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  1. Had an unbelievable one a few weeks ago. Major surface street, usually three lanes in each direction, down to two with a concrete barrier in between due to construction. There is a gap in the barrier across from a diner, but at least 4 "no left turn" signs as there is no turning lane - you need to go to the next light. Guy in front of me starts slowing down... wtf... comes to a complete stop in the lane, then puts his turn signal on! Cars coming the other way as far as you can see because, as I said, this is a major road. Boxed-in people in my lane making unsafe lane changes into 45mph traffic to try to get around Captain Numbnuts. Guy seems to know he screwed up at this point as a couple times he inches a bit and I'm thinking maybe he's going to give up, but I guess he's in to deep. After about 90 seconds he finally finds an opening, and I use my horn for maybe the 4th or 5th time in my driving career. He's lucky he didn't cause an accident. Also, this was during rush hour of course. We're living in a society!
  2. Thanks! I'm long overdue for new shoes, and I've been meaning to try one of those fancy "speed" shoes.
  3. Good thing you wear a top hat! Good luck xulf!
  4. An ent would definitely work too. I referenced Tom because the hobbits don't really run into any issues in Fangorn, compared to what they go through in the Old Forest.
  5. Perhaps you know him as Iarwain Ben-adar? The TL:DR answer to your question is he is a character in the LoTR books who saves the hobbits from being eaten alive by a malicious willow tree that has grown sentient.
  6. Also, not sure how many Tolkien fans there are in this thread, but on my run through a wooded area yesterday I had a nut fall from a great height and smash open directly in my path like 3 feet in front of me. Scared the crap out of me and my first thought was worrying if the trees had some sort of animus towards me. Where's Tom Bombadil when you need him?
  7. So impressive and well-deserved. I'm glad all of your effort and experience paid off with a well-executed race day. I'm interested to hear where you come out on the stride evaluation. I'm concerned about transitioning to the the "shuffle" as I age - I've been trying to keep an eye on stride length over time to make sure it's not shortening without my knowledge.
  8. I was thinking about that play in the context of xG - when and how do you score that? When he's like 6 feet in the clear it's got to be at least .5 or .6 I would think. But once he's caught it's probably .1 or less.
  9. Yeah I feel like neither Jedi nor Aaronson ever stop running while they are on the pitch. Really enjoy watching those two guys.
  10. Canada doing us a solid by at least destroying Panama's GD while they win. Nice game tonight to give us a little confidence before the big one on Nov. 12.
  11. So, I get Univision and Paramount+, but tonight's game is on neither. Can anyone direct me to the dark side for match watching?
  12. Did not have high hopes for this game, but thought we might get away 0-0 or even 1-0 early on. Such a sorry display. I could barely get fired up about the ref blowing the whistle right at +7 despite all the nonsense, as it seemed like he could have let the clock run to 110:00 without the US getting a decent chance. Don't understand Adams for Musah at all, even though Musah was very meh in the first half. What is up with our set piece defense?? I feel like this used to be a strength of the US, but this qualifying window every one seems sphincter tightening. Really need to win Wednesday now, or it's going to be a long stressful wait until November's tough window.
  13. Oh man, I saw 59:59 on Strava and thought you had nailed it the other way - that would irritate me as well. Good thing I never have to worry about just missing a sub-60 minute 10 miler Great run!
  14. Yeah watching the replay the defense was reasonably set - it felt more transition-y in real time.
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