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  1. Just for that, I'm going back and liking every post related to the discussion of time.
  2. Yes, your opinion on the merits of each is going to depend on your schedule as well as your geographic location. Even during EDT we typically get dark here around 8:30 during the bulk of the summer, so I have no interest in pushing that back to 7:30. On the other hand, we were in Montana years ago during June and it was light until almost 11:00, which is a little excessive IMO. Time zones in general are an interesting subject. Until I visited Steamtown USA, I didn't realize that places were running on local time into the 20th century. Also, if you ever look at those global maps, in so
  3. I'm a DST all the way guy, but you may be in luck. My understanding is that the way the federal law is written, states may opt out of DST and hence be standard all the time, but they are not allowed to be DST all the time. So unless something is done at the federal level, the only solution available to states to avoid the jumping around is to go all Standard Time.
  4. Just signed up for the half marathon after the confirmation that in person will be a go. I haven't been following a plan, but have been religious about getting a long run in every Saturday. I will try to do a little more quality over the next two weeks. Trying to figure out what my goal should be - I'm hopeful that I'm fit enough for a small PR.
  5. @Zasada Couldn't find it with the search function, but managed to scroll back through posts and locate it - it's a Ragnar Race, Gettysburg to Washington. It seemed like the general consensus was to wait for 2022. I just checked the website, and they do have a countdown clock for 2021 although I wonder if it will actually go off this year- there are a lot of different jurisdictions to get approval from, and the areas it goes through tend to be on the stricter side compared to most of the country. If I have it up to date, the interest list is below: Probables (6) : gian
  6. He did manage to both draw a yellow and get smashed in the face with the ball in those 5 minutes, though!
  7. Yeah you nailed it, but they had a stop sign rather than a light as the street they were turning from has like 8 houses on it. If it was springtime and I had advanced warning of their approach, I probably would have either hopped onto the sidewalk and turned down their street or looked behind me and if traffic was clear I would have swung to running with traffic. As it was I didn't notice them until they were almost on me, but I'm not sure if it was because they were completely obscured by the snow bank or if I was partially zoned out. I generally try to run in such a way that even if
  8. For any armchair epidemiologists out there, the New Yorker has a really nice article on trying to figure out pandemic differences between countries.
  9. A hopefully unneeded PSA to stay vigilant out there. I had a bit of a close call on my run today. I was in the street running against traffic and as I started to pass a cross street from a cul de sac on the left there was a vehicle heading towards me. Maybe he was just braking late, but it seemed to me that he did not see me coming (we have a crazy amount of snow on the ground right now, so 3-4 foot piles at intersections are common) and was planning on rolling through. It was too late to make a left and tuck in beside him, so my only option was to swerve right and speed up to try to clear
  10. Pulisic on the bench in Champions League today. Hopefully he can make an impact as a sub.
  11. For those viewing the warnings as a trivial thing unworthy of being bothered by, unless you just put a warning before every piece of media I would suggest there is an inherent editorial judgement in what gets given a warning. For example, if a hypothetical retrograde media outlet put a miscegenation warning for any show that depicted different races living together, would that not bother you?
  12. Thanks, I had forgotten about that aspect. The two actions weren't that far apart in time, either.
  13. While I do have a scraper that was handed down by my wife's grandfather, I must admit that I own only two, fairly basic snow shovels that we bought when we moved into our house decades ago. I've been meaning to add because sometimes the kids will help and also the one shovel is a wussy girlie man shovel that just doesn't hold much snow. Good for not throwing out your back, but takes too many scoops to clear an area for my liking. My favorite technique with the larger shovel is to just barrel across my driveway like a human snowplow, then when I get to the side scoop the giant pile onto the
  14. Definitely a correlation. There are a couple of properties that I know to avoid as if they are cleared at all they will be cleared in lazy slipshod fashion. There's been a bit of a wrinkle the last year or two as township code enforcement started going around and trying to fine the violators a few times, so overall behavior's been better since then. Not sure what's up with this latest snowfall, as a decent amount of houses that are normally on the ball have uncleared sidewalks.
  15. Yep. I'd like to get in about 10 tomorrow, but I just got back from running over lunch and it was pretty crappy. I had three options: Run in the middle of the road where there is the most traction, but piles of slush that instantly soak your feet Run along the road shoulder where there is a small coating, and have your foot slip with each pushoff due to the liquid underneath Run on the sidewalks, which have ~1" if they were cleared this morning, but a sizable minority of homeowners didn't clear them at all, and it's surprisingly hard to tell in advance if the next property
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