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  1. I just moved CEH for a mid-to-late 2022 1st. It might come back to burn me, but I just don't know when or why they would change how they run the offense. The biggest selling point on him was "situation," but his situation right now is "not catching passes or getting red zone touches."
  2. Cardale Jones played in 23 games at Ohio State and threw 15 TDs. He wasn't nearly as accurate as Fields. He didn't play like Fields at all. He wasn't nearly as fast as Fields. What exactly do you see in Jones and Fields that is at all similar beyond the color of their jerseys? Joe Burrow couldn't beat out Dwayne Haskins. Josh Allen played at a junior college out of high school. Kyler Murray had to transfer. Aaron Rodgers had to play at a community college out of high school.
  3. good size, good pedigree, decent speed, good receiver. he is one of my favorite 2021 lottery tickets.
  4. Right. Sometimes you get put in a position where there are no good options. But you still have to choose. I don't blame anyone for being hesitant about taking something that seemed to be developed so quickly. What is also true is that 3 million people have died, and that's after everyone spent a year in their houses. How catastrophic could this have been without social distancing and these vaccines? Mutation upon mutation with people eventually getting new variants? This easily could have been as bad as 1918. Different generations have to make different sacrifices. WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam. Well, this is ours. I don't know about you, but I would much rather get 2 shots in my arm than have to storm the beaches of Normandy. And to bring this back around to football, coaches are always talking about sacrificing for the team and I suspect a lot of borderline players unwilling to get vaccinated will lose jobs if they are not willing to make this sacrifice. Josh Allen won't, of course, but Beasley might.
  5. 100% this. They can intend all they want. I'm sure they intend to win enough games to not get a top 3 pick, but that's probably not gonna happen. They will be losing often, they will have to throw, their best receiving weapon is Hockenson, he's one of the most talented young tight ends in the league, he looked good as a rookie and doubled his production in year 2, and apparently he's already got good chemistry with Goff. From a fantasy perspective, I don't see this as a bad situation at all.
  6. i just don't understand what's happening. how desperate could you be to draft a player who has lasted into the 5th round and who has an UDFA grade by everyone? i know this team has generally earned the benefit of the doubt, but what are we doing out here?!?
  7. I guess Manning succeeded because of the long history of outstanding Tennessee QBs. For some reason I thought it was due to talent and hard work. But does this also mean we should stay away from Lawrence because it's inevitable that he's going to start assaulting women? I don't think Clemson has ever produced a successful QB who hasn't been accused by 22 massage therapists. I might be overlooking someone though.
  8. who cares what kind of contract it is? they're not winning anything the next 2 years. and they got two 1sts+ for a depreciating asset. this is an easy win for the lions, and a reasonable acquisition for the rams. also, the texans 1st was supposed to be in the 20s. it was 3. you don't know they're going to the championship game.
  9. What would you have said about Texas Tech QBs before Mahomes hit?
  10. Faneca was all-pro 6 times (9 pro bowls). on this list i think only Manning was all-pro more times. any player who was all-pro 6 times should have been in on the first ballot.
  11. I thought any money paid by his new team would be offset from what the Jets owe him. which means unless he gets more than 8 million this year he can sign for the minimum and not lose anything.
  12. If you believe they might conduct the 2020 season (please, God, let there be one) the same way they conducted the playoffs, then do you also believe Derrick Henry might get 450 carries?
  13. I think I might see one of the problems. You only seem to be applying this model to A.J. Brown for 2020. Everyone else's numbers seem to be running outside the model. Unless I am getting that wrong.
  14. maybe I'm not making my point very clear. Your point seems to be that Brown is hyper-efficient and is overvalued because of that, NOT because of his play, which you think is pretty good. My point is that I expect regression in efficiency because his 2019 rate is not sustainable, but since I think Brown is REALLY good I expect him to still be very efficient and also to get a boost in targets to about 120. Now, either targets matter or they don't. If your argument is "targets might matter or they might not...it depends," then there really is no point in writing that article, right? So you're saying they DO matter, AND you're saying you think Brown will get the number of targets that would place 20-24th based on the last 2 years, AND you think he will end up around WR30, AND you think he's very good. Something in here does not add up, and I can't find anyplace I am misrepresenting your position. I don't think you need the last 20 years of player data for this question. It's more logic than statistics. Where am I confused here?
  15. So you think that 110 targets, which was the 24th most in the league last year for WRs (Lockett), will yield a WR30 performance from a good WR? I'm just not following that line of thinking. 110 would have been 20th in 2018 too.
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