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  1. My guess is Hillary 2024. Maybe Pete. But I can assure you this. It will be the worst candidate possible. They got a knack for that.
  2. Ok, man. Well done. You are internet savvy enough to pretend you playing. But we both know, so.. nice try.
  3. We are all inundated with Ads All total bs. A woman talking about how this is the best economy for small business. Another where Biden won't stop the riots that are happening under Trump. Such a joke. Biden talking about Healthcare. He will take care of you like he takes care of his family. The government takes care of his family. Kamala for justice.....she has no moral compass.
  4. I used facts, he personally attacked me, and I responded. These are the facts. You go at me, joke.
  5. I have to vote locally or wouldn't show up at the polls at all.
  6. yes, the drink and personal attack might take away a truth you don't like. You are a shell of a person. Think for yourself sometime.
  7. I voted with HRC last time with great regret. I honestly will never consider voting either. But if you put a gun to my head, its Trump.
  8. how many wars has he started? Will Biden start wars. I understand you don't buy what I sell. You know what I sold in the post above? It is truth. If you are not interested in truth, then you are delusional.
  9. Biden, crime bill.....crazy horrible. He led that. Harris, fighting against innocent people she convicted after she knew they were innocent. You are right, I'm a good dude.
  10. Really, people. Not a Trump fan but do u think Soros, Gates, Buffett, don't take every loophole possible to pay less? Along with any other person of that ilk?
  11. I vetted those public returns. A lot for 10 million dollar donations from foreign countries. Public record, go look.
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