s eccentric or pretending to be eccentric. Either way, she’s an odd duck.
  9. They certainly deserve the fail horn for hitting fast forward once Frances McDormand had little to say.
  10. Anyone else feel like maybe the show is buffering and it’ll start back up soon?
  11. It was filmed in 2010. That would have been some serious spoilers if they did it back then.
  12. Showing people spaced apart in the seats looks like most of the movie houses we visit in non-pandemic times. 😂
  13. That was a stunt double and I refuse to believe any other “theories.”
  14. I was hoping the octopus would give the speech. 😡
  15. On a scale of 1 to Forrest Gump, how would you rate how you feel about it?
  16. Could be recency bias on my part but I think there are a lot of strong films this year.
  17. My workplace does Land Acknowledgments quite often. Not sure it’s worth having to potentially ruin a shirt getting worked up over it.
  18. I’m cheering for the excavator. You can do it, wee fella!!! I haven’t been this involved in an event since the Chilean miners were trapped.
  19. It dipped to -60 with wind chill this week. The freezer door isn’t closing for a few more days.
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