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  1. At least I'm avoiding the greater danger then. I can honestly say I have never hit my A goal for a race
  2. I tend to share your belief in that the students can make the administration's life pretty miserable if they stay committed. On the other hand, I was surprised that the school seems to be currently taking the approach of "well if giving guided tours and seeing the fight song is traumatic, maybe being a guide isn't for you." So, they are at the moment sending a signal that they don't plan on caving. This will be interesting in that I have seen people speculate that we are around a local maximum for wokeness and that it will start receding soon. If that theory is true, you would expect
  3. Saw this trending the other day: controversy with the UT fight song. I think it's a good example of what people view as the excesses of cancel culture. Someone declares that the long-standing fight song of a southern university is racist, which on its face doesn't seem like a stretch. Except, in this case, the song appears to be from the early 20th century and the lyrics themselves, while IMO kind of stupid, are unobjectionable. The pro cancel people then pivot to the “I’ve been working on the railroad” melody, which may or may not have unsavory roots (the exact origin of the melody seems
  4. Yeah, obviously Tuchel has a lot of leeway at this point because of his success thus far, but if they generate little in the attack today, fall behind, and then CP breathes life in late in an ultimate lost cause, I think he will rightly face some tough questions.
  5. I agree with your assessment, but I'm still surprised. I had agreed with the consensus that it was either going to be Pulisic/Werner/Mount or Pulisic/Havertz/Mount up front today. Also, didn't Werner play the full game against Fulham? That seems odd to me if the plan was to start him today as well.
  6. I think I'm with the consensus here - mid to late 30's is about the peak. Obviously reaction times in that group are not on par with the younger crowd, but I think most of that stuff is still in the noise at that point. The things that an experienced driver can "predict" are pretty incredible when you think about it - that slight rock in a stopped car that alerts you to the fact that he's about to make an unsafe entry into traffic, sudden lane changes on the highway that you can somehow feel coming, etc. I've done a lot of highway driving, and I find myself adjusting my position in response
  7. That would surprise to me if she was an honest to goodness build the wall type, but I could be wrong. Her foreign policy is what you would expect from the daughter of Dick Cheney, and I know she was never really on the Trump train. Maybe I was extrapolating too much.
  8. You may be right, but on the other hand, to me at least, Liz Cheney is a firm member of what the far left and far right would derisively call the "uniparty" - Obama, the Bushes, both Clintons, Romney, etc. Pro heavy foreign footprint, pro corporation, pro increased immigration, pro heavy federal involvement in any issue deemed "important" enough. Tim seems to definitely like that type, so I think he would likely vote for Liz Cheney over say, Bernie.
  9. Agree with all of this, but just wanted to point out that you can make the warmup/cool down open ended by making it a "button press" instead of a fixed time or distance. I prefer this method, particularly for intervals, as there are a few selected spots that I like to do intervals at, and this allows me to meander my way there as long as it takes, then hit the lap button when it is go time.
  10. I think a case can be made as was earlier in the thread that bimodal is maybe a better descriptor than binary, as we all know there are people who genetically are kind of caught in between the XX and XY regions. I can understand some of the consternation about where to draw the line between men's and women's sports in those specific cases. But you hit on a point that leads to a lot of the muddying in that I think the average person vastly underestimates the physical differences between the sexes. Go to a random amateur running race and watch the distribution of the fastest finishers. W
  11. Also joined the BLDP bandwagon this morning. Will add if it drops more from here. I've been wanting to get into QS since Dec and am tempted here, but I think I will stay greedy/patient and wait for a bit more of a drop there.
  12. Also, wanted to break it out as its own comment, but I know exactly what you mean by "hopefully I won't get any lighter". While to people in here who fight weight the other way it seems like a flex or a finger-worthy comment, being preternaturally light can be kind of annoying at times too. You don't get any "free" speed by getting to race weight, because you're always more or less there. Sometimes when I increase my running my weight starts getting too low and I start debating whether I should just start eating garbage to try to counteract it a bit, as it's hard for me to eat healthy in en
  13. This has already been highlighted but quoting it again because it's so true. I was thinking about your cadence comment on my run today, because I think it's relevant for a lot of us especially as we age. Lots of people have a natural tendency to over-stride, so many times the "increase your cadence" advice is wise. But, as we get older our stride length has a natural tendency to decrease, and while I don't think we should fight that per se, we should also not exacerbate it. We want to avoid the situation where our top end speed is greatly limited by our musculature, which is where I
  14. If I was the 5th place guy, I'd be pretty aggravated. Top 5 finish and can't even get the satisfaction of winning your age group. Heck, can't even say he beat everyone older than him. Amazing performance by our protagonist.
  15. Pulisic starts on the bench today against Fulham. Presumably he'll get some run at the end, but being managed for Wednesday.
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