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  1. #not selling / #long and strong / 🤣 I’m still very optimistic. Despite all the hot takes, there is and will be an unmet medical need for hospitalized Covid patients for the foreseeable future. Pending trial success, results due in March, US gov. will buy in the order of $1 billion over the next year making Lenz one of the most successful launches in pharma history. Ex-US will add to this. Trial success provides proof of concept for the drug’s original indication, calming cytokine storm seen in cancer therapy. Im quite sure Hgen will eventually be bought out at a massive premium to today’s
  2. KALA has significant short interest and a low float. The shorts are getting out. It’s all about GameStop/AMC and the Reddit effect.
  3. Not quite. Compare the two endpoints, which is more impressive? Now success at either will qualify for EUA, but a more impressive primary endpoint is a differentiator. I’m pretty sure Merck’s CD24Fc will get an EUA in 2Q21, so it makes sense to be aggressive here.
  4. Despite the stock doubling from the date of this post, today might be a good day to look at HGEN. Management is presenting at the big JPM conference tomorrow and clinical trial and other news can be expected very soon. I have done a lot of due diligence on this company, know the industry and this particular indication (covid treatments) at this point in time. I also have more HGEN shares than I had in November, lol.
  5. It’s true that distribution is the current issue, manufacturing capacity will likely become an issue mid 2021. Thanks to OWS and other foreign government procurement, vaccine production has had months of a head start. But distribution will likely catch up. While this is true, this isn’t close to the rate limiting or critical path operation. For example, the downstream purification after producing a batch is significantly more involved and rate limiting. As a point of reference, ALL worldwide vaccine supply (other than flu) was about 3.5 billion doses per year. Adding capacity to v
  6. This might not be such a bad idea, Mr. Hoover. HGEN is on deck for OWS deal. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-12-23/merck-u-s-deal-for-covid-drug-shows-need-for-therapies-persists?srnd=premium
  7. My son was accepted to his ED school yesterday, Stevens Institute of Technology, and will be studying computer engineering. Even better news is they offered him a pretty generous scholarship. I was always afraid applying ED would mean I’d have to foot the full bill. What I am seeing early this year is his classmates getting acceptances to great schools after applying ED. I’m thinking it has to do with Covid uncertainty. If you haven’t applied ED yet, and the school offers an ED2, my advice is to strongly consider it, particularly if you have a reach as your first choice.
  8. Wildcat, I appreciate your investment blog. I haven’t sold a share of HGEN. Obviously the stock and sector is out of favor due to vaccine news. The announcement to increase enrollment in their p3 trial was met with disappointment. The good news is the trial is expected to fill quickly and I feel strongly that the decision to increase enrollment derisks the outcome. Know that Operation Warp Speed personnel have seen unblinded data, do you think they decided to partner with a lost cause? The interim results are trending better than standard of care. Severe critical COVID patients have scan
  9. I guess these are excellent posts for a stock discussion thread. Interesting to see I live rent free in both your heads. So all my posts trying to expose the risks and deception related to Cydy weren’t helpful huh. Seems you both gave up on that one and sold. I wonder why, good news is 2 weeks away, most likely. Fundamentals look great, just read their 8k. Queue all the bad faith arguments and personal attacks, seems they are allowed in this thread.
  10. Merck’s Molnupiravir is the antiviral to look out for. Clinical data isn’t expected until late 1Q2021.
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