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  1. It's a spectrum, though. As someone who falls more towards the "emaciated" end of the spectrum, I've only ever run shirtless at the beach, and I feel a little weird even there.
  2. Yeah, nothing great running wise here : upper 70’s during the day and low 60’s at night, but the last couple of days were ridiculous and felt like July, which I think is supposed to end tonight. Car said 90 yesterday afternoon.🥵
  3. My schedule actually fit the lunch run today, and I felt like I sweated off a whole person. Mid 80's and huuumid. Fortunately your weather is on its way.
  4. While there's plenty of hypocrisy to go around, I was trying to get at something different, where you're not actually breaking the rules but the rules themselves are somewhat tied to status. The sports leagues where the officials are the only ones running around masked would be a good non-political example of this. Why not just test them like the players and give them an exemption? The only explanation I can come up with is they are lower in the pecking order than the players. Along the same lines, I believe Australia has some exemptions to its closed borders that just so happen to allow powerful people to leave and return to the country, unlike the hoi polloi.
  5. I mean, it depends, does it not? At the aforementioned concert, basically a whole bunch of people are gathered [outside] for several hours, and only the tiny subset that are employed by the venue are masked. Not planning on attending any sporting events, but I imagine the story is similar there. At a restaurant, if you have a party of 10 people that are there for an hour, to the extent that aerosolized spread is a thing they could be leaving behind a whole cloud of coronavirus for everyone else to breathe in. Of course, you can't really eat with a mask on, so Regardless, like I said in the OP, I'm curious to see if I'm on an island here, as it seems to bother me on an egalitarian, visceral level, rather than necessarily on a logical level.
  6. https://greenwald.substack.com/p/the-masking-of-the-servant-class Long opinion piece that hits on an aspect of the pandemic that really gnaws at my sensibilities : places where masks are almost exclusively worn by workers and not patrons. It bothered me at an outdoor concert that I attended last month, and of course it is ubiquitous in restaurants. Greenwald focuses on celebrities and the powerful, but you see it with basically any business that interacts with the general public. Logically, I can understand why it happens, as businesses want to reassure customers and be seen to be taking things seriously, and yet are loathe to mandate that guests mask in order to not lose revenue, but the end result just has too much of a whiff of dystopia to me. Curious if folks here feel similarly or not.
  7. For the record, I agree that the World Cup would be diminished by happening every 2 years, I just don't see how long those opposed can hold out. To @ChiefD's point, you saw this with interleague play in baseball, you see it with playoff expansion in every sport, you see it with movie franchises, etc. Bottom line is when on one side you have people talking about keeping things meaningful and on the other side you have a pile of money, the pile of money usually wins.
  8. Given the potential mountain of cash available, you have to think it's only a matter of time. You have to figure out how to not blow up the federation cups in the process, but that seems like a problem that can be worked around.
  9. Dropping in for a quick update. I've been around my floor of ~20 miles a week the last couple of weeks. That's a combination of being swamped at work, the half getting cancelled, moving my son into college, and tripping over a root last weekend and ripping my knee up pretty good. Good news is I didn't do any significant damage to myself and things are healing up fairly nicely. Also tried Pickleball with the wife last night - was definitely nice to use the legs in a way that you don't get from generic endurance running.
  10. The crazy thing is, it's not evident that the administration even cares if this spawns a gabillion lawsuits. When they reinstituted the eviction moratorium, they said there was a good chance it would be tossed out by the courts but they were doing it any way. If this clogs up the courts for months and eventually gets thrown out, it might still be seen as a victory by them because in the meantime it will nudge/force more people towards vaccination and more employers towards vaccination mandates. That, to put it mildly, is no way to run a railroad, and yet here we are.
  11. It just gets worse and worse with each passing administration. Not even touching on wisdom of the mandate, this is not how our government is supposed to work. I have no idea how you even begin to fix it, as it is a bipartisan issue. In an ideal world the courts would keep things in check, but if the past is any indication they won't.
  12. Cards are a covid concern. You just get a stern look instead.
  13. I was worried they weren't going to call it at all the way this ref's been.
  14. If I remember correctly, Acosta did in fact pass it back to Brooks.
  15. He hasn't been good but it is absolutely baffling how many times he's has some space or made a little run and they don't pass him the ball. Acosta and Bello both didn't pull the trigger when they were staring right at him.
  16. Now 60 minutes of stretcher girls, probably.
  17. While I agree that objectively the US is still not in a terrible position given all the ties, the thing that has all of my alarm bells ringing is that two things seem clear to me with this current setup: The team cannot create consistent chances against a defense that is set The team is vulnerable on the counter, particularly if you have speed Maybe #1 changes when (if???) we get enough of the more ball-skilled players on field at the same time, but until it does, why would every team we play not bunker and counter, even if they don't normally do so? It seems very easy to lock this current setup into a situation where you can get a draw or even a lucky win with a fortunate bounce or counter. Until this group demonstrates that ceding possession to them will lead to a bevy of goal chances, we could be left hoping for set piece magic or a moment of brilliance, and that is not a good place to be.
  18. @El Floppo, did the doc and you ever discuss how your injury occurred? Seems like things were going pretty well for you with not unexpected aches and pains and now somewhat suddenly you're on the shelf for an extended period. Hope things turn around for you.
  19. Guess I don't actually have to worry about ramping up the intensity for my fall half (which was originally the Spring '20 half) as it was just cancelled. On one hand I get it, but on the other hand there are concerts and other sporting events happening all around this area, many of them even indoors, so it seems kind of bizarre to think a medium-ish all outdoor event is going to be some superspreader event that puts the region over the edge.
  20. US National Team Survey ======================== 1) How many total points will the US have after all 14 games are completed? 33 (10-3-1) 2) What place will the US finish in the group? 1st 3) Who will score the most goals for the US over the 14 games? CP 4) Who will have the most assists for the US over the 14 games? McKennie 5) Who will score the first goal in qualifying for the US? McKennie 6) How many goals will the US score over the 14 games? 29 7) How many goals will the US concede over the 14 games? 10 8] How many combined red cards and pk's will go against the US over the 14 games? 4 (1,3) 9) Will a player who has never been capped before, play for the US? (only counts for games before (and if) they qualify). Yes 10) Which of the strikers eventually wins the job outright? (no one is a valid answer) Sargent 11) Name the 3 teams that will qualify and the team that comes in 4th. US, Mexico, CR, Canada 4th 12) How many WPIOOTBGW will results in direct goals against the US? 2
  21. I was told by someone that the reason for the bite and run is that they are looking for water rather than food, although I did no further research on the subject. If my strawberry patch ever recovers from the attempted transplant last year, I was thinking of putting out a dish of water to see if that solves the situation.
  22. Actually tried this over lunch today. I measured off ~1/8mile with the GPS, then did a few brisk strides and came back and did a manual lap. Depending on whether you believe the watch, garmin, or Strava it ended up being 4:40, 4:47, or 4:43 pace, which translates to 34.8-35.7s for 200m. That was pretty close to all out, although I wasn't going to gian it. Maybe I could take a second or two off, but no more than that. It was brutally hot (86F, real feel 94F) but completely overcast with no wind. Definitely would make more sense to do it on a track, but either way it seems like my gut feel was close.
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